A Fashion Faceoff: Kendall Jenner Rocks Sheer Tube Top, Having Us Guessing Who Wore It Best

Having four sisters definitely has its advantages, especially when it comes to borrowing clothes. Kendall Jenner, who is known for her stylish fashion choices, demonstrated this perk by wearing an outfit that her younger sister Kylie Jenner had previously rocked eleven months ago. Stepping out in Las Vegas for the grand opening of Delilah, a new club at the Wynn, Kendall donned a sultry ensemble consisting of a transparent tube top and coordinating patterned trousers. It’s clear that sisterly inspiration and shared wardrobes can lead to killer outfit choices.

Who wore it best? Kendall Jenner, 25, looked incredible as she stepped out in Las Vegas on Saturday night rocking the same look her younger sister Kylie, 23, wore nearly a year ago

Look familiar? Kylie had sported the chic getup 11 months before for a dinner with her sibling at Nobu

The question of “who wore it best” arose when Kendall Jenner, aged 25, made an incredible appearance in Las Vegas, donning the same outfit that her younger sister Kylie, aged 23, had worn nearly a year ago. Kylie had previously sported this stylish ensemble, which accentuated her enviable figure, when she went out for dinner at Nobu. While Kylie had chosen to wear a nude bra under the sheer garment and paired it with pointed sling-back heels, Kendall daringly decided to go braless, leaving little to the imagination. Kendall completed her look with white strappy heels and a mini white handbag as accessories. It appears that Kendall sought inspiration from Kylie not only in fashion but also in beauty, as she followed in the footsteps of the Kylie Cosmetics CEO by styling her dark shoulder-length hair in bouncy waves.

Wow factor: Kendall cheekily decided to go braless underneath the matching sheer tube top and trousers, leaving little to the imagination as she attended the Wynn's new club launch

Surprising Element: Kendall playfully opted to forgo a bra underneath her coordinated translucent tube top and pants, revealing very little as she graced the Wynn’s latest club opening.

Owning it: Kylie, meanwhile, covered her modesty with a nude bra underneath when she wore the memorable look in August last year that perfectly showcased her enviable figure

Taking charge: Kylie, on the other hand, opted for a tasteful approach by donning a subtle nude bra to preserve her modesty while sporting the unforgettable ensemble. This fashion choice, which happened in August last year, flawlessly highlighted her enviable physique.

To complete her stunning look, she accessorized with silver earrings and applied a striking burgundy lipstick. In addition, Kylie embraced a bold makeup style, including a generous amount of blush, bronzer, and false eyelashes.

It’s worth mentioning that almost a year earlier, Kylie had already showcased this identical attire, coupling it with a stylish gold cuff on her wrist. On that occasion, she had also let her light brown tresses fall in tousled waves, enhancing the overall effect.

Interestingly, Kendall was no stranger to this attention-grabbing outfit as she joined Kylie for dinner when the latter first flaunted this sophisticated attire.

Taking inspo: Kendall rocked a similar look to Kylie on the beauty front too as she opted to wear her hair in bouncy waves, just like her sister had done

Fashion: Kylie had teamed the two-piece with pointed sling-back heels

Drawing inspiration from her younger sister Kylie, Kendall sported a similar beauty look with bouncy waves for her hair. She seemed to be a fan of her outfit choice, as she spent the entire night documenting it while having a great time with her best friend Hailey Bieber in Las Vegas on Saturday. Joining them were Hailey’s husband Justin Bieber, who had just performed on stage, and Kendall’s older sister Kourtney Kardashian, who arrived in Vegas with her new boyfriend Travis Barker. The star-studded guest list didn’t stop there, with power couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly also in attendance, along with a performance by Andra Day. Other notable attendees included Modern Family’s Ariel Winter, Tyga, Jaleel White from “Urkle,” singer Anitta, Steve Aoki, and The Chainsmoker’s Drew Taggart and Alex Pall.

Best friend: At one point, Hailey shared a glamorous photo of herself with Kendall as she rocked a black sequined dress

Closest pal: Kendall was caught enjoying a night of festivities alongside her best friend, Hailey Bieber.

Centre of attention: Newly launched club Delilah treated guests to Kendall's 818 tequila

Newly opened club Delilah made quite a splash by featuring Kendall’s 818 tequila as the drink of choice for its esteemed guests. The star-studded event attracted a number of notable personalities, including Vegas showman Jeff Beacher, music manager Dre London, social media influencer Camaryn Swanson, Alexander Edwards, who is in a relationship with Amber Rose, Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, model Justine Skye, Odell Beckham Jr., and John Terzian, the nightlife visionary at H.Wood Group.

During the grand opening, Kendall was the center of attention, and it was not just because of her eye-catching outfit. The party-goers seemed to be exclusively indulging in her recently launched tequila brand, 818 tequila. Clearly feeling confident and fabulous, Kendall delighted her fans by sharing a series of stunning selfies on Instagram. She playfully hinted that her presence in Vegas was only for the night, adding excitement to the occasion.

Before jetting off to Vegas, Kendall was seen showing her support for her basketball star boyfriend, Devin Booker, as he played in Game 1 of the NBA Finals for the Phoenix Suns against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Beauty: Kendall was clearly feeling herself as she littered Instagram with selfies

Kendall confidently showcased her beauty on Instagram by flooding her account with stunning selfies.

Mirror mirror: The supermodel showcased her modelling credentials as she snapped herself looking all glam in the mirror in a lavish hallway

Pretty: Kendall made sure to document her outfit from every angle

Mirror, mirror on the wall: the fabulous supermodel displayed her exceptional modeling skills by capturing a glamorous snapshot of herself in the magnificent mirror of a luxurious hallway.

Gorgeous: The KUWTK star showcased her sensational frame in the flattering co-ord

Stunning: The KUWTK celebrity flaunted her incredible physique in the flattering matching set.

Pretty: Kendall was rocking a flawless make-up look that she finished with a natural-looking lip

Hair goals: The star ran her hair through her perfectly styled locks in one close up shot

Kendall appeared stunning with flawless makeup, perfectly complemented by a lip color that gave her a natural look. Rumors of her romantic involvement with the athlete started circulating in April 2020, and they finally confirmed their relationship on Valentine’s Day through an Instagram post. Kendall publicly acknowledged their connection for the first time during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion, referring to Booker as her boyfriend. During the interview, Kendall expressed her preference for keeping their love life private, stating that it greatly improves their relationship. She believes that matters of the heart should be kept personal and not subject to judgment or scrutiny from others. Despite having a history of relationships with NBA players such as Ben Simmons and Blake Griffin, Kendall seems particularly enamored with her new partner. People close to her have shared that she is genuinely infatuated with Devin and that her entire family approves of their relationship, bringing her immense happiness.

In love: Prior to her Vegas trip, Kendall was seen cheering on her boyfriend Devin Booker during the NBA final - the pair have been romantically linked since August 2020

In the realm of love: Before embarking on her exciting journey to Las Vegas, Kendall was caught on camera enthusiastically supporting her boyfriend, Devin Booker, during the epic NBA finals. This adorable couple has been connected romantically since the delightful month of August in the year 2020.

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