A Striking Resemblance: Shakira’s Crimson Super Bowl Gown Mirrors Her Zootopia Character’s Iconic Ensemble

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez put on a memorable halftime show that will be talked about for a long time. Dedicated fans of the talented 43-year-old singer couldn’t help but notice a striking similarity between Shakira’s outfit and the famous character she played in the beloved children’s movie, Zootopia. The dazzling red two-piece attire she wore during the performance was almost a mirror image of her animated counterpart’s iconic look.

Copy cat: During Sunday evenings big show, fans of Shakira were quick to notice some correspondence between Shakira's outfit and her famous Zootopia character

A duplicate: While watching the Sunday evening spectacle, devoted fans of Shakira were swift to observe a striking resemblance between her attire and the iconic character she portrayed in the beloved Zootopia film. In the movie, she assumed the role of Gazelle, a talented singer adorned in a dazzling red ensemble consisting of a revealing bra and a mini skirt. Released in 2016, the film achieved phenomenal success, raking in a staggering one billion dollars globally. Though no official announcements have been made, whispers of a sequel being in progress have been circulating among eager fans.

Now: For her performance she wore a gorgeous two-piece red set as she took the stage

Zootopia: The look was almost identical to her popular cartoon character from 2016

Zootopia: The appearance bore a striking resemblance to her beloved animated figure from 2016.

In addition to embodying her beloved Disney character, the singer is also reveling in the joy of her birthday. Expressing her gratitude, she took to Twitter to thank her fans and her dedicated team, claiming their unwavering support to be the ultimate birthday gift. She also emphasized the unity and triumph of the Latino community, declaring their accomplishment of making history by scaling Kilimanjaro together. Shakira later welcomed special guests Bad Bunny and J Balvin to join her on stage, before her co-headliner Jennifer Lopez dazzled the audience with her performance.

Taking it in! Fans waved at the birthday girl who gave a flawless performance before sharing the stage with JLO

Absorbing the moment! The crowd eagerly waved at the birthday celebrant, who delivered an impeccable show before joining forces with the sensational JLO on stage.

Working it! The star worked the stage with a prop during her fiery number

Putting in the Work! The superstar showcased her skills on stage using a prop during her energetic performance. However, entertaining a massive audience is no simple task. As per Shakira’s fitness trainer, the singer followed a rigorous diet and training regimen to prepare for the grand show.

In an interview with E! News prior to the event, the trainer, Anna Kaiser, revealed, “Each day is unique because my goal is to ensure she is not only ready for the Super Bowl, but also for whatever comes her way.” Speaking about Shakira’s schedule, Kaiser mentioned, “Yesterday, she had an extensive dance rehearsal in the afternoon, so in the morning, we solely focused on building strength for an hour.” She further added, “[On certain days], she has even longer sessions of physical dance rehearsals, so we start with something brief: just 20 minutes.”

Kaiser emphasized the significance of incorporating various workouts not only for physical benefits but also for mental engagement. “Consistently changing your workout routine is vital for both your mind and body. It keeps you focused, prevents monotony, and ensures that your workout aligns with your daily goals,” she explained. Shakira’s exercise routine occurs six days a week, with Sundays designated for rest and recovery.

Wow! Shakira and Jennifer Lopez hug it out when they finish their amazing routine

Oh my goodness! Shakira and Jennifer Lopez embrace each other with a warm hug after their breathtaking performance.

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