Ciara and Russell Wilson Showcase Family Style at 3Brand Clothing Line Launch in NYC

Russell Wilson proudly introduced his beautiful family at the debut of his children’s clothing line, 3Brand, held at Rookie USA Flagship in New York City. Alongside his children Sienna, Win, and Future, the star quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks walked the red carpet before taking to the runway to showcase the new collection. The clothing line, which donates three percent of its profits to the Why Not You Foundation, features stylish and trendy designs for kids. At the launch event, Wilson sported a stylish blue and green camouflage outfit that perfectly complemented his youngest child.

Runway stars: Russell Wilson showed off his picture-perfect family at the launch of his clothing line called 3Brand, made specifically for kids, at Rookie USA Flagship in New York City

In the spotlight at the launch of his kids’ clothing line 3Brand at Rookie USA Flagship in New York City, Russell Wilson proudly showed off his beautiful family. Ciara, rocking white sneakers and stylish cobalt blue leggings with a ‘Fired up’ t-shirt, looked radiant as she walked the runway with their adorable baby boy. Her second outfit, a black t-shirt with subtle white speckles, was just as fashionable as the first. The couple was truly a runway sensation that evening, capturing everyone’s attention with their trendy style and infectious smiles.

Family: The Seattle Seahawks QB was accompanied by his wife Ciara and their children Sienna, four, and Win, 11 months, as well as her son Future, seven, from a previous relationship

Family Time: The quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks was joined by his partner Ciara and their kids Sienna, who is four years old, and Win, who is just 11 months old. Also part of the fun was Ciara’s son Future, who is seven years old from a previous relationship.

For a good cause: Three percent of sales from the collection will be donated to Russell and Ciara's charity, Why Not You Foundation

Support a noble cause by purchasing items from this collection, as three percent of sales will go towards Russell and Ciara’s Why Not You Foundation.

In the spotlight: The celebrity couple and their kids models some of the clothing on the runway before handing things over to the models

Featured in the spotlight are the famous couple and their children as they showcase a few outfits on the catwalk before passing the baton to the professional models.

Little Sienna looked adorable in her outfit

She seemed a natural on the runway

Just like her mother, little Sienna was absolutely adorable in her outfit and rocked the runway effortlessly.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Russell shared that the primary motivation behind creating his brand was to provide his fans with his merchandise and to allow them to share in the dreams he has envisioned.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of the creation process for 3BRAND. The number 3 holds a special significance for me as it represents the mind, body, and soul. My life revolves around three things – sports, music, and fashion. The fact that Ciara and I have three children, and that it matches my football number, makes it even more special,” he elaborated.

Expressing gratitude for his strong support system, the athlete emphasized the importance of balance in his life with Ciara, Future, Sienna, and Win bringing joy and stability every day. Juggling the demands of being successful in multiple arenas can be challenging, but having a solid foundation makes it possible.

Russell emphasized his commitment to giving his all in his marriage, family, and career, stating that this level of dedication is what has enabled him to introduce 3BRAND on a high note with the backing of an incredible support network.

'3BRAND represents mind, body, and soul,' Russell explained to Forbes. 'I live 3 things everyday of my life - sports, music, and fashion. Ciara and I have three children, and it¿s my football number'

'I live 3 things everyday of my life - sports, music, and fashion. Ciara and I have three children, and it¿s my football number'

According to Russell, 3BRAND symbolizes the essence of mind, body, and soul. He incorporates these three elements into his daily life through his passion for sports, music, and fashion. Additionally, the number three holds significance for him as it represents his family, with Ciara and him having three children, as well as his football number.

Future oozed confidence as he strutted his stuff on the catwalk

The youngster was definitely a star in the making

Rising talent: Future exuded self-assurance as he confidently showed off his skills on the runway.

'Ciara, Future, Sienna, and Win make life super balanced and amazing everyday. When you¿re trying to be successful and the best in the world at what you do, it¿s very difficult to have balance,' he reflected

Ciara, Future, Sienna, and Win bring a harmonious and wonderful balance to my life every day. Striving for success and excellence in your field can be challenging when trying to maintain balance, he mused.

In an interview for Forbes, Russell said the 'biggest reason' he wanted to created his brand was for fans to have his gear and 'to be able to experience everything' he's dreamed about.

During a discussion with Forbes, Russell mentioned that the main driving force behind creating his own brand was so that his supporters could have access to his merchandise and to be able to enjoy all the things he has always envisioned.

Among the guests present at the event was Adrienne Bailon, who sported a chic oversized black blazer paired with Yves Saint Laurent stilettos and a stylish black crocodile embossed leather handbag. The 37-year-old actress looked stunning with her light brown hair styled in a half-up, half-down hairdo and a glamorous makeup look.

Also in attendance was Dascha Polanco, famous for her role in Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, who flaunted a trendy orange and yellow striped jumpsuit paired with a bold red lipstick, adding a pop of color to her ensemble.

Other attendees included Adrienne Bailon, who wore an oversized black blazer, Yves SaintLaurent stilettos and a black crocodile embossed leather handbag.

Stylish: Adrienne Bailon stood out at the event in a chic oversized black blazer, paired with stunning Yves Saint Laurent stilettos and a sleek black crocodile embossed leather handbag.

Chic: Mia K paired her all-black ensemble with a pink Balenciaga purse and white sneakers

Dascha Polanco, best known for her starring role in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black, rocked an orange and yellow striped jumpsuit and a bold red lipstick

The red carpet was filled with celebrities: Polanco and Mia K stood out with their stunning and glamorous outfits at the event.

Supportive sibling: Russell is pictured with his brother Harrison Wilson

Russell is seen in a photo alongside his supportive sibling, Harrison Wilson.

Having a blast: Tiki Barber and wife Traci Lynn Johnson were seen holdings hands

Enjoying themselves: A fun-filled moment was captured as Tiki Barber and his wife, Traci Lynn Johnson, were spotted walking hand in hand.

Summery: Ally Live supported the event looking lovely in a white frock and tasseled heels

Summary: Ally Live was a vision of loveliness at the event, dressed in a charming white dress and stylish tasseled heels.

Ciara and Russell made quite a night of it in the Big Apple, also taking in a game between Cicago Sky and New York Liberty at Barclays Center

Ciara and Russell had a memorable evening in New York City, enjoying a Chicago Sky vs. New York Liberty game at Barclays Center.

COVID protocols: The couple sat courtside and made sure to wear face masks as they joined the crowd

During the COVID protocols, the pair took their seats at the front row and made sure to follow the rules by wearing their face masks while being a part of the crowd.

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