Ciara showcases her svelte style with mini skirt and trendy over-the-knee boots at London Fashion Week’s Topshop event

With her confident and outgoing nature, it’s no surprise that Ciara didn’t hold back in making a bold fashion statement at the Topshop show during London Fashion Week. The stunning brunette effortlessly grabbed everyone’s attention as she joined the fashion crowd, which included renowned figures from the industry.

Sex appeal: Ciara put on a leggy display when she stepped out at London Fashion Week's Topshop show on Sunday at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

Ciara exuded irresistible allure when she made a striking appearance at London Fashion Week’s Topshop show on Sunday at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. The Texan-born 29-year-old celebrity effortlessly commanded attention with her impeccable outfit choice for the event in the heart of London. Opting for a crisp white shirt, she seductively left several buttons undone, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of her décolletage. To give her ensemble a contemporary and edgy twist, she cleverly rolled up the sleeves. Demonstrating her fashion-forward mindset, she paired the alluring top with a sleek black mini-skirt adorned with a prominent central zipper. This ensemble effortlessly blended sophistication with a touch of sexiness.

Looking good: The 29 year-old star, from Texas, was dressed to impress as she event in central London

Appearing absolutely stunning, the 29-year-old celebrity, hailing from Texas, impressed everyone with her fashionably chic ensemble while attending an event in central London. Adding a touch of allure, she stylishly showcased her thigh with the inclusion of some alluring boots. Opting for a sleek bob with a center part, she opted for a minimalistic makeup look, but adorned herself with two elegant gold rings for a subtle touch of glamour. Striking poses confidently as she made her way into the venue, she effortlessly held her own in the presence of other notable attendees such as Suki Waterhouse, Ciara, and Topshop’s influential figures, Philip Green and Chloe Green. It comes as no surprise, as she is also a revered brand ambassador for the popular high-street chain.

Leggy: Having included some kinky boots into the mix, she teased onlookers with a sight of her thigh

Leggy: With a dash of sensuality, she flirted with the crowd, showcasing her seductive thigh adorned with a pair of tantalizing boots.

Strike a pose: Ciara, who is a brand ambassador for Topshop, posed with its owner: Sir Philip Green

Get ready for a show: Ciara, the fabulous face of Topshop, struck a glamorous pose alongside none other than Sir Philip Green, the owner of the fashion powerhouse.

Flower power: Ciara and Ellie Bamber make love to the camera as they await the fashion show to start

Blooming beauty: Ciara and Ellie Bamber strike captivating poses while eagerly anticipating the start of the fashion show. Additionally, British model Jourdan Dunn exudes front-row readiness with her choice of a nautical turtleneck knitted jumper paired effortlessly with a stunning leather mini skirt adorned with intricate floral designs. This figure-hugging skirt elegantly hugs her thighs, accentuating her gorgeously elongated legs. To complete her ensemble, she boosts her slender 5ft 10″ frame with a pair of chic beige suede stilettos.

Classy: British model Jourdan Dunn was also front row-ready in a nautical turtleneck knitted jumper which she teamed with an embellished leather mini skirt with floral detailing

Chic: British supermodel Jourdan Dunn looked effortlessly stylish as she took her front row seat. Sporting a fashionable nautical turtleneck sweater, she paired it with a stunning leather mini skirt adorned with elegant floral embellishments.

Model behaviour: Jourdan Dunn, Ciara, Sir Philip Green and Suki Waterhouse at the event 

Celebrity Role Models: Jourdan Dunn, Ciara, Sir Philip Green, and Suki Waterhouse grace the gathering.

Stunners: The two women certainly commanded attention at the bash in central London

Head-turners: The party in the heart of London was graced by two striking women who effortlessly grabbed everyone’s attention. Additionally, well-known personalities like Harriet Verney, Phoebe Collings-James, and Anna Wintour were seated beside Philip on the front row.

Present among the attendees was Cressida Bonas, who exuded glamour in a black lace dress. She complemented her outfit with matching heels and a generous application of vibrant red lipstick. Her bright blonde hair cascaded in tousled waves, flowing freely over her shoulders.

Another notable guest was Alexa Chung, who accompanied the crowd and radiated elegance in a teal jumpsuit. Paired with black suede mules, her ensemble showcased a chic and refined style.

In good company: Ciara, Sir Philip Green, Anna Wintour, Suki Waterhouse, Cressida Bonas, Alexa Chung, Bella Thorne and Brandon Green

Enjoying each other’s company: Ciara, the talented singer; Sir Philip Green, the renowned businessman; Anna Wintour, the influential fashion editor; Suki Waterhouse, the stunning model; Cressida Bonas, the charming actress; Alexa Chung, the stylish presenter; Bella Thorne, the talented actress; and Brandon Green, the accomplished individual.

Good times: Anna - famed for editing Vogue in the US - laughs and jokes with Suki

Fun times: Anna, renowned for her role as the editor of Vogue in the United States, shares laughter and playful banter with Suki.

Dress success: A model takes to the catwalk as part of the Spring/Summer 2016 collection launch

Dressed for Victory: A runway sensation struts her stuff during the grand unveiling of the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion line.

Fierce: The models looked mean and moody as they marched down the catwalk

Moody: The models meant business as they strutted their stuff

Intense: The models exuded a strong and brooding presence as they confidently strutted down the runway.

High street fashion: Models walk the runway at the Topshop Unique show during London Fashion Week SS16 at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

Fashion on the bustling streets: Beautiful models strut down the catwalk at the highly anticipated Topshop Unique show, which took place at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre during London Fashion Week SS16.

Heir to the Topshop throne: Chloe poses with Ciara on the front row off the show 

Chloe, the successor to the Topshop empire, is caught on camera sitting front row at the show alongside the lovely Ciara.

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