Ciara shows off her enviable abs in a stylish leopard print bikini, right after her youngest son Win’s memorable first birthday bash

Ciara proudly flaunted her incredible physique for the summer season in a steamy photo she shared on her Instagram account this Tuesday. The talented 35-year-old artist was captured showcasing her perfectly toned abs in a stunning leopard-print Janthee bikini. It’s worth noting that this delightful post follows closely after she joyously celebrated her youngest son Win’s first birthday with her loving partner Russell Wilson.

Looking fab: Ciara showed off her sensational summer body in a sizzling new album she posted to her Instagram page on Tuesday

Looking fabulous: Ciara showcased her stunning summer physique in an enticing new album she shared on her Instagram page on Tuesday. Ciara confidently displayed her figure from various perspectives as she struck captivating poses for her Instagram shoot in the backyard. In a quick video, Ciara could be spotted dancing outdoors, shielding her face from the sunny rays with a stylish baseball cap. Additionally, Ciara celebrated her son’s first birthday by sharing Instagram updates of him dressed in an adorable baby baseball uniform for the themed party. In one video, the catchy tune of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” played while the toddler amusingly attempted to chew on the end of the cellphone.

Smoldering sensation: The 35-year-old singer could be seen modeling a sleek leopard-print Janthee bikini that put her chiseled abs on display

Sizzling sensation: The talented songstress, aged 35, gracefully flaunted her sculpted abs in a trendy Janthee bikini adorned with a fashionable leopard print pattern.

When you got it: Ciara flaunted her figure from multiple angles as she posed up a storm for her Instagram in the backyard

Ciara proudly showcased her physique from various perspectives while effortlessly striking poses for her Instagram photoshoot in the comfort of her own backyard.

Shaking a leg: In a brief video she could be seen dancing outdoors while shielding her face from the summertime rays with a baseball cap

Busting a Move: In a short video, Ciara could be seen grooving outdoors, boogieing to the rhythm while shading her face from the sun’s summer rays with a stylish baseball cap. Skillfully, Ciara managed to pry the phone away from her teething little one, Win, who is currently going through that stage of babyhood. Apart from taking care of her youngest child, Ciara also has a delightful seven-year-old son named Future and a charming four-year-old daughter named Sienna. Russell, her talented husband, is the proud father of Win and Sienna, while Ciara had Future with her former rapper flame who shares the same name as his son.

Baby mine: Her latest post comes just four days after she celebrated the first birthday of her youngest son Win whom she shares with Russell Wilson

Baby mine: Just a few days ago, she joyously marked the very first year of her adorable little boy, Win. This delightful bundle of joy is the precious result of her beautiful bond with Russell Wilson. And now, she shares another wonderful update with her fans.

'My sweet little baby boy': On her son's first birthday Ciara shared Instagram updates of him all decked out in a baby baseball uniform for the themed party

‘My precious little baby boy’: On her son’s milestone first birthday, Ciara took to Instagram to share adorable updates of him dressed in a delightful baby baseball uniform, perfectly complementing the themed party they had organized. Ciara had previously been engaged to Future, but they decided to go their separate ways in 2014. Nowadays, Ciara embraces the role of a single parent and is raising all three of her children with the loving support of Russell. Both Ciara and Russell are deeply committed to their Christian faith. Throughout their romantic relationship, they honored their beliefs by choosing to abstain from any intimate relations until they exchanged vows in 2016. Their wedding took place at the enchanting Peckforton Castle, situated in the captivating region of Cheshire, England. Just four weeks after giving birth to their son, Win, Ciara openly announced her goal of shedding 48 pounds. Demonstrating her determination, the very next day she shared a video of herself on a treadmill, marking the beginning of her fitness journey labeled as ‘Day 1’ of her dedicated regimen.

All together now: Along with her youngest child Ciara also has a seven-year-old son called Future and a four-year-old daughter called Sienna

All in one happy family: In addition to her youngest child, Ciara has a little boy named Future who is seven years old, as well as a four-year-old daughter named Sienna.

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