Ciara Turns up the Heat: Rocking a Sleek Leather Jumpsuit and Edgy Studded Boots, the Star Makes a Dazzling Exit from her NYC Hotel

On Wednesday, as Ciara strolled out of her hotel in New York City, she exuded an edgy vibe with her all-black leather ensemble. The 36-year-old musician, known for her hit song “Level Up,” confidently displayed her well-defined arms in a spaghetti strap black leather jumpsuit. The attire impeccably hugged her torso while gracefully flaring out at the bottom, creating a chic oversized silhouette. Adding a touch of luxury to her already fashionable outfit, Ciara donned a pair of exclusive black Celine boots worth $1350. These designer boots boasted the brand’s iconic studded details on the outsole, elevating her overall look.

Leather look: Ciara was clad head to toe in black leather as she left her New York City hotel on Wednesday

Ciara exuded an edgy vibe as she strolled out of her luxurious hotel in the heart of New York City. Her fashion statement was defined by an alluring black leather ensemble that wrapped her from head to toe. Emphasizing her ensemble, the artist adorned her wrists with an assortment of elegant gold bangles, creating a stylish layered effect. To complete her bold look, she adorned herself with a statement-making chunky necklace. Ciara’s stunning hairstyle drew attention as her luscious locks were flawlessly parted in the middle, gracefully flowing down her back in beautiful curls. Adding further glamour to her appearance, she skillfully enhanced her striking features. Her cheeks were delicately brushed with a touch of rosy pink blush, accentuating her natural beauty. Her mesmerizing eyes were enhanced with voluminous lashes that framed them enchantingly. The finishing touch was a subtle nude lipstick that graced her lips, creating a perfect balance between softness and allure.

Fit: The hitmaker, 36, showed off her toned arms in a spaghetti strap zip-up black leather jumpsuit that was perfectly fitted to her torso but featured a more oversized fit at the bottom

Appearance: The popular singer, aged 36, flaunted her well-defined arms in a sleek black leather jumpsuit with spaghetti straps and a zip-up front. The jumpsuit hugged her upper body flawlessly, while offering a more relaxed fit towards the lower part.

Pricey footwear: The singer paired the stylish look with some pricey designer footwear, wearing $1350 black Celine boots with the brand's signature studded on the outsole

Expensive kicks: The songstress completed her chic ensemble with a high-end pair of designer shoes, sporting black Celine boots worth $1350. These boots boasted the brand’s iconic studs on the outsole, adding a touch of edgy sophistication to her outfit.

This year, the celebrity has been quite occupied and just revealed her latest endeavor in the skincare industry, adding to her already extraordinary collection of businesses. In recent days, the multi-talented artist turned businesswoman delighted her fans with a series of au naturel selfies while promoting her upcoming line of OAMskin products. The music sensation initially unveiled her new brand on social media a month ago, expressing her excitement by saying, “You all have been inquisitive… and now, the wait is over. Allow me to introduce my secret formula.”

Gold accents: Russell Wilson's wife further accessorized her look with various gold bangles layered on her wrists, as well as a chunky necklace

Adding a touch of glamour to her outfit, Russell Wilson’s spouse effortlessly enhanced her appearance with an assortment of gold bangles adorning her wrists, along with a substantial necklace.

Beauty: The beauty wore her tresses parted in the middle and cascading down her back in curls

The stunning woman had her hair divided perfectly at the center, with luscious curls flowing down her back.

The versatile individual revealed that her range of skincare products has been a long time in the works. She provided an intimate snapshot of her impeccable face, showcasing her natural freckles. Additionally, she delighted her followers with a captivating video that gradually zoomed in on her nearly imperceptible pores, sparking curiosity about her personal skincare routine. Excitingly, the eagerly awaited collection will be accessible to the public on September 15. The assortment encompasses an array of essential skincare items, including a rejuvenating Vitamin C Hydrating Cleanser, invigorating Vitamin C Brightening Pads, potent 20% Vitamin C Brightening Serum, refreshing Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer, and illuminating Vitamin C Radiance Moisturizer.

Ambitious! She recently announced she is adding another venture to her impressive list of businesses as she taps into skincare with her OAMskin range, set to launch next week

Full of ambition! In an exciting development, she has just revealed her plans to venture into the world of skincare with her upcoming brand OAMskin. With an impressive portfolio of businesses already under her belt, this new venture is sure to add even more shine to her entrepreneurial journey. Anticipated to make its debut next week, the launch of OAMskin is highly awaited.

Apart from her role as the Chief Creative Officer of OAM, Mrs. Wilson is also the driving force behind LITA, a popular clothing line, the retail company The House of LR&C, and the innovative travel accessories brand Dare to Roam. Not only has she been occupied with these ventures, but she has also been actively pursuing her passion for music. Just last month, Mrs. Wilson delighted her fans with the release of her latest single, titled “Jump”. This captivating track serves as a preview of what’s to come in her highly anticipated eighth studio album, which fans have eagerly been waiting for. Although the release date of the album remains a mystery for now, its arrival is sure to be worth the wait. Mrs. Wilson’s most recent studio album, named “Beauty Marks”, was presented to the public in 2019, showcasing her talent and artistic growth.

Busy! She's also been working on her upcoming eighth studio album, and recently released behind-the-scenes images from the video to her first single Jump, which came out last month

Oh, what a whirlwind! She has been keeping herself incredibly occupied with multiple projects. In addition to her everyday hustle, she has dedicated a significant amount of time to diligently crafting her highly anticipated eighth studio album. Just a while ago, she delighted her fans by sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes snapshots from the filming of the music video for her debut single, titled Jump. This infectious track hit the airwaves just last month, causing quite a stir among her devoted followers.

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