Ciara’s Double-Duty Fitness Journey: Balancing Baby, Breastfeeding, and Workouts to Lose 50lbs

In April 2017, Ciara welcomed her daughter Sienna Princess into the world. Despite gaining 65 pounds during her pregnancy, the 32-year-old singer shared that she was able to shed 50 pounds in just five months by exercising twice a day with the help of a personal trainer. She revealed how she juggled her workouts between breastfeeding and taking care of her three-year-old son, Future Jr, in a recent interview with PEOPLE.

Back in shape: Ciara, who gave birth to daughter Sienna Princess back in April 2017, lost 50 post baby pounds in five months after working out twice-a-day with a personal trainer (Photo taken on April 5)

Getting back in shape: Ciara, who welcomed her daughter Sienna Princess in April 2017, successfully shed 50 pounds post-pregnancy in just five months by committing to twice-daily workouts with a personal trainer. “I was determined to lose the baby weight this time around,” she shared with the magazine. “Having two kids makes it a whole new challenge, but it felt amazing to reach my goal.” After giving birth to her son Future Jr. in May 2014, Ciara also managed to lose 60 pounds in four months with a similar workout routine, as she previously disclosed to Shape magazine.

Big belly: The 32-year-old performer gained 65 pounds during her second pregnancy 

Pregnancy Pounds: The 32-year-old artist added 65 pounds to her frame while expecting her second child.

Challenges: Ciara was diagnosed with diastasis recti—a postpartum condition in which the large abdominal muscles separate—after giving birth. 'I have to work extra hard to regain my core strength,' she said 

Obstacles Faced: Following childbirth, Ciara was informed she had developed diastasis recti, which is when the abdominal muscles separate. She revealed, “I need to put in extra effort to rebuild my core strength.”

Ciara, who is happily married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, shared on Instagram that she was diagnosed with diastasis recti after giving birth to her children. This condition causes a separation of the abdominal muscles and she mentioned that she has been putting in extra effort to regain her core strength.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the Goodies singer expressed her desire to shed a few more pounds, but not if it means giving up her love for burgers and fries. She mentioned that she actually appreciates some of the curves that came with her post-baby weight, especially the hips. Ciara shared that her husband, Russell Wilson, has been supportive and even shows her love for her curves.

Unconditional love: Ciara is married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson. 'I honestly like some of the hips that have come along with the post-baby weight,' she told PEOPLE. 'I'm not trying to lose those. My husband has been showing me love on my hips, too. He likes them' 

Unwavering affection: Ciara is happily married to Russel Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. In an interview with PEOPLE, she revealed that she appreciates the changes in her body that came with post-pregnancy, particularly her hips. She stated, “I’m not in a rush to shed them. My husband loves them just the way they are.” Ciara has a son named Future Zahir Wilburn Jr. with her ex, the famous rapper Future. After parting ways in 2014, the 1, 2 Step singer tied the knot with Wilson in 2016. Together, Russell and Ciara are loving parents to their daughter Sienna Princess and also maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship with Future Jr.

Former flame: Ciara shares her son Future Zahir Wilburn Jr. with ex and well-known rapper Future. The two split back in 2014 (Photo taken March 2014) 

Ciara, a singer, and songwriter, co-parents her son Future Zahir Wilburn Jr. with her former partner, the famous rapper Future. Their relationship ended in 2014. (Photo dated March 2014)

One happy family: The 1, 2 Step singer married Wilson in 2016. Russell and Ciara share their daughter Sienna Princess and co-parent Future Jr.

A blissful family: The singer behind the hit song “1, 2 Step” tied the knot with Wilson back in 2016. Russell and Ciara are proud parents to their daughter Sienna Princess and also enjoy co-parenting Future Jr. together.

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