Ciara’s Laid-Back Style Shines in NYC as She Sports her Personal Tour Merchandise… Commemorating 15 Years of Her Smash Hit “Goodies”

Ciara marked the 15th anniversary of her iconic single Goodies by donning a trendy black oversized hoodie from her Beauty Marks tour. She showcased her fashion-forward style while strolling around Manhattan. To complete her look, the talented 33-year-old singer paired the hoodie with navy plaid menswear-inspired shorts and stylish black and white running shoes.

On-the-go: Ciara continued the spirit of celebrating on Tuesday as she was spotted wearing a black oversize hoodie from her Beauty Marks tour while on-the-go in Manhattan, NYC

Ciara embraced the celebratory vibes as she roamed the streets of Manhattan, NYC on Tuesday. Rocking a stylish, oversized black hoodie from her Beauty Marks tour, she effortlessly exuded a laid-back aura. Her sleek, jet-black hair cascaded down in silky-straight strands, perfectly complemented by a pair of aviator sunglasses that shielded her eyes from the sun. Keeping her makeup simple and fresh, Ciara added a touch of clear gloss to her lips. During her outing, the music video sensation graciously paused to take selfies with her adoring fans. Her radiant smile lit up the scene as she interacted with her dedicated supporters. In an interview with Billboard, the stunning 5-foot 7-inch artist expressed her disbelief that 15 years had passed since the release of the track that was being celebrated. The realization left her pleasantly astounded, as she marveled at how time flies.

Casual: The 33-year-old songstress paired her look with navy menswear-inspired shots in a plaid print as well as chunky black and white running shoes

In a relaxed and casual style, the 33-year-old singer combined her outfit with navy plaid-printed menswear-inspired shorts and chunky black and white running shoes. When she was just 18 years old, her album Goodies was released and reached the top of the Billboard charts. Ciara achieved a noteworthy feat as she became the first female artist to embrace the Crunk N’ B genre pioneered by Lil Jon. Recalling her younger days, Ciara mentioned how she confidently expressed her aspirations of having a No. 1 song on the Billboard charts in her on-camera interviews at the age of 17. She also acknowledged the significance of Lil Jon’s contributions to the music industry, as he introduced a unique and fresh sound that challenged the conventional pop music of that time.

Smooth: She kept her long black tresses silky-straight and shaded her vision with matching aviator sunglasses

Relaxed: With her luscious ebony locks flowing flawlessly down her back, she took pride in maintaining their sleek, straight texture. Shielding her eyes from the sun’s rays, she effortlessly exuded style with her perfectly coordinated aviator sunglasses.

Say cheese! She stopped for selfies with fans while on her jaunt, flashing multiple smiles

Cheese please! During her exciting adventure, she took time to capture selfies with her adoring fans, revealing numerous radiant smiles. “And guess what? I was the trailblazer, the first girl to accomplish such a feat. It filled me with immense pride, a feeling I will cherish eternally,” she reminisced. She fondly recalled the moment she first heard her song playing on the radio, a heartwarming memory that unfolded at a fast-food joint in Atlanta. To her, it signified the realization of her dreams, surpassing even her wildest expectations. Ciara has been happily married to Russell Wilson since 2016, and the couple joyfully cares for their delightful two-year-old named Sienna. Additionally, she is a proud mother to a five-year-old named Future, her son from her previous relationship with rapper Future.

Looking back: This comes days after celebrating the 15 year anniversary of Goodies

Reflecting on the past: It has been only a few days since we joyfully commemorated the 15th year milestone of Goodies.

Good family: Ciara has been married to Russell Wilson since 2016, and together they share two-year-old Sienna. She also shares five-year-old Future with rapper ex Future. Seen in July

Ciara and Russell Wilson have been happily married since 2016 and are proud parents to their two-year-old daughter Sienna. The singer also has a five-year-old son, Future, from her previous relationship with rapper Future. In July, Ciara partnered with IPSY, a renowned beauty subscription brand, for their latest campaign called Discover Yourself. In the campaign, she candidly talks about her journey to finding her truest self. Describing herself as a woman of ambition on a mission, Ciara reveals that embracing challenges and pushing herself has been the key to her personal growth. After a long journey, she finally feels that she is now her authentic self. Ciara believes that the imperfect moments in her life have played a significant role in shaping the person she is today, and she takes pride in every step of her transformation.

Beauty: The singer recently collaborated with IPSY, a beauty subscription service, for their Discover Yourself campaign, where she shares insights into her own journey of self-improvement.

Confident: 'I'm in a place right now where I do feel like I'm my truest self,' Ciara says in the Discover Yourself video campaign

Confident: 'I'm in a place right now where I do feel like I'm my truest self,' Ciara says in the Discover Yourself video campaign

Ciara expresses her confidence in the Discover Yourself video campaign, stating, “At this very moment, I find myself in a space where I truly feel like I am embracing my authentic self.”

Ciara will be leading the campaign, along with eight other remarkable women, who will all have the opportunity to share their personal journeys of self-discovery through candid videos. The campaign, titled ‘Discover Yourself,’ focuses on the concept of self-identification and celebrating one’s true essence. In a recent statement, Jenna Habayeb, the Chief Brand Officer of IPSY, expressed that the campaign aims to embrace and appreciate our individuality, as well as the beauty that lies within it. Each of the nine ambassadors selected for the campaign has a unique and impactful story to share, aligning perfectly with IPSY’s mission to encourage self-expression and empower individuals.

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