Ciara’s Show-Stopping Tribute to Janet Jackson: A Jaw-Dropping Rendition of “Thinkin’ Bout You” at the Billboard Music Awards

Ciara wowed the crowd at the recent Billboard Music Awards with a mesmerizing live performance. Drawing inspiration from her musical idols, the talented 33-year-old singer paid tribute to Janet and Michael Jackson in both her music and fashion choices. Sporting a one-of-a-kind pinstriped suit, Ciara evoked nostalgia for legendary moments from Janet Jackson’s iconic music videos, as fans quickly pointed out on social media.

Ciara's nod to Janet: Ciara was one of the early performers at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, with her performance heavily inspired by Janet Jackson

Ciara pays homage to Janet: Taking the stage as one of the first performers at the Billboard Music Awards, Ciara delivered a remarkable performance infused with the timeless influence of the legendary Janet Jackson.

Social media nod: Ciara took to the stage with a unique pinstriped suit that appeared to be an homage to several iconic Janet Jackson music videos, which fans noticed on social media

Ciara made a stylish statement on stage with her performance outfit, wearing a distinctive pinstriped suit. Fans quickly picked up on the resemblance to iconic Janet Jackson music videos, taking to social media to share their observations. While Ciara’s suit paid homage to Jackson’s 1989 music video for Alright, there were some notable differences. While Jackson sported a complete suit with a dress shirt, tie, and matching hat, Ciara’s suit had a more relaxed and loose-fitting style. Instead of the traditional shirt and tie, Ciara chose to pair her suit with a matching crop top, black gloves, and boots, reminiscent of another iconic Janet Jackson video.

Pinstriped: Ciara rocked a pinstriped suit while performing her new song Thinkin' Bout You, which appeared to be a reference to Janet Jackson's pinstriped suit from her 1989 music video for Alright

Ciara impressed fans with her recent performance of her new song “Thinkin’ Bout You” in a stylish pinstriped suit. Many couldn’t help but notice the similarity between Ciara’s outfit and the iconic pinstriped suit worn by Janet Jackson in her 1989 music video for “Alright.” Furthermore, Ciara’s crop top/bra open coat ensemble seemed to pay homage to Jackson’s 1997 music video for “I Get Lonely.” Fans also pointed out the similarities in Ciara’s dance moves, which appeared to be highly inspired by Jackson’s legendary style. Twitter user @Mofochronicles remarked, “I see you Ciara giving us MJ and Janet dance move vibes.” Another fan, @JanetBigFan, even shared a side-by-side photo of Janet and Ciara, acknowledging Ciara’s tribute to Jackson.

Janet's moves: @JanetBigFan shared a side-by-side photo of Janet and Ciara, stating, '@ciara paying homage to @JanetJackson #BBMAs'

Janet’s dazzling performance: On social media, @JanetBigFan captured an incredible moment, showcasing a captivating side-by-side snapshot of both Janet and Ciara. In an expression of utmost admiration, the post exclaimed, ‘@ciara beautifully honors the iconic @JanetJackson at the #BBMAs’.

Homage: Instead of a shirt and tie, Ciara opted for a matching crop top with black gloves and boots, which may have been inspired by another Janet Jackson video

Tribute: Instead of traditional attire like a shirt and tie, Ciara chose a coordinated crop top paired with sleek black gloves and boots. This fashion choice might have drawn inspiration from an iconic Janet Jackson music video.

Ciara expressed her admiration for Janet Jackson and how she believes that she is one of the most influential artists of all time. Ciara emphasized the perfection in everything that Jackson does and how it serves as a great reminder to always put in the effort and give 100 percent in every endeavor. Ciara praised Jackson for her ability to curate unforgettable and iconic moments that are still discussed and remembered to this day.

Janet's look: The crop top/bra open coat look appears to be an homage from Jackson's 1997 music video I Get Lonely

Janet’s appearance showcases a unique and nostalgic style, reminiscent of the famous bra open coat ensemble featured in Jackson’s iconic music video, I Get Lonely.

Influence: Before Janet Jackson received the Icon Award at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, Ciara spoke about how Janet Jackson influenced her career

Janet Jackson’s impact on the music industry was highlighted at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards when she was honored with the Icon Award. In an interview with Billboard, Ciara expressed how deeply Janet Jackson has influenced her own career. Reflecting on her earliest memories of Jackson, Ciara mentioned being captivated by her 1986 album Control. She emphasized the significance of watching Jackson as a young girl and how it has greatly shaped her as an artist. Ciara’s upcoming album, Beauty Marks, set to be released on May 10, is highly anticipated as it marks her first album since 2015’s Jackie.

Janet's influence: Ciara added in her Billboard interview that her first memory of Jackson was from her 1986 album Control

Ciara mentioned in her interview with Billboard that Janet Jackson’s impact on her was profound. She recalled her earliest recollection of Jackson’s music stemming from her 1986 album titled Control.

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