Claiming the Throne: Kendall Jenner Flaunts Naked Confidence at Met Gala, Challenging Her Sisters’ Reign

On Monday night, Kendall Jenner asserted her position as the most prominent member of the Kardashian/Jenner family with an impeccable display. The fashion-forward star turned heads and sparked conversation as she graced the Met Gala in New York City. Kendall wowed the crowd in a mesmerizing gown adorned with hand-painted crystals from top to bottom. Embracing a daring and bold approach, the 21-year-old model confidently donned the sheer dress, leaving little to the imagination. The dress effortlessly showcased a daring slashed design across the chest and a revealing split skirt, adding an irresistible allure to her already captivating presence. Curiosity piqued? Watch the video below to witness this unforgettable fashion moment for yourself.

She is a rare gem: Kendall Jenner arrived to the Met Gala in New York in a gown made entirely of hand-painted crystals on Monday night

She is a rare gem: Kendall Jenner arrived to the Met Gala in New York in a gown made entirely of hand-painted crystals on Monday night

Kendall Jenner made a striking entrance at the Met Gala in New York, showcasing her unique and exceptional style. Dressed in a mesmerizing gown adorned with hand-painted crystals, she truly stood out from the crowd.

Risque: The gown was part of La Perla Haute Couture Collection designed by Creative Director Julia Haart

Sultry: The dazzling dress was featured in the exclusive La Perla Haute Couture Collection, envisioned by the ingenious mind of Creative Director Julia Haart. A breathtaking spectacle, this dress embraced the wearer in an exquisite fusion of crystal drapes, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of dégradé shades. To add to its allure, a delicately designed macramé bodysuit, skillfully painted to resemble barely-there fabric, completed the ensemble. The fabric itself was a marvel, crafted through the meticulous placement and painting of 85,000 crystals, a prodigious feat that demanded a staggering 160 hours of dedicated craftsmanship.

Expensive: The dress was an exquisite gown adorned with crystals in varying shades, accompanied by a delicately crafted macramé bodysuit. According to designer Julia Haart, she drew inspiration from Rei Kawakubo’s concept of ‘un-fabric’ and her ability to create fluidity using seemingly rigid materials. For this reason, Haart decided to construct her own version of ‘un-fabric’ by securing stones onto a single thread, resulting in a stunning suspended effect reminiscent of fine silk. This appearance at the Met Gala serves as a refreshing change for Kendall, who has faced criticism for her involvement in the disastrous Fyre festival, leaving attendees considerably out of pocket. In addition, she received backlash for her participation in Pepsi’s insensitive advertisement, which trivialized the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. With her elegant fashion sense on display, Kendall’s presence at the Met Gala is surely a much-needed respite for the star.

Took an army to make it: The material was created from 85,000 hand painted and placed crystals and took 160 hours of labor to make.

It required an entire military of creatives to bring it to life: This masterpiece came to existence through the careful hand painting and positioning of a staggering number of 85,000 crystals, demanding a total of 160 hours of dedicated craftsmanship.

Smoldering: The star certainly proved she is a pro as she managed to walk in the revealing attire with ease

Burning: The superstar brought her expertise to the table as she flawlessly strutted in the revealing outfit. The Met Gala is the ultimate event in the fashion industry. With innovative fashion designer Rei Kawakuboas from Comme des Garçons being honored as this year’s theme, the highly anticipated fundraiser is bound to deliver an extravagant show. Rei Kawakuboas, based in Tokyo, has been given the extraordinary opportunity to be the sole focus of this year’s gala, which marks the opening of the accompanying exhibit featuring her renowned brand. This marks the first time since 1983, when Yves Saint Laurent’s work took center stage, that the gala and exhibit have exclusively showcased the creations of a living designer. Co-chaired by Vogue editor Anna Wintour, the gala will also be attended by Katy Perry, Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, and Pharrell Williams.

Just booty-ful! The model gave her most flattering angles to the cameras

Absolutely stunning! The model flawlessly showcased her best angles for the cameras, resulting in a truly captivating display.

What troubles? The outing comes after Kendall has been under fire for promoting the grand failure that was the Fyre Festival and being slammed for starring in Pepsi's tone deaf ad

What troubles? The outing comes after Kendall has been under fire for promoting the grand failure that was the Fyre Festival and being slammed for starring in Pepsi's tone deaf ad

What problems are there? Kendall’s recent outing has caused controversy due to her involvement in promoting the disastrous Fyre Festival and receiving backlash for her participation in Pepsi’s insensitive advertisement. Kendall’s sister Kylie, who is 19 years old, took a selfie in the museum’s bathroom with Kendall, their older half-sister Kim Kardashian, and a group of friends. The picture shared on social media revealed that ASAP Rocky, who is rumored to be Kendall’s romantic interest, was also present at the event and appeared close with Kendall in Kylie’s photo. Kendall and the 28-year-old rapper were spotted together on Sunday as they went shopping in New York City.

Who's that guy? Kendall cozied up to rumored boyfriend ASAP Rocky in a bathroom selfie shared by Kylie Jenner from inside the venue

Who is that man? Kendall posed closely with her rumored partner, ASAP Rocky, in a restroom mirror selfie that was uploaded by Kylie Jenner from a location they were at.

Behind the scenes: Kim Kardashian also took a snap of Kylie taking a picture of Kendall and ASAP Rocky on one of the museum's galleries

In a behind-the-scenes moment, Kim Kardashian captured Kylie Jenner photographing Kendall and ASAP Rocky in one of the museum’s galleries. The Costume Institute curator, Andrew Bolton, spoke highly of Kawakubo, labeling her as the world’s most influential and significant designer of our time. He mentioned that she consistently shapes and reshapes our aesthetic landscape with her daring and experimental clothing designs. Known for her austere style, Kawakubo has garnered a devoted following throughout her career. She officially established her thought-provoking design house, Comme des Garcons, in 1973, challenging conventional beauty ideals and earning the “anti-fashion” label. Since 1981, she has been showcasing her collections in Paris each season. At the Metropolitan Museum in New York, where the annual gala takes place, a special exhibition is showcasing 120 womenswear designs by Kawakubo from her 35-year journey with Comme des Garçons.

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