Crop top beauty! Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her toned abs in a chic cutout tee and stylish thong bikini

While many may be bundled up this winter in the U.S., Emily Ratajkowski is always ready for swimsuit season. The 26-year-old flaunted her toned abs in a stylish white crop T-shirt paired with red thong bikini bottoms in a recent photo. With a sultry gaze into the camera, the stunning model effortlessly struck a pose.

Top of the crops! Emily Ratajkowski shows off her washboard abs as she posed in cutaway tee and thong bikini on Friday

At the peak of her fashion game! Emily Ratajkowski flaunted her toned abs in a cutout tee and thong bikini in a recent Instagram post. The model and actress is known for showcasing her incredible physique on social media, with this week’s highlights including a fun dance video and a photo inspired by Botticelli’s iconic artwork.
In a bold move, she posed nude, channeling the goddess Venus from the renowned Birth Of Venus painting. With carefully placed hair and hands, the star managed to maintain her privacy while embodying the essence of love, beauty, and femininity.

Dancing queen: The celebrity also shared a fun video of herself showing off her dance moves at a recent party.
In 2016, the actress had a conversation with Naomi Wolf in Harper’s Bazaar about the photos she posts online, many of which are more risqué.
Emily remarked, “Taking a selfie is like reclaiming the gaze, don’t you think? It’s about looking at yourself and capturing that moment while also being seen by others.”
She went on to say, “If I post a selfie and someone comments on it in a crude way, saying things like ‘go ahead and flaunt your sexuality,’ that’s not my issue.”

In a feature for Harper’s magazine, Emily showcased her confidence by posing naked on a horse and shared her enthusiasm for social media as a platform where she can connect directly with her audience. She emphasized the importance of this tool for women in today’s feminist movement, allowing them the freedom to express themselves without any filters. Alongside her bold choices in self-expression, Emily also promotes her own swimwear line in the fashion world.

Iconic: Sandro Botticelli's The Birth Of Venus, a 15th century painting that shows its already adult title character washing ashore on a seashell, is displayed in Florence's Uffizi Gallery

One of the most famous works by Sandro Botticelli is The Birth of Venus, a captivating painting from the 15th century. This masterpiece depicts the stunning Venus emerging from the sea, standing on a seashell. You can admire this iconic piece at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

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