Exclusive Snapshot: Shakira Shows Up to Cheer for Son Milan’s Baseball Match Following Courthouse Encounter with Ex Gerard Pique during Unexpected Divorce Proceedings

On a sunny day in Barcelona, Spain, Shakira found herself surrounded by a group of supportive adults as she proudly attended her son Milan’s baseball game. The famous Colombian pop star, at 45 years old, enjoyed the company of her family and friends who joined her on the bench, all of them cheering for Milan and his team. This joyful family outing comes just a week after Shakira was spotted outside a law firm alongside her former partner Gerard Piqué, 35, as they work towards settling their divorce after their surprising breakup earlier this year.

All together now: Shakira had plenty of support on Wednesday as she caught her son's baseball game in Barcelona, Spain

Cozy: The 45-year-old Colombian pop star was joined by multiple adults who all surrounded her on a bench as they caught the game featuring Milan, nine

Together as one: Shakira received a great deal of support on Wednesday as she attended her son’s baseball game in Barcelona, Spain. Accompanied by a group of adults, they all gathered around her on a bench to cheer on Milan, who is nine years old. Despite the casual setting, Shakira maintained her effortlessly cool style.

Sporting a dark green t-shirt, the 45-year-old Colombian pop star exuded a relaxed yet rugged vibe. She paired her top with slim camouflage-patterned pants that complimented her slender physique. To add a touch of height, Shakira opted for black platform Prada boots, which featured the fashion house’s emblematic logo on small pouches tied around her ankles.

Maintaining a simple look, Shakira opted for minimal accessories. However, she incorporated a slim black bracelet adorned with large silver studs, providing an edgy element to her ensemble. Shielding her eyes from the sun, the singer donned a sleek pair of aviator sunglasses, perfectly completing her effortlessly cool look.

Fit figure: Shakira looked rugged yet relaxed in a dark green T-shirt, which she paired with slim camouflage-patterned pants that accentuated her trim figure

Shakira appeared effortlessly cool in a deep green T-shirt, effortlessly complemented by her slender camo pants that highlighted her toned physique.

Chic: She elevated her 5ft2in stature with a set of black platform Prada boots, which included small pouches tied around her ankles with the fashion house's recognizable logo

Stylishly, she enhanced her height of 5 feet 2 inches by donning a pair of trendy Prada boots in black. The boots were equipped with petite pouches, adorned with the iconic logo of the esteemed fashion brand, and fastened around her ankles.

Looking cool: She kept the rest of her look fairly minimal, but added a slim black bracelet decorated with large silver studs for an edgy addition, and she had on a cool set of aviator sunglasses

Cool vibes: While the rest of her appearance remained understated, she effortlessly enhanced her style with a sleek black bracelet embellished with oversized silver studs, adding a touch of edginess. Completing her ensemble were a pair of effortlessly cool aviator sunglasses.

Sweet: While her son Milan, nine, was out on the baseball diamond, Shakira could be seen getting affectionate with her younger son Sasha, seven

Adorable: As Milan, nine, played his heart out on the baseball field, Shakira showered her younger son Sasha, seven, with affection.
With her luscious caramel tresses flowing down her back, Shakira effortlessly pulled off a sleek, straight hairdo.
Graciously seated on a concrete bench, Shakira soaked in the game while the sun began to set, behind a sturdy metal fence.
Beside her, a well-dressed gentleman caught everyone’s attention with his striped shirt, jeans, and vibrant red, white, and black Nike sneakers.
On the other side, a relaxed woman rocked a black T-shirt, casually joining Shakira in sipping refreshing soda from their straws.

Family: She shares Sasha and his older brother with her ex Gerard Piqué, 35

Family: She is a mother to both Sasha and his older brother, whom she shares with her former partner Gerard Piqué, aged 35.

That's all she wrote.Shakira's fans were shocked when she and Piqué called it quits back in June after 12 years of marriage

That’s the end of the story. Fans of Shakira were left stunned when she and Piqué decided to end their relationship in June, marking the end of their 12-year marriage.

Low key: The adults around Shakira were dressed casually in polo shirts and shorts

Casually dressed in polo shirts and shorts, the adults surrounding Shakira maintained a low-key vibe.

Friendly outing: Sasha was joined by a young friend in a pale blue shirt

Memories: His mother stopped to take pictures of the boys

A casual get-together: Sasha was accompanied by a youthful companion who sported a pale blue shirt. The boys’ photographs were captured by Sasha’s mother along the way.
Adjacent to the bench, two other gentlemen exuded a calm demeanor in their polo shirts and shorts.
As Milan enjoyed his time on the baseball field, Shakira could be spotted showing affection towards her youngest son, Sasha, who is seven years old.
Sasha, donning a relaxed attire consisting of a black graphic T-shirt and black-and-white gingham shorts, sported a shaggy hairstyle with his blonde locks.
During the game, Sasha had the opportunity to spend time with his pal, who was dressed in a pale blue shirt and shorts.

Heading out: Shakira was seen leaving the stadium as the sun began to set

Staying busy: She appeared to take a call while walking out

Leaving the premises: Shakira was spotted departing the stadium just as the sun was preparing to bid farewell for the day. Engaged in a casual conversation, she strolled away gracefully.

Shocking: Shakira's recent split from her longtime partner Gerard Piqué came after Spanish tabloids published sources claiming that the football player had been carrying on affairs

Surprising news hit the headlines as Shakira, the beloved pop star, recently parted ways with her longtime partner Gerard Piqué. This shocking separation came shortly after Spanish tabloids circulated reports suggesting that the professional football player engaged in extramarital relations.

Sweet: She and Sasha also posed together for some cute pictures

Parting gift:She appeared to snap a selfie with one of her guests after the game ended

Adorable: Shakira and her youngest son recently captured the spotlight with a series of adorable photos together. This heartwarming family outing comes on the heels of a meeting between Shakira and her former partner Gerard Piqué, as they endeavored to reach a resolution regarding their separation. Outside the doors of a law firm’s office, the ex-couple were spotted working out the fine details. Gerard Piqué opted for a laid-back look, donning a loose black T-shirt, black cargo pants, and stylish white-and-black trainers. Shakira, on the other hand, chose a soft pink blouse that was tied at the bottom, revealing a tasteful glimpse of her cleavage and matching bra. Keeping the rest of her outfit simple yet chic, she complemented her blouse with dark jeans, beige pumps, a black handbag adorned with gold studs, and a pair of square-shaped beige sunglasses.

Taking care of business: Shakira's family outing follows a meeting last week with her former partner Gerard Piqué as they tried to hash out an agreement on their separation

Showing off: Shakira opted for a pale pink blouse that was tied off at the bottom. The unbuttoned item highlighted her cleavage and her matching bra

Looking after affairs: Shakira’s recent family excursion comes after a sit-down discussion with her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, in an attempt to come to terms with their separation. For her outing, Shakira chose a delicate, pale pink blouse, elegantly tied at the waist. The casually unbuttoned top accentuated her cleavage, perfectly complemented by a coordinated bra.

Relaxed style: She kept the rest of her ensemble simple with dark jeans and beige pumps, along with a black gold-studded handbag and square-shaped beige sunglasses

In a laid-back manner, she effortlessly paired her outfit with understated dark jeans and elegant beige pumps. Completing her look, she confidently accessorized with a black handbag adorned with golden studs and square-shaped sunglasses in a matching beige shade.

No fuss: The soccer pro was dressed in a casual manner for the meeting with a loose-fitting black T-shirt and black cargo pants with white-and-black trainers

Without any complications, the professional soccer player showed up in a relaxed outfit for the meeting, wearing a loose black T-shirt, black cargo pants, and white-and-black trainers. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine’s October issue, the famous singer, known for her hit “Hips Don’t Lie,” finally spoke up about her unexpected breakup with Gerard after being together for 12 years and raising their two children. However, she didn’t hold back from expressing her thoughts on his new relationship with a much younger woman. During an in-depth conversation with Lulu Garcia-Navarro, the singer openly discussed the challenges she has faced as her relationship with the athlete unraveled. Shakira, who is a mother to two sons aged nine and seven, named Milan and Sasha respectively, made her first public statements regarding the split, acknowledging the difficulty of discussing such a personal matter, especially since it’s the first time she has addressed it in an interview.

Former flame: Shakira talked for the first time about her shocking split from Gerard Piqué but opted to not talk about his new relationship with a much younger woman; pictured together in Zurich, Switzerland in January 2012

Previous love interest: Shakira recently opened up about the unexpected end of her relationship with Gerard Piqué, choosing not to address his current involvement with a significantly younger woman. They can be seen together in Zurich, Switzerland in January 2012.

Stunning: The Colombian singer spoke candidly about how difficult life has been as her relationship with the 35-year-old football star has fallen apart in the cover story for Elle magazine 's October issue

In an exclusive interview with Elle magazine for their October issue, the renowned Colombian singer opened up about the challenges she has faced as her relationship with the 35-year-old soccer star has unraveled. Shakira revealed that she has chosen to remain silent and process everything privately. However, discussing the situation has proven to be difficult, especially considering her high profile and the unique circumstances surrounding their separation. The constant scrutiny from the media and fans has taken a toll on her family, particularly her children, who struggle to navigate their lives without being bombarded by the public and intrusive news outlets. Shakira shared her efforts to shield her kids from the situation, as their well-being is her utmost priority. Nevertheless, rumors and negative information find their way to her children through friends at school or when stumbling upon distressing news online, ultimately impacting them emotionally.

Happier times: Shakira ¿ who shares two sons: nine-year-old Milan and seven-year-old Sasha with Piqué ¿ made her first public comments about the 'incredibly difficult' split; the family are seen together in Tarragona, Spain back in October

More joyful moments: Shakira, known for her incredible talent, recently opened up about the challenging experience of her separation, sharing her thoughts publicly for the first time. The singer, who is a proud parent to two boys named Milan (aged nine) and Sasha (aged seven) with her partner Piqué, was spotted enjoying quality time with her family in Tarragona, Spain last October.

Tough time: Shakira went on to say that the constant spotlight on her personal life has been difficult for her family especially since they have a hard time without being bombarded

Difficult period: Shakira expressed that the constant attention on her personal life has created challenges for her family, particularly because they struggle to cope with the overwhelming intrusion. The couple, who had been together for twelve years, announced their separation in June, although it appeared that Shakira did not want the relationship to come to an end at the time. Piqué has since embarked on a new relationship with a 23-year-old PR student named Clara Chia Marti, leaving many curious about the circumstances of their split. Recent footage captured by Spanish media outlet Socialite at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Catalonia showed Piqué sharing a passionate kiss with his new partner.

When asked about how she recognized that their long-term relationship was over, Shakira chose not to disclose details about Piqué’s new romance, stating that such matters are too personal to be shared, especially during this raw and sensitive time. She emphasized her commitment to the relationship and her family, reflecting on their nomadic lifestyle before their children started school and their decision to settle in Barcelona to support Piqué’s soccer career, despite it being a deviation from her own musical pursuits in the United States.

Sad split: The now former couple announced their split after a dozen years together back in June - the former couple are seen in Barcelona back in November 2013

Unfortunate separation: The ex-couple recently declared their breakup following a long-lasting relationship of twelve years. This snapshot captures the former couple in Barcelona during November of 2013.

Keeping mom: Shakira was asked how she came to understand that their long-term relationship was over but kept tight-lipped over her ex's new romance

Maintaining privacy: Shakira was questioned about how she realized that her longtime relationship had ended but chose to remain silent regarding her ex’s new love interest.

Sacrifices: Shakira reflected on settling down in Barcelona in favor of Piqué's soccer career instead of moving to the US which was best for her music career

Decisions: Shakira pondered the notion of establishing a home in Barcelona to support Piqué’s soccer endeavors, rather than relocating to the United States, a move that would have been more beneficial for her music career.

Family first: The singer said that the decision was beneficial for her children because they had a 'present mom'

Prioritizing family: The vocalist expressed that her children greatly benefited from her decision, as they now have a mother who is fully present. The famous singer disclosed, “Someone had to make the effort and sacrifice, and I did. I shifted my career into the background and came to Spain to support him so he could pursue football and achieve success. It was a sacrifice driven by love. Thanks to this, my children have the privilege of having an engaged mother, and we have an unbreakable bond that brings us strength and support. That’s all I can say about it.”

Shakira additionally spoke about the challenges she and her sons faced, especially after her father’s hospitalization following a severe fall in June. She explained, “I try my best to shield them from the situation. It’s incredibly tough for two young kids who are trying to understand their parents’ separation. Sometimes, I feel like this is all just a terrible nightmare and that I’ll wake up eventually. But no, it’s real. What’s also real is my disappointment in witnessing my once sacred and special relationship with the father of my children being sensationalized and degraded by the media. All of this while my father is in the intensive care unit and I’m dealing with various battles. This is, without a doubt, the darkest moment of my life. However, I also think about all the women worldwide who face hardships and endure situations as difficult as mine or even worse.”

'This is probably the darkest hour of my life': Shakira also talked about how difficult it has been after her father was rushed to the hospital back in June after a 'bad fall'

“This moment in my life feels incredibly dark,” Shakira shared, reflecting on the challenging aftermath of her father’s hospitalization in June due to a serious fall. Despite the difficulties, the talented singer expressed her admiration for the resilience of women. She recognized the importance of setting a strong example for her children, emphasizing her determination to become the person they aspire to be. Shakira also acknowledged the immense support and love she has received from those around her, which serves as her greatest source of strength at present. As reported by Spanish newspaper El Periodico, Shakira and Gerard are committed to maintaining a friendship for the wellbeing of their children, even though their romantic relationship has been strained.

Empowered: The Don't You Worry hitmaker went on to marvel at the resiliency of women before explaining that she needs to serve as a strong example for her kids

Empowered: The singer behind the popular song “Don’t You Worry” expressed her admiration for the strength and resilience of women. She emphasized the importance of setting a positive example for her children. The announcement of the split came after speculation in Spanish tabloids that the couple’s relationship was on the rocks due to rumors of infidelity. Shakira’s statement confirmed the separation, emphasizing the well-being of their children as the primary concern. The Spanish outlet El Periodico reported that the couple had been living separately for a few weeks, with Shakira reportedly asking Piqué to leave their family home. Sources claim that Piqué has since been indulging in a carefree party lifestyle, spending time in a bachelor pad and going out with his teammates. While neither party has directly addressed the cheating allegations, journalist Emilio Pérez suggested that the decision to separate may have been influenced by infidelity.

Working relationship: According to Spanish newspaper El Periodico , Shakira and Gerard are trying to remain friends for the sake of their children (pictured with their children Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven)

According to Spanish newspaper El Periodico, Shakira and Gerard are making an effort to maintain a friendly relationship for the sake of their children. The couple met in 2010 while working on the music video for her World Cup anthem, “Waka Waka.” Interestingly, Piqué’s team won the World Cup that year, and Shakira performed during the final game. However, their romantic involvement didn’t officially begin until early 2011. In 2012, Shakira announced on Instagram that she was expecting their first child, Milan. Two years later, they revea

Better days: The couple had been together since 2011, after they met while filming the music video for her World Cup song Waka Waka the previous year; pictured in Barcelona together in April 2015

Improved Version:

Brighter times: The couple had been in a relationship since 2011, after crossing paths during the filming of her World Cup song Waka Waka the previous year; captured together in Barcelona in April 2015.
In Shakira’s recent interview with Elle, she also addressed the accusations of tax fraud brought against her by the Spanish government, which could potentially result in an eight-year prison sentence.
According to authorities, the singer is alleged to have falsely claimed to be living abroad on her tax documents from 2012 to 2014, when she was actually a resident of Spain. Barcelona, where her soccer-star partner Gerard plays, was their shared home.
When asked about her plans to fight the accusations in court, Shakira let out a sigh before responding, “I have to fight for what I believe in because these accusations are unfounded. Firstly, I did not spend 183 days per year in that period at all. I was occupied with fulfilling my professional commitments all around the world.”
She continued, “Secondly, I have already settled everything they claimed I owed, even before they filed a lawsuit. Therefore, I currently have no outstanding debts towards them. Lastly, I sought advice from one of the world’s leading tax specialist firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers, ensuring that I was conducting my affairs correctly and transparently right from the start.”
Shakira openly criticized the Spanish tax authorities, accusing them of leveraging the media to influence public opinion. She stated, “Despite their lack of evidence for these fictional claims, they have chosen to resort to a sensationalized press campaign, as they usually do, in order to exert pressure and manipulate settlement agreements through the media. They even threatened damage to my reputation.”

'These are false accusations': In the Elle interview, Shakira also addressed being accused by the Spanish government of tax fraud as she could face up to eight years in prison

In the Elle interview, Shakira confidently dismissed the claims against her, stating that they were completely unfounded. She also revealed that the Spanish government had accused her of tax fraud, a serious allegation that carried the potential of landing her in prison for a lengthy period of up to eight years. Despite the gravity of the situation, Shakira maintained her calm demeanor and firmly declared her innocence in the matter.

Outraged: Shakira did not hold back as she even went on to accuse the Spanish tax authorities of using the media to sway the opinion of the public

Expressing her anger, Shakira openly accused the Spanish tax authorities of manipulating the media to shape public opinion. She claimed that this practice is not uncommon and affects not only celebrities like her, but also ordinary taxpayers. However, Shakira expressed confidence in her case and believed that justice will be on her side, as she possesses ample evidence to support her claims.

For Shakira, taking this matter to court is a matter of principle. She aims to prove that she should not be considered a resident of Spain, as she spent most of her time touring around the world and did not consider the country her workplace or source of income. Shakira shared that even when she was dating Gerard, she was constantly on tour, spending more than 240 days outside of Spain. Despite lacking the necessary qualifications, she believed that the Spanish tax authorities targeted her due to her relationship with a Spanish citizen, eagerly seeking to gain financial advantage.

Even in the following years, while traveling and working tirelessly while pregnant or with her baby Milan, Shakira maintained that she did not fulfill the residency requirements of Spain. Despite the authorities knowing this, they continued to pursue her in pursuit of monetary gain.

In response to the situation, Shakira is reportedly contemplating leaving the country to escape potential imprisonment and considering a permanent move to Miami.

To date, the popular Colombian singer has already repaid the alleged tax evasion amount of $15.5 million, along with over $3 million in interest. Her spokesperson emphasized Shakira’s adherence to the law and her cooperation with authorities, highlighting her impeccable conduct as an individual and taxpayer. Additionally, the spokesperson noted that Shakira had always sought guidance from PricewaterhouseCoopers, a reputable tax firm recognized globally.

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