Frazzled Kendall Jenner Battles Fatigue on Her Feet as She Rests during a New York Photoshoot After an Eventful Week of Festivities

Kendall Jenner had a blast at the Met Gala and even crashed at Gigi Hadid’s place afterwards. However, it seems like all the socializing and late nights have finally taken a toll on her. The exhausted 21-year-old supermodel was spotted looking completely drained during a photoshoot in New York City on Friday. In fact, she had trouble even standing upright and had to take frequent breaks.

Partied out? It looked as though all the socialising had caught up with Kendall Jenner, as she was spotted looking beyond exhausted during a photoshoot in New York on Friday

Feeling worn out from all the festivities? Kendall Jenner seemed to have reached her party threshold as she appeared utterly drained during a photo session in New York on Friday. The stunning model, sporting a stylish polka dot dress, effortlessly flaunted her enviable physique. The dress gracefully draped over her slender figure, loosely cinching around her hips. To emphasize her well-toned legs, she paired the outfit with over-the-knee wedge boots, which perfectly showcased a slight slit on the thigh.

Breather: The supermodel, 21, appeared to be struggling to stay upright as she took a break between takes

Pause: The young supermodel, aged 21, seemed to be having difficulty maintaining her balance during a brief rest period amidst filming.

Draping her exquisite bone structure, the renowned sibling from the Jenner clan sported her sleek raven tresses pulled away from her visage, donning a striking crimson lip color and eye-catching oversized hoop earrings.
However, although her appearance remained flawless, Kendall’s demeanor conveyed a contrasting tale as she leaned against a nearby railing to catch her breath.
She leaned over the balcony, seemingly immersed in contemplation before assuming an uncharacteristic posture of squatting down, appearing distant and disconnected.

Model stats: Dressed in a chic polka dot dress, the reality star turned model showcased her enviable figure

Wearing a stylish dress adorned with playful polka dots, the former reality star, now making waves as a model, proudly displayed her admirable physique.

Leggy: The thigh-skimming piece hung from her long lean frame elegantly, and was tied loosely around her hips

Leggy: The short dress gracefully draped from her slender figure, adding to her already long and lean physique, and was loosely fastened around her waist.

Her tired demeanor is not unexpected, as Kendall made a stunning appearance at the Met Gala earlier this week.

Known for her more modest style among the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kendall chose to wear an almost transparent dress that exposed her lower half.

The intricate mesh dress was a creation from the La Perla Haute Couture Collection and featured a barely noticeable painted macramé bodysuit.

Flawless: Framing her stunning bone structure, the famous Jenner sister wore her raven hair slicked back off her face, rocking a bold red lip and statement hoop earrings

Impeccable: Enhancing her exquisite facial features, the renowned Jenner sibling elegantly pulled back her dark hair, showcasing a striking ruby lipstick shade and trendy oversized hoop earrings.

Worn out: Despite her flawless look, Kendall's actions told a different story as she leaned into a nearby banister taking a breather

Chic: Featuring a slight slit on the thigh, she accentuated her toned pins in over-the-knee wedged boots

Fatigued: Despite Kendall’s impeccable appearance, her actions indicated otherwise as she rested against a nearby railing to catch her breath. Elaborately detailed, the 85,000-piece crystal gown she wore featured a remarkable slash across the front, revealing her thong-covered behind. It took a dedicated team of 26 craftsmen, working tirelessly across five different cities for a total of 160 hours, to bring this extravagant ensemble to life. Later, Kendall was spotted reveling at Rihanna’s after-party, where she was accompanied by her rumored love interest, A$AP Rocky. The media has linked the two multiple times over the past year, with their most recent public appearance together taking place at California’s Coachella festival.

In need of a rest: Leaning over the balcony, she appeared lost in thought, before she was later seen squatting down looking far from her usual self.

In need of a break: Pondering over the railing, she seemed deep in contemplation, until she was spotted crouching down, displaying an unusually tired demeanor.

85,000 p[iece crystal gown: Her exhausted display comes as no surprise after Kendall put in an eye-popping appearance at the Met Gala on Monday

Intricate: Featuring a huge slash across the front, and completely exposing  her thong-clad derriere,the 85,000 crystal gown took 160 hours of work and 26 craftsmen, across five cities, to create the look

After Kendall stunned everyone with her jaw-dropping presence at the Met Gala on Monday, it’s no wonder she looked worn out in her 85,000 piece crystal gown.

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