Jennifer Aniston stuns in chic khaki shorts as she gets emotional unveiling her ground-breaking hair care venture

Celebrating the launch of her hair care brand, LolaVie, Jennifer Aniston fought back tears of joy during an emotional Instagram moment on Wednesday. The iconic actress, recognized for her signature blonde locks, showcased her effortless style, stunning onlookers with her leggy appearance. As the photoshoot concluded, the crew erupted into applause, bidding farewell to a successful shoot and welcoming the exciting start of Aniston’s new venture.

Emotion: Jennifer Aniston put on a leggy display in a relaxed ensemble and welled up with tears in an Instagram clip on Wednesday as she wrapped up a photoshoot for her new hair care company, LolaVie

Jennifer Aniston showcased her stunning legs in a laid-back outfit and became emotional during an Instagram video on Wednesday. She had just finished a photoshoot for her new hair care brand, LolaVie. Jennifer wore sage green shorts and paired them with a denim shirt, creating a relaxed and stylish look for her day at the studio. Her golden locks were neatly tied into a bun, and she completed her look with a pair of glasses. As the former Friends star observed her hair models from the sidelines, she exuded confidence and elegance, truly embodying the role of a beauty mogul. In the video, the four models posed together, and their support and admiration overwhelmed Jennifer, prompting tears to well up in her eyes. She affectionately addressed her followers in the caption, introducing her new venture, LolaVie, which had been a long-time project in the making. Jennifer expressed her excitement to finally unveil this endeavor to the world.

Capturing the moment: She was seen sporting sage green shorts which she teamed with a denim shirt for her day at the studio as she tucked her flaxen tresses up in a bun

Seizing the moment: In the studio, she effortlessly rocked a chic look by pairing sage green shorts with a stylish denim shirt. To keep her flaxen hair out of the way, she elegantly tied it up in a bun.

Business woman: The actress, 52, launched the new beauty brand on Wednesday which she also modelled for

Entrepreneur: The superstar, aged 52, unveiled her fresh cosmetics line on Wednesday, gracefully promoting the brand herself as well.

Radiant: The former star of the popular TV show Friends exuded confidence and elegance as she recorded her hair models from the sidelines. She proudly highlighted the immense effort put in by her exceptional team in creating this product line, which is completely free of harmful substances. This line is paraben-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, phthalates-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and of course, cruelty-free, because Jennifer and her team have a deep love for animals. Today marks the launch of our very first product, but there is so much more to look forward to. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy! ❤️ Jennifer also shared some behind-the-scenes snapshots, including one where she is seen sitting with her four-legged friend, brainstorming new material for LolaVie. Changing roles, Jennifer then transformed from director to model as she gracefully adorned a white midi skirt with a daring thigh-high split and a black top, showcasing her best angles.

Credit where credit is due: The four beauties posed together in front of the camera before cheering for Jennifer, causing the actress to fan her eyes to stop herself from crying

Giving proper recognition: With grace and elegance, the quartet of stunning ladies gathered in front of the lens, showcasing their beauty and radiance. Their synchronized cheers for Jennifer filled the atmosphere, causing the talented actress to delicately fan her eyes, preventing tears from rolling down her cheeks.

This project has been in the works for a long time and I’m so excited to finally be able to introduce it to you': Jennifer penned a lengthy caption on social media

It has taken quite a while for this project to come together, and I’m absolutely thrilled to finally have the opportunity to present it to all of you. Jennifer expressed her excitement through a detailed caption on her social media platform.

Keeping her company: She shared additional behind-the-scenes snaps including a photo of her sat down to mull over new LolaVie material with her four-legged friend Clyde

In the midst of her busy schedule, she took the time to share some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. One of the snapshots captured her sitting down with her furry companion, Clyde, as they brainstormed ideas for new LolaVie creations. With a minimal touch of makeup, her beautiful long hair gracefully moved in front of the camera. Later on, Jennifer switched up her look, donning a captivating black jumpsuit that showcased her assets, effortlessly promoting another LolaVie product. She exuded an irresistible charm as she sensually reclined on a pristine white chair, her blonde locks cascading down her back. In another shot, Jennifer was captured in a makeup chair, her back turned to the camera, showcasing her impeccable styling and golden hair in all its glory.

Woman of many talents: The star then switched from photoshoot director to model as she slipped into a white midi skirt - complete with a thigh-high split - and black top to work her best angles

Multi-talented lady: The celebrity effortlessly transitioned from directing a photoshoot to becoming the center of attention herself. She confidently showcased her versatility by gracefully donning a white midi skirt with a daring thigh-high split, complemented by a chic black top, as she effortlessly posed from every favorable angle.

Stunning: She sported a light palette of make-up as her luscious locks fluttered in front of the camera lens

Breathtaking: With a subtle touch of cosmetics, she flaunted a soft selection of colors while her luxurious tresses gracefully danced before the lens.

Team effort: Jennifer subsequently changed into a plunging black jumpsuit, revealing her ample assets, to promote another LolaVie product

Jennifer showcased her team effort by donning a stunning black jumpsuit, giving fans a glimpse of LolaVie’s latest product. Additionally, she took to Instagram to unveil the sleek new packaging for her line. Legal documents obtained by Page Six revealed that a trademark application for LolaVie was submitted in July 2019, covering various beauty products such as lotions, shower gels, candles, and hair care. Diehard fans might recognize the name LolaVie, as it was used for Jennifer’s first fragrance in 2010. With her timeless beauty, luscious hair, and enviable physique, Jennifer has long been a household name in the beauty industry.

Star of the show: The Hollywood A-Lister seductively reclined on a white chair with her blonde tresses tumbling down the back

Main attraction: The renowned Hollywood celebrity sensually relaxed on a pristine white seat, her golden locks cascading gracefully behind her.

Plenty to smile about: Jennifer looked nothing short of sensational in the promotional snaps

Lots of reasons to be happy: Jennifer appeared absolutely stunning in the promotional photographs.

Mane: One of the shots showed Jennifer sitting in a makeup chair with her back to the camera, with her perfectly styled golden hair on full display

Description: In a photo, Jennifer is seen sitting in a chair facing away from the camera, showcasing her flawlessly styled golden hair. According to WWD, the actress co-founded Living Proof in 2012, but later sold the popular haircare brand to Unilever in 2016. Additionally, Jennifer has been the spokesperson for Aveeno skincare since 2013, which was confirmed in a statement by her representative to E! News. It is unclear if Jennifer will continue her existing beauty collaborations once she launches her own brand.

Sleek: Another image shared on Instagram revealed the chic new packaging for her products

Sleek and stylish: The delightful Instagram post showcased the trendy and sophisticated packaging of her merchandise.

Spokesperson: Jennifer has been the face of skincare brand Aveeno since 2013, but it is unknown as to whether she will step away from her current beauty partnerships in wake of the launch of her own brand

Jennifer has been representing the famous skincare brand Aveeno since 2013. However, it remains unclear as to whether she will continue to collaborate with other beauty brands now that she is planning to launch her own skincare line.

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