Kendall Jenner Embraces “No Pants” Trend in Stunning New Photos Amidst Fan Theories of Unseen Makeover

KENDALL Jenner decided to go for a daring fashion statement on Sunday, leaving everyone surprised. The beautiful model was seen exiting a photoshoot, sparking speculations about whether she had recently undergone some discreet cosmetic enhancements.

Kendall Jenner stepped out of a Los Angeles photoshoot without any pants on

Kendall Jenner was seen in Los Angeles, casually rocking a pants-free look after a photoshoot.

She carried a $4,200 Bottega Veneta handbag

Kendall, who is 27 years old, was recently captured after finishing a photoshoot for the high-end fashion store FWRD. As the creative director of the brand, Kendall’s role usually entails being behind the scenes. However, this time she might have taken a different position and stepped in front of the camera. Leaving the shoot in Los Angeles, she confidently showcased a striking and daring ensemble. Kendall decided to forgo wearing pants and instead stunned in sheer Calzedonia tights that accentuated her long legs, pairing them with black high heels. All eyes were on Kendall as she made a bold fashion statement with her choice of attire.

Kendall looked care-free in the daring ensemble

Kendall appeared relaxed and carefree in her bold outfit, causing quite a stir among fans of the Kardashian clan. However, some fans were taken aback by her not-safe-for-work wardrobe mishap that occurred during the show.

Between her jobs as a supermodel and a reality star, Kendall is creative director at FWRD

Kendall, known for her work as a supermodel and reality star, has a unique role as the creative director at FWRD. On one occasion, she was spotted wearing a black crew neck sweater over a white shirt, with her underwear peeking out. Despite the unconventional choice of attire, Kendall confidently sported a wide smile while holding a vibrant bouquet of sunflowers and carrying an eccentric Bottega Veneta handbag with a sardine-shaped handle, worth $4,200.

Opinions about her pantless outfit were divided among fans. While some praised her daring fashion choice, others couldn’t help but find it comical or even nightmarish. Social media platforms buzzed with reactions, with one fan joking that being famous, rich, pretty, and skinny might allow one to walk around without pants.

Aside from her fashion choices, rumors have also circulated about Kendall undergoing plastic surgery. Observant fans speculated that her cheeks appeared fuller in a recent photo, leading them to question whether she had received cheek fillers. Others chimed in with their opinions, some unsure and others dismissing the claims as mere speculation. Comparisons were also drawn between Kendall and her sister Kylie Jenner, who is known for her lip fillers. In the past, Kendall vehemently denied undergoing any cosmetic procedures, asserting that as a model, it would be illogical for her to alter her face. However, her recent visit to a plastic surgeon’s office in October 2021, wearing a face mask, has added fuel to the rumors and left fans curious about what the future might hold in that regard.

Fans have recently shared their theories that Kendall went under the knife

There has been a recent surge of fan speculation suggesting that Kendall Jenner may have undergone cosmetic surgery, as fans have been sharing their own theories about her appearance on social media platforms like Instagram.

But she has firmly denied surgery rumors in the past

However, she has previously debunked any speculation surrounding her undergoing surgery.

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