Kendall Jenner Embraces Vintage Elegance in a Captivating High-Waisted Bikini: Unforgettable Moments with Ben Simmons in Miami

Kendall Jenner has definitely mastered the art of rocking a bikini with her slender 119lb figure, standing tall at 5ft10inches. Just the other day, the 24-year-old sensation from Keeping Up With The Kardashians impressed once again during a photoshoot in Miami. She effortlessly sported a vintage-inspired dark-blue denim swimsuit, complete with a fashionable thick-strapped bra top and high-waisted bottoms. It’s worth mentioning that Kendall had been spotted in Miami with her on-again beau Ben Simmons, a 23-year-old professional basketball player from Australia who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Getting to work: Kendall Jenner sure knows how to model a bikini thanks to her 119lb frame at an impressive 5ft10inches. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians standout proved that again on Wednesday

Arriving at work: Kendall Jenner is no stranger to displaying her modeling skills in a bikini, thanks to her slim 119lb figure and impressive height of 5ft10inches. This was evident once again on Wednesday when the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star effortlessly posed for the camera. Sporting pulled-back brunette hair and minimal makeup, Jenner added a touch of glamour with gold hoop earrings. Complementing her look were black gladiator-style sandals. The backdrop for the photo shoot featured a backyard filled with palm trees and drought-resistant foliage. Notably, there was also a camera crew present, likely capturing footage for an upcoming episode of the reality show. Despite the on-set attention, Jenner appeared to be in high spirits as she joyfully smiled for the camera, all the while holding onto a garden hose.

Chilled in Miami: The Fendi model was seen in a backyard of a home where there were palm trees as well as drought resistant foliage

Twice as nice: Not only was she being photographed, but there was a camera crew, possibly for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

At a residence adorned with palm trees and plants resilient to drought, the Fendi model was spotted in the backyard. Not only was she posing for photographs, but a camera crew was also present, potentially capturing footage for an upcoming installment of the popular show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Watering the lawn: The daughter of Kris Jenner seemed to be in a great mood as she smiled away for the camera while holding on to a garden hose

Tending to the garden: Kris Jenner’s daughter appeared to be in high spirits, flashing a bright smile as the camera captured her gracefully handling a garden hose.

Now pouty and demure: The Calabasas, California shared many looks, this one more serious and calm

With a sulky and restrained demeanor, the town of Calabasas in sunny California exhibited an array of appearances, but this particular one exuded an air of seriousness and tranquility.

At play: Kendall looked as if she was about to hose down the camera man but she didn't in the end

During a playful moment, Kendall appeared ready to drench the camera operator with a water hose, but ultimately refrained from doing so. In a different scene, she sported a black one-piece outfit and paired it with a zip-up top that resembled a combination of sneakers and boots. The setting featured Kendall engaging in fishing activities on a cement wall surrounded by well-established trees and bushes. It has been a bustling time for Kendall in Miami this week. On an afternoon date, she and her partner were seen enjoying each other’s company next to a swimming pool. Following their attendance of the Super Bowl, the couple strolled together, leaving the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. Kendall chose to wear a turquoise zip-up pullover with the words “Super Bowl” printed on the front. She matched it with black leather pants that had a boot cut and completed her look with Converse sneakers. A petite green handbag with a delicate chain adorned her arm, while her hair cascaded down and she opted for a minimalistic makeup look.

Doing her job: The 24-year-old was seen in a dark-blue denim vintage-looking swimsuit with a thick-strapped bra top and high-waisted bottoms

Outdoor work: Jenner was seen on a green lawn as she posed away

Engaged in her role: The young lady, aged 24, was spotted wearing a retro-style swimsuit in a deep blue denim hue. The ensemble featured a bra top with thick straps and high-waisted bottoms.

A very big crew for this shoot: There were two tattoo'd men in front of her and a woman behind her for the shoot

This shoot had quite a large crew assembled: Two men adorned with tattoos stood before her, while a woman positioned herself confidently behind her for the shoot.

See ya: The TV darling may have gotten cold as she was seen putting a black wrap over her bare shoulders

But it is warm: On Wednesday afternoon it was 75 degrees in Miami

Goodbye: The beloved TV star seemed a bit chilly as she elegantly draped a black shawl over her exposed shoulders. Meanwhile, her boyfriend sported a stylish ensemble consisting of a checkered orange and brown jacket layered over a yellow hoodie, complemented by grey sweatpants and vibrant orange sneakers.
Simmons took to Instagram to share an exciting glimpse of their Super Bowl experience, unintentionally revealing the name tags assigned to him and Jenner in their suite. To the left of Simmons’ foot in the fleeting Instagram story snapshot, the plate proudly displayed the name “Kendall Jenner.”

Just on a fishing trip: In another setup, Kendall had on a black one piece over a zip-up while top and shoes that looked like sneakers and boots at the same time

Not much here: All that could be seen was her bait on the thin line

During a casual fishing expedition, Kendall sported a stylish ensemble consisting of a sleek black one-piece outfit paired with a zip-up top and unique footwear that resembled a hybrid of sneakers and boots.

Looking for trout? The siren was seen fishing off a cement wall with mature trees and bushes behind her

In search of trout? Witness the captivating scene of a siren gracefully fishing beside a solid concrete barrier, accompanied by a picturesque backdrop of lush, fully-grown trees and vibrant bushes.

As the tale goes, our beloved model and esteemed athlete were initially intertwined in the web of rumors back in June of 2018 when they were glimpsed indulging in a shopping extravaganza within the glamorous realm of Beverly Hills.

Pro athlete: Simmons plays for the Philadelphia 76ers

Professional athlete, Ben Simmons, is a member of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team. He and Kendall Jenner were officially confirmed as dating in July, and the following month they enjoyed a vacation to Mexico alongside Kendall’s sister, Khloé Kardashian, and her then-partner, Tristan Thompson.

In September 2018, rumors sparked that Kendall and Ben had broken up after Kendall was spotted engaging in PDA with Anwar Hadid. However, in November, the couple was seen together at a basketball game, and Kendall was frequently seen supporting Ben at multiple 76ers games, even sitting court side with Ben’s mother, Julie Simmons.

Their relationship took a deeper turn when Ben took Kendall on a romantic date night in New York City on Valentine’s Day. However, cracks in their relationship began to show in May when Kendall gave a hesitant response about their relationship in a Vogue Australia cover article, expressing the uncertainty young people face in relationships.

In May, it was reported by People magazine that Kendall and Ben were taking a break from their relationship. However, there were hints of a possible reconciliation when Kendall was spotted attending one of Ben’s games in Philadelphia on December 16.

I got your back: On Wednesday new images of Kendall with best friend Gigi Hadid for Burberry were released

I’ve got your support: The latest photos of Kendall and her BFF Gigi Hadid posing for Burberry were unveiled on Wednesday.

New outfit: Kendall Jenner slips into a new outfit during a Miami Beach photo shoot

Fresh Look: Kendall Jenner effortlessly rocks a stylish ensemble on a picturesque Miami Beach photoshoot.

Chat: Kendall Jenner chats on her phone between shoots

Conversation: Kendall Jenner casually chats on her mobile device amidst her busy photo shoot schedule.

Short shorts: Kendall Jenner rocks short shorts, a lavender top and white boots

Kendall Jenner effortlessly sports a summer look, embracing the comfort and charm brought by a pair of stylish short shorts. Complementing her ensemble, she pairs them with a lovely lavender top exuding a relaxed and carefree vibe. To top it off, Kendall completes her statement outfit by donning fashionable white boots, making a bold and fashionable statement.

Bike ride: Kendall Jenner takes a ride on a white vintage bike during a photo shoot in Miami Beach

Cruising on a charming vintage bicycle, Kendall Jenner embarks on a delightful bike ride amidst a vibrant photoshoot set in the sunny Miami Beach.

Romper and waders: Kendall Jenner rocks a black romper and green rubber wader boots for a Miami photo shoot

Romper and waders: Kendall Jenner rocks a black romper and green rubber wader boots for a Miami photo shoot

Kendall Jenner effortlessly slays in a chic black romper paired with trendy green rubber wader boots during a fantastic photo shoot in vibrant Miami.

Lawn work: Kendall Jenner mows the grass with a vintage mower in a light blue ensemble

Kendall Jenner takes care of her lawn with a classic mower, dressed in an adorable light blue outfit.

Kendall's look: Kendall Jenner rocks a light blue look for a photo shoot

Kendall Jenner stuns with her choice of a captivating light blue ensemble during a recent photo shoot.

Prep: Kendall Jenner gets tended to between takes

Before the cameras start rolling again, Kendall Jenner takes some time to relax and get herself ready. She receives the necessary attention and care to ensure she looks her absolute best for the next round of shots.

Laying down: Kendal Jenner lays on the grass between shots at a Miami Beach photo shoot

Lounging: Kendall Jenner relaxes on the lush green grass during a delightful photo session on the mesmerizing Miami Beach.

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