Kendall Jenner flaunts her flawless physique in a sizzling throwback clip, rocking a wild leopard print bikini

On Sunday, Kendall Jenner took to social media to delight her fans and reinforce her status as the highest-earning supermodel in the world. In a casual and relaxed setting, the talented daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner showcased her incredible figure as she confidently struck poses on a pristine white floor. Rocking a stylish leopard print bikini, consisting of a chic bandeau top and high-rise briefs, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians effortlessly exuded glamour and allure.

Her look sans clothes: Kendall Jenner shared a video to social media on Sunday where she was reminding fans why she is the world's highest-paid supermodel

Kendall Jenner decided to give her fans a little reminder of why she holds the prestigious title of the highest-paid supermodel in the world. She took to social media on Sunday to share a video showcasing her stunning appearance without any clothing.

Good genes: The leggy daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner was seen squatting down on a white floor as she posed away in a little two piece

Incredible genetic inheritance: The tall and graceful offspring of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner was spotted crouching on a pristine white surface, effortlessly striking poses in a stylish two-piece ensemble. Ever since she ventured into the modeling industry at the tender age of 16, this star has risen to become one of the most sought-after models worldwide. Now a remarkable 24 years old, Jenner frequently graces the covers of esteemed publications like Marie Claire and Vogue. She also maintains a lasting professional relationship with the pioneering designer who initially gave her a chance, Calvin Klein. Despite her openly shared struggles with anxiety on KUWTK, she judiciously selects modeling gigs to manage her well-being.

Roar: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had on a leopard print bikini with a bandeau top and high-rise briefs

Roar: In a classic display of her fashion prowess, the renowned celebrity from Keeping Up With The Kardashians sported a striking leopard printed bikini ensemble, featuring a trendy bandeau top and stylish high-rise briefs.

Model life: The star has become one of the top models in the world since she took a stab at the profession at age 16. Now at 24-years old, Jenner is often on the cover of Marie Claire and Vogue

Living the dream as a model, Kendall Jenner’s rise to the top has been nothing short of impressive. Starting her career at just 16 years old, she has now become a global sensation at the age of 24. It’s no wonder she frequently graces the covers of prestigious magazines such as Marie Claire and Vogue. Recently, Kendall had an adorable chat with her close friends, Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey. While the couple is practicing social distancing, they have found a way to stay connected by hosting a casual talk show with their famous circle. And this time, Kendall was the special guest on their Instagram show called Live With Biebs. During their heartwarming conversation, Kendall showered her support for Justin and Hailey’s marriage. Justin even described their union as a “happily married family,” which touched Kendall’s heart.

Pink touch: Her glam was just right with pink eye shadow and rose colored lipstick

Touch of Pink: She had the perfect amount of glamour, adorning her eyes with a subtle pink eyeshadow and gracing her lips with a soft rose-colored lipstick.

Taking it one day at a time: Because of her anxiety issues, which she freely discusses on KUWTK, she limits her modeling to only certain jobs

Approaching life one day at a time: Due to her struggles with anxiety, which she openly discusses on the television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she only accepts modeling offers that she feels comfortable with. When the popular singer Sorry inquired if the renowned model expected his romantic involvement with her closest friend, she responded with an honest, “Honestly, no!” She further expressed, “I suppose I had this hope, as Hails is not only my companion but also my best friend. I truly wanted both of you to be happy. It genuinely brings me joy.” During their extravagant wedding in South Carolina last year, Jenner recalls sharing her sentiments, admitting she was slightly intoxicated and shed a few tears.

Special guest: Jenner became the power couple's latest guest to grace Live With Biebs on Instagram on Sunday

Featured guest: Jenner made a delightful appearance as the newest addition to the power couple’s lineup on the highly popular Live With Biebs show on Instagram, taking place this past Sunday.

“You’ve been by her side through thick and thin, I appreciate that,” he responded, adding a playful remark that if they broke up, Kendall would surely side with Hailey. Jenner’s expression turned perplexed and she squinted her eyes, responding, “No, I care about both of you, but Hailey is my girl.” The close friends began reminiscing about the past, and Hailey even mentioned how she and Kendall used to visit Justin while he was working on a Calvin Klein shoot way back when.

Wait, what? 'Through the ups and downs you've always been there, I know you have for Hailey,' he replied, before joking if they spilt she would definitely stay on his wife's side

Hold on a moment, did I hear that right? He mentioned how through all the highs and lows, he acknowledges that she has always been there for Hailey. Then, in a playful manner, he jokingly suggested that if they were to break up, she would undoubtedly remain on his wife’s side.

In addition to presenting her canine companion Pyro to Bieber during their conversation, she showcased a series of polaroid photographs capturing their various adventures together throughout the years. One of the pictures featured Bieber without a shirt, and another depicted them flying to Coachella. Curiosity about her own dog arose as the Grammy winner snuggled up to his and Hailey’s Yorkie, named Esther. “What breed is your dog?” he inquired. “He’s a Doberman,” she responded, while also revealing that she owns two of them. “Six is currently with her trainer.” As Bieber knocked on the door, Jenner’s furry companion swiftly entered the room with grace, emphasizing the role of these dogs as her protectors. “So, these are your guard dogs,” Justin noted, addressing the viewers. “You better be prepared for an arduous task if you attempt to enter Kenny’s house.” Curiosity continued as the “Yummy” singer inquired about their history together. “How long have you two known each other?”

Longtime pals: Hailey recalled meeting the reality star at the premiere of The Hunger Games, when Jenner was only 16

Close Friends: Hailey fondly reflects on the time she first crossed paths with the aspiring celebrity during The Hunger Games premiere, way back when Jenner was just a teenager of 16.

Hailey shared the story of how she first met her best friend at the premiere of The Hunger Games when they were both around 16 years old. She mentioned that Kylie was actually closer friends with her at the time. Reflecting on those early days, Hailey humorously declared, “I stole Hails!” referring to how their friendship shifted over time. As Jenner pursued her modeling career, she found herself frequently in New York City, where Hailey was already settled. This marked the start of their true bond as friends. In a moment of excitement, Jenner confessed to Hailey, “Hails is the reason I love New York!” Hailey couldn’t hide her delight, exclaiming that she had never heard Jenner express such sentiments before. Despite her fondness for the bustling city, Jenner admitted that Los Angeles will always be home and the best place for her.

Justin confirmed that he indeed favors the West Coast over the city. He expressed his preference for Los Angeles, stating, “Although Canada is my homeland, I definitely prefer being in LA over New York, without a doubt.” Speaking about his attachment to his hometown, Justin emphasized the importance of being able to return home and how the quality of life there is exceptionally pleasant. He expressed his gratitude for his current situation, acknowledging how fortunate he feels. In addition, Justin appreciated Kendall’s penchant for preserving their shared memories. He found it “cool” that she saved numerous photographs and keepsakes, and attributed this sentimentality to their mother, Kris Jenner, who taught Kendall the value of holding onto such mementos.

Lockdown buddy: Jenner also revealed she has been quarantining with her one friend Tiffany and staying busy tie-dying, walking her dogs, painting and indulging in a few shows

Quarantine pal: Jenner also disclosed that she has been isolating herself alongside her dear companion Tiffany, engaging in activities like creating vibrant tie-dye patterns, taking leisurely strolls with her beloved canines, unleashing her artistic prowess with paintbrushes, and treating herself to a few binge-worthy TV series.

Thanks to my mom’s great teachings, my sisters and I have become experts at preserving cherished memories. This skill comes in handy during events like birthday parties, where photo booths are often present. I always make it a point to collect all the photos from the booth so that no one else loses them. Hailey concurred, acknowledging that I excel in this particular task. I take pride in my organization skills, as I have meticulously labelled and stored years worth of photographs. During the quarantine period, I have been fortunate enough to have Tiffany as my sole companion. To keep ourselves occupied, we have taken up various activities such as tie-dyeing, walking our beloved dogs, exploring our artistic side through painting, and enjoying a few television shows. This has helped us pass the time and stay entertained in these challenging circumstances.

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