Kendall Jenner flaunts her stunning physique in two stylish string bikinis… while reminiscing on beach escape to commemorate sister Kim Kardashian’s milestone 40th birthday

After their secret escapade to a mysterious exclusive island, they made their way back to Los Angeles to celebrate Kim Kardashian’s milestone 40th birthday. However, Kendall Jenner has now taken us on a nostalgic journey by sharing a throwback video of her time spent on the sandy shores of this undisclosed paradise. The 24-year-old supermodel flaunted her enviable physique in a vibrant bikini adorned with tropical prints, while leisurely enjoying a refreshing beverage in one clip. Additionally, she treated her followers to another glimpse of her stunning self in a different, equally captivating swimsuit in a second video.

Island fun: Kendall Jenner showcases her incredible figure in string bikinis as she shares throwback clips from beach getaway celebration for sister Kim Kardashian's 40th birthday on Tuesday

Island adventure: Kendall Jenner flaunts her stunning physique in string bikinis while reminiscing about a beach vacation celebrating her sister Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday on Tuesday. Kendall chose a vibrant triangle top in shades of green, red, and orange, paired with matching string bottoms that accentuated her toned abs. Sporting loose, wavy, highlighted brunette locks, she decided to embrace a natural look without any makeup. In one of the throwback clips, Kendall can be seen wearing a flower in her hair while savoring a refreshing smoothie in the comfort of a cabana. Keeping the location undisclosed, she wrote, “locations a secret,” as the caption. Adding to the laid-back vibes, she was enjoying Ludacris’ classic hit song “What’s Your Fantasy” from 1999 during the short beachy video.

Wow factor: The 24-year-old model showcased her incredible figure in a tropical printed bikini as she sipped on a beverage in one clip, with a second video showing off another tiny swimsuit

Impressive Appeal: The young model, aged 24, delighted viewers by flaunting her remarkable physique in a vibrant, tropical-patterned bikini while enjoying a refreshing beverage in a video. Additionally, she mesmerized her audience by revealing yet another breathtaking swimsuit in a separate clip.

Tropical: Kendall donned a green, red, and orange triangle top with matching string bottoms, highlighting her flat midsection

Tropical: Kendall looked stunning in a triangle top that combined shades of green, red, and orange. The matching string bottoms emphasized her perfectly toned midsection. In another video, she sported a leopard print bikini that beautifully showcased her fit figure.

The unique string bikini sat high on her hips, reminiscent of the fashion style popular in the early 2000s. Kendall playfully held onto the strings of the bottoms while capturing a selfie video. To complete her beach look, she had her sunglasses resting on her hair.

In addition to sharing her sultry bikini outfit, the talented model treated her followers to a range of breathtaking scenic shots and videos. These posts offered a glimpse into her adventures during the global COVID-19 pandemic and the strict lockdowns in place worldwide.

What lockdown? The model wore her long brunette highlighted tresses loose in waves, opting to go makeup free

Who needs a lockdown when this model confidently flaunted her natural beauty? With her stunning long brown hair, intricately highlighted to perfection, she effortlessly embraced her loose wavy hairstyle. Demonstrating a carefree approach, she confidently chose to go without any makeup, letting her genuine features shine through.

Flawless: In a second video clip, Kendall donned a leopard print bikini that showcased her toned form

Perfect: In another video, Kendall sported a gorgeous leopard print bathing suit that accentuated her perfectly sculpted physique.

Her view: The cat walker had her sunglasses on her hair in the short clip; in addition to the sultry bikini, the brunette beauty posted a variety of scenic shots and videos

In the brief video, the cat walker sported her sunglasses atop her flowing locks. Alongside her alluring bikini, the brunet stunner shared an assortment of captivating photographs and videos showcasing scenic views.

Must be nice! The reality star turned fashion model shared a number of scenic views to her Instagram amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and strict lockdowns occurring worldwide

How fortunate! The former reality TV personality who is now making waves in the fashion industry posted several breathtaking photos on her Instagram during these challenging times of the COVID-19 outbreak and its accompanying stringent lockdown measures gripping the globe.

Kendall shared stunning clips and photos of the sky

and the ocean during their picturesque trip to an island for Kim's birthday

Furthermore, Kendall uploaded breathtaking videos and photographs capturing the beauty of the sky and ocean on their idyllic trip to an island to celebrate Kim’s birthday. In addition, Kendall posted a picture of an outdoor movie screen set up on the beach where they enjoyed watching the movie “This Is 40,” as stated by TMZ. The media outlet further revealed that each guest had their own luxurious beachfront villa and received gift bags filled with KKW Beauty products, SKIMS pajamas, GoPro cameras, waterproof disposable cameras, and other essential items for their time on the island. Shortly after, Kim expressed her gratitude for her 40th birthday getaway and shared a heartfelt message with a series of snapshots from the trip. She assured her fans that she and her friends took necessary precautions by quarantining and undergoing multiple COVID-19 tests, emphasizing their responsibility in light of the pandemic. Additionally, Kim acknowledged her privilege in being able to partake in such a memorable experience.

Wow: She showcased the incredible beauty of Mother Nature in a number of snaps

Wow! With her camera, she captured and shared the awe-inspiring splendor of Mother Nature in a collection of stunning photographs.

Lucky: Kendall also shared a snap of an outdoor movie screen on the beach, where they watched the film This Is 40, according to TMZ

Lucky: According to TMZ, Kendall also shared a photo of an outdoor movie screen on the beach, where they all gathered to watch the movie “This Is 40.” In the picture, the star was seen with Kendall, as well as their siblings Rob, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian. Unfortunately, Kylie was not present in the photos and it appears she did not join in on the celebrations.

During the festivities, the mother of four took the opportunity to pose with a group of her friends and show off her impressive birthday cake. Reflecting on turning 40, Kim expressed her gratitude and humility, saying, “I feel so blessed and humbled at this milestone age. Each day is precious to me, especially in times like these that remind us of what truly matters.”

Kim further explained about her birthday celebration, “For this year, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by spending time with the people who have had a significant impact on shaping me into the woman I am today.” She acknowledged the privilege of being able to travel and be with loved ones in a safe environment, stating, “Before COVID, we didn’t fully appreciate the simple luxury of being able to gather with family and friends. So, after taking precautions and ensuring everyone’s health, I surprised my inner circle by taking them on a trip to a private island where we could momentarily escape the current situation and feel a sense of normalcy.”

Kim went on to describe the various activities they enjoyed during their time on the island, including dancing, biking, swimming near whales, kayaking, and even watching a movie on the beach. She acknowledged that such experiences are currently out of reach for most people and expressed her gratitude for the privileged life she leads.

In conclusion, Kim’s 40th birthday celebration was a reminder for her to appreciate the simple joys in life, cherish the moments spent with loved ones, and acknowledge the privileges she has been given. #thisis40

Having fun: Soon after, her sister Kim Kardashian shared a lengthy caption about her 40th birthday getaway along with a series of snaps from her birthday getaway; the star ensured fans she and her friends quarantined and took several COVID-19 tests and were responsible - she also acknowledged her privilege

Having a blast: Shortly after, Kim delightedly shared an extensive description of her magnificent 40th birthday escapade, accompanied by a delightful assortment of photographs capturing her joyous moments. The celebrity made it a point to assure her fans that she and her friends abided by quarantine measures, diligently underwent multiple COVID-19 tests, and acted responsibly throughout the celebration. Additionally, Kim humbly recognized the privilege she possesses.

Lap of luxury: Kim continued: 'We danced, rode bikes, swam near whales, kayaked, watched a movie on the beach and so much more. I realize that for most people, this is something that is so far out of reach right now, so in moments like these, I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is. #thisis40'

Indulging in opulence: Kim elaborated further, sharing, ‘We gracefully danced, leisurely pedaled bicycles, peacefully swam alongside magnificent whales, embarked on thrilling kayaking adventures, and even enjoyed a movie screening on the sandy shore. The array of delightful experiences seemed endless. It dawned on me that for the majority, these luxuries are merely distant dreams at the moment. In these blissful moments, I am humbled and reminded of the immense privilege that envelops my existence. #feelingforty’

Even more: Scott Disick shared a number of snaps too from the trip, including one of him enjoying a bike ride by the water

In addition, Scott Disick also treated his followers to a variety of snapshots during the vacation, which included a delightful image of him relishing a leisurely bicycle ride next to the sparkling waters.

Stunning view: He posted a picture of the idyllic setting

Breathtaking scenery: He shared an image of the picturesque backdrop.

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