Kendall Jenner Flaunts High-Fashion Glamour in Breathtaking Moment for Kim’s SKIMS Lingerie Collection

Kendall Jenner took her work for her half-sister Kim Kardashian to the next level in a recent campaign. The 25-year-old model fearlessly showcased her backside in a provocative photo for Kim’s exclusive SKIMS collection, set to release on Valentine’s Day. In the daring image, Kendall is lying on her stomach in a vibrant pink setting, donning seductive black lingerie. She boldly reveals her bare bottom by cleverly attaching her G-string underwear to her high heels. This daring display by Kendall is definitely not suitable for a professional environment.

Naughty pose: Kendall Jenner went the extra mile when working for her half-sister Kim Kardashian in a new campaign shared on Friday. The 25-year-old supermodel showed off her bare bottom in an extremely racy image that is not safe for work as she modeled black lingerie for Kim's limited edition SKIMS range

Playful pose: In a bold move for her sister Kim Kardashian’s latest campaign, Kendall Jenner took it to the next level. The 25-year-old supermodel fearlessly showcased her derrière in a sizzling snapshot, featured in the not-safe-for-work image sharing on Friday. Dressed in black lingerie from Kim’s exclusive SKIMS collection, Kendall’s bare bottom stole the spotlight, defying the typical modesty seen in previous SKIMS campaigns. Positioned on her stomach within a room adorned with eye-catching pink curtains, she confidently wore a black bra, accentuating her fierce style. With her stiletto perspex heels, the strings of her underwear were left exposed, emphasizing the daring nature of the shoot. To enhance her allure, the siren was adorned in a flawless makeup look, boasting neutral tones and a light beige glossy lipstick, while her flowing hair cascaded down her back, almost reaching the floor. Subtle gold earrings added a touch of sparkle to complete her stunning ensemble.

Glam gal: The siren was beautifully made up with neutral tones and a light beige glossy lipstick with her hair worn down over her back and to the floor. Tiny gold earrings sparkled

Stunning lady: The enchantress looked absolutely gorgeous, adorned with subtle hues and a creamy beige lip gloss while keeping her hair flowing gracefully down her back, almost touching the floor. Delicate golden earrings shimmered, adding an extra touch of radiance.

The full photo: On the SKIMS website, the Vogue favorite was seen laying on her stomach in a pink room as she exposed her bare bottom by hooking the back of her G-string underwear on her high heels

In the complete image featured on the SKIMS website, the beloved choice of Vogue, Kim Kardashian West, can be seen reclining on her stomach in a charming pink setting. With a daring move, she playfully reveals her bare behind by cleverly attaching the back of her G-string panties to her towering heels.

Jenner has gained recognition for flaunting her physique in photo shoots with iconic fashion brands like Versace and Vogue. In addition, she has also delighted her massive Instagram following of 151 million by sharing alluring portraits where she confidently dons revealing outfits. Recently, while on a vacation in Mexico with her sister Kylie, she captivated her fans by striking a pose in a string bikini. The majority of her recent SKIMS shoot showcased Kendall in mesmerizing red lingerie alongside her sisters Kim and Kylie. Eager to promote the line, Kendall took to Instagram on Friday and treated her followers to several captivating images, simply captioned, “Vday is coming BTS from @skims.” She made sure to emphasize that this collection is a limited edition capsule series.

Red-y for her closeup: Most of the new SKIMS shoot saw Kendall in red lingerie with sisters Kim and Kylie. On Friday Kendall took to Instagram to push the line as well as she shared several images with the caption, 'Vday is coming BTS from @skims'

Ready for her closeup: Kendall looked stunning in red lingerie alongside her sisters Kim and Kylie during the latest SKIMS photoshoot. Excited to promote the line, Kendall took to Instagram on Friday and treated her followers to a series of captivating images, captioning them, “Vday is approaching BTS from @skims”.

Strike a pose: Kendall caught a glimpse of her figure while posing for a selfie in the mirror

Stunner: Her dark brown hair was parted down the middle and delicately danced down her shoulders

Pose like a pro: Kendall had a spontaneous moment of self-appreciation as she took a quick look at her fabulous physique while snapping a mirror selfie. These captivating snapshots were then graciously shared on her social media page.

Professional: The star had the look down as she matched her bra and underwear to her manicure with bright red nails

Casual: The famous star is definitely a fashion icon, as she effortlessly coordinated her bra and underwear with her manicure, both sporting a vibrant red shade. Back in 2016, in an interview with W magazine, Kendall expressed her admiration for the Free The Nipple movement and her love for going braless. According to Kendall, she doesn’t understand why people make such a fuss about not wearing a bra. She finds it cool and liberating, stating that she simply doesn’t care about societal norms. Comfort and confidence are key for her, making it even more appealing. On the topic of nudity, Kendall shared that she either goes completely braless or embraces having her bra slightly visible, showing her support for the concept of freeing the nipple. Ultimately, she believes in expressing oneself, whether it’s through a stylish bralette or just the skin itself.

Heating up: The looker was joined by SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian as well as her younger sister Kylie Jenner for a red hot SKIMS shoot shared to Instagram on Friday morning

Getting steamy: The model teamed up with Kim Kardashian, the founder of SKIMS, and her younger sibling Kylie Jenner for a sizzling SKIMS photoshoot, which she shared on Instagram on Friday morning. The other sisters also looked alluring in the fresh pictures, but they chose not to go completely naked. Kim took center stage in a bold red bra and matching high-waisted briefs, teasing the upcoming launch of her latest collection on February 14. She confidently revealed her toned abs in a playful thong bikini bottom while sensually licking whipped cream off her fingers. Kylie took advantage of every moment to flaunt her curves, crawling on the floor near a heart-shaped SKIMS cake.

Wow: Kylie didn't miss a moment to show off her figure as she crawled on the floor near a SKIMS heart-shaped cake

How amazing! Kylie made sure to flaunt her physique at every opportunity as she gracefully crawled on the floor beside a delightful SKIMS cake in the shape of a heart.

Wow: The color was the last thing on anyone's mind as Kylie debuted 'Poppy' online

Surprisingly, the color of the item called ‘Poppy’ was not the main focus when Kylie showcased it on the internet. The event had a delightful atmosphere, with several delectable frosted treats available for the ladies to enjoy. Kim decided to switch things up by changing from a vibrant red ensemble to a white bra and matching bottoms, revealing alluring features of her newest collection. Kendall, in a crouching position, introduced a special collection of ultra-seductive and enjoyable intimate apparel, referring to it as a limited edition capsule.

Sugar high: Sweet things seemed to be the theme with various frosted desserts on hand for the women to indulge

Sugar rush: It was evident that the focus was on all things sweet, with an array of delectable frosted treats for the ladies to savor.

Kylie, who is not only known for her successful makeup business but also for her iconic style, confidently flaunted her stunning figure. Her slender legs, which seemed to go on forever, were accentuated by a playful pair of briefs and transparent high heels. Lying gracefully on a luxurious scarlet couch, Kylie effortlessly showcased pieces from her black lingerie collection. With her alluring charm, she playfully brought a red heart-shaped lollipop to her lips, while comfortably posing in her sister’s irresistibly plush lingerie set.

Kylie time: She brought a red heart lollipop to her lips as she threw her arm back in the 'buttery soft' set from her sister's line

Kylie’s moment: She playfully brought a candy-red heart-shaped lollipop to her mouth, simultaneously throwing her arm back in the luxuriously smooth backdrop of her sister’s exclusive collection.

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