Kendall Jenner Playfully Shows Off Her Mini Outfit & Enjoys Time with Pal, Luka Sabbat, and Sister Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex-Flame

Renowned for her stunning presence on the catwalks, Kendall Jenner displayed her summertime vibe as she ventured out in New York City on a delightful Wednesday afternoon. Embracing the warm weather, the 23-year-old sensation effortlessly donned a delightful Reformation mini-dress adorned with charming floral patterns. Accompanied by her friend and esteemed model Luka Sabbat, Kendall exuded radiance and style during her outing.

Supermodel outing: Kendall Jenner seemed to be in a summery mood as she stepped out in New York on Wednesday afternoon with Luka Sabbat

Excursion with a Supermodel: Kendall Jenner appeared to be embracing the summer vibes during her stroll in New York City on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by Luka Sabbat.

Luka, a 21-year-old individual, was previously rumored to be involved with Kourtney Kardashian, who happens to be Kendall’s half-sister and is 39 years old. However, Luka clarified in an interview with The Cut in February that they are not in a romantic relationship. During their recent outing, Luka opted for a monochrome t-shirt and paired it with dark sweatpants. He accessorized with necklaces that added a touch of glamour to his look. On the other hand, Kendall appeared graceful in her sleeveless outfit, which was tailored to accentuate her impeccably slender figure. She chose to keep her dark hair down and protected her eyes from the sun with a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Sleek and chic: The 23-year-old bombshell slipped into a fluttery floral Reformation mini-dress when she stepped out with her pal and fellow model Luka

Stylish and trendy: The stunning young woman, who is 23 years old, adorned herself in an elegant and flowy Reformation dress with a floral pattern. She was accompanied by her friend Luka, who is also a model.

History: Luka, 21, was briefly linked to Kendall's 39-year-old half-sister Kourtney Kardashian, but he told The Cut in February: 'We're definitely not dating'

Background: Luka, a 21-year-old individual, was once romantically associated with Kourtney Kardashian, who happens to be Kendall’s half-sister and is 39 years old. However, Luka clarified in an interview with The Cut in February that they are not currently in a romantic relationship.

Simply stylish: On his outing with Kendall this Wednesday, Luka teamed a monochrome tee with dark sweats and added a touch of glitz with necklaces

Effortlessly chic: During their recent excursion, Luka effortlessly combined a black and white t-shirt with a pair of cozy black sweatpants. To infuse a hint of glamour into his look, he adorned his neck with dazzling necklaces.

Draping an olive green leather purse over her right shoulder, Kendall showcased her stunning legs enhanced by a stylish choice of long black leather boots. During a recent winter season, Kendall invited her sister Kourtney, along with a circle of friends that included Luka, for an exciting skiing adventure in Mammoth. In an episode of her popular TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall expressed her dissatisfaction with Kourtney’s behavior during the trip. Venting to her half-sister Khloe Kardashian, Kendall opened up about Kourtney’s habit of demeaning her repeatedly, seemingly to boost her own self-importance and reputation.

Meanwhile: Kendall's elegant sleeveless ensemble was cinched in at the waistline to emphasize her enviably trim frame

In the meantime, Kendall rocked a stylish sleeveless outfit that was expertly tailored to accentuate her incredibly slender physique.

Radiant smile: The sister of lip kit tycoon Kylie Jenner wore her dark hair down and shielded her eyes from the rays with sunglasses

Glowing grin: The sibling of cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner rocked her luscious brunette locks flowing freely and protected her peepers from the sun’s beams using stylish shades.

When you got it, flaunt it: Slinging an olive green leather handbag from her right shoulder, Kendall played up her vertiginous legs with a pair of long black leather boots

Embrace your assets: Kendall confidently showcased her style by confidently wearing a trendy olive green leather handbag, effortlessly slung over her right shoulder. To further emphasize her stunning physique, she paired her ensemble with sleek and elongating black leather boots.

Pulling that pout: Kendall fired up her Insta Stories that day to show Luka posing up a storm

Sporting a pout and exuding confidence, Kendall took to her Instagram Stories on that day to capture Luka striking some impressive poses. It was Wednesday when Kendall opted for comfort, donning snug leggings and a vibrant blazer as she arrived at her Manhattan hotel. Emphasizing her toned physique, Kendall laced up a pair of sleek black Adidas trainers adorned with the brand’s iconic white stripes along the sides. She completed her ensemble with a striking green and blue windbreaker, featuring a throwback design with pops of yellow and white accents. Prepared for a bustling day on her feet, Jenner secured a fashionable yet comfortable pair of black trainers with chunky white soles.

City slicker: Kendall seemed to be in a sporty mood as she stepped out in New York earlier on Wednesday

Urban dweller: Kendall appeared to be embracing an athletic vibe as she ventured out in the bustling streets of New York City earlier in the day.

Sporty: The 23-year-old stunner dressed for comfort in tight leggings and a colorful blazer as she arrived at her hotel in Manhattan

Athletic: Upon her arrival at the Manhattan hotel, the 23-year-old beauty opted for a relaxed ensemble, donning snug leggings paired with a vibrant blazer that exuded a sense of comfort.

With her dark brown hair neatly divided in the center, she elegantly gathered the strands into a low ponytail. To shield her eyes from the radiant afternoon sun, the stunning Victoria’s Secret model opted for a pair of square sunglasses. As she entered the hotel, she effortlessly carried a sizeable gold chain purse over her shoulder, while her iPhone remained securely in her hand. Kendall’s recent appearance in Manhattan showcased her relaxed style, as she savored a can of Coca-Cola that coincidentally matched her vibrant Bec + Bridge dress.

Interesting: Kendall was spotted in Manhattan earlier this week enjoying a can of Coca-Cola that happened to match her Bec + Bridge dress

Fascinating: Last week, Kendall was seen strolling through Manhattan, savoring a refreshing can of Coca-Cola that perfectly complemented her chic Bec + Bridge ensemble.

That same day, she shared an Instagram grab of what appeared to be security footage that showed her purchasing the orange flavored Coca-Cola.

Later on, she decided to take to Instagram to share a screenshot that seemed to be taken from a security camera, capturing the moment she bought a bottle of Coca-Cola with an orange twist.

On that particular day, the individual in question uploaded a screenshot from Instagram, displaying what seemed to be surveillance footage of her acquiring a bottle of Coca-Cola with an orange flavor. It is worth noting that if this post was a paid promotion, it did not include proper sponsorship disclosure. Consequently, this could potentially be considered a breach of the guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission. It’s worth recalling the notoriety Kendall Jenner gained from her Pepsi advertisement, where she attempted to ease tensions between protestors and law enforcement by offering them the soda she was endorsing. Unfortunately, the commercial faced a significant backlash on social media, with many accusing it of being insensitive to the issue of police brutality. Pepsi ultimately decided to remove the ad from circulation as a result of the public outrage.

Seeing orange: Kendall may have violated Federal Trade Commission rules if her Coca Cola post wasn't marked as sponsored content

Observing the color orange: Kendall could potentially be in hot water with the Federal Trade Commission if her recent social media post about Coca Cola failed to disclose its sponsored nature.

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