Kendall Jenner rocks a fiery red crop top and trendy miniskirt in stunning holiday campaign for Jacquemus

Kendall Jenner brought the heat in stunning photos for Jacquemus’ holiday campaign. The 28-year-old model looked absolutely mesmerizing in a crimson, fur-lined crop top and matching low-rise miniskirt. Standing in front of a semi-truck loaded with snow, Kendall turned heads with her monochromatic, all-red ensemble. She added a touch of flair to the look with opaque tights and fluffy white sandal heels, accentuating her perfectly toned legs. Kendall’s raven black hair cascaded down as she sported a flushed appearance, thanks to her ample rosy pink blush. Adding a touch of retro style, she slipped on a pair of red-framed sunglasses and gracefully rested on the edge of the truck, with one foot playfully kicked up. Even while bundled up in a taupe trench coat to grab an iced tea in Los Angeles, Kendall continued to exude style and elegance.

Red hot: Kendall Jenner sizzled in new photos from Jacquemus' holiday campaign. The 28-year-old model was red hot in a crimson, fur-lined crop top teamed with the matching, low-rise miniskirt as she posed in front of semi-truck full of snow

Kendall Jenner turned up the heat in fresh snapshots from Jacquemus’ festive advertising campaign. The 28-year-old supermodel looked absolutely stunning sporting a fiery red crop top, complete with a cozy fur lining, and complemented it flawlessly with a corresponding low-rise miniskirt. With a snow-filled semi-truck providing an incredible backdrop, Kendall rocked the red-hot ensemble with irresistible charm.

Toned figure: As the face of the French fashion label, she also did a reiteration of the same photoshoot but in a metallic silver version of the same crop top and skirt outfit

Toned physique: Serving as the ambassador for the renowned French fashion brand, she also did a reimagined version of the photo shoot, donning a metallic silver ensemble consisting of a crop top and skirt. This time, she showcased her bare legs as she posed amidst a snowy landscape, against a snowman, and playfully nibbling on a carrot.
An up-close photo emphasized her impeccably sculpted abs, with what seemed like drops of water trickling down her midsection. Kendall also shared a cheerful close-up snapshot wearing minimal makeup and a white balaclava hat.
On Monday, she was captured lying provocatively on a pale yellow couch, draped only in white underwear and a vibrant red Santa hat. Next, Kendall was spotted sitting in a wooden chair, one of her slender legs adorned with colorful Christmas lights, while elegantly clad in a stunning white coat.
In another shot, Kendall showcased her edgy yet chic style by rocking a pair of ice skates that perfectly matched her revealing blue tweed mini skirt and sleeveless zip-up top. Continuing the wintry theme, the reality TV star decided to forgo pants and instead wore a snug sweatshirt to show off her ski boots and skis while comfortably sitting on a plush chair.

Incredible figure: One close-up photo highlighted her incredibly toned abs as what appeared to be water dripped down her midriff

Impressive physique: A striking photograph showcased her remarkably sculpted abdomen while droplets of water glistened on her stomach.

Laid back: At one point, she threw on a pair of retro, red-framed sunglasses and laid down on the edge of the truck with one of her feet kicked up

Casual: In a moment of relaxation, she casually put on a pair of vintage sunglasses with red frames and reclined on the truck’s edge, resting one foot up in the air.

Cheeky: Kendall also shared an extremely close-up and smiley photo of her lightly made-up face bundled up in a white balaclava hat

Playful: Kendall playfully revealed a captivating, up-close snapshot of herself with a radiant smile, donning a white balaclava hat with just a hint of makeup.

Naughty list! In one photo shared Monday, she was captured lying topless on a pale yellow couch while wearing just white underwear and a bright red Santa hat. She oozed sex appeal while being the face of the French fashion label Jacquemus' new holiday campaign

Mischievous record! A recent snapshot shows her reclining provocatively on a soft yellow sofa, with nothing but white lingerie and a striking red Santa hat. She exudes irresistible allure as the ambassador for renowned French fashion brand Jacquemus’ festive advertising campaign.

Leggy: In one shot, Kendall is seen with one of her lean legs wrapped in colorful Christmas lights while sat in a wooden chair wearing a glamorous white coat

Leggy: In an intriguing photo, Kendall can be seen sitting in a wooden chair, wrapped with colorful Christmas lights, showcasing her slender leg. She looks stunning in a glamorous white coat, adding to her festive aura.
The skis reappear in another photo of Kendall, this time wearing a furry red coat. Positioned at the top of a staircase with poles in her hands, she is ready for an adventure on the slopes.
A brief video, accompanied by Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,” captures Kendall’s thrilling descent down the stairs. It’s not all her, though, as a brave stunt double assists her during the daring feat.
We see Kendall confidently clicking in her ski boots and gracefully shuffling across the carpet before propelling herself forward with her poles.
After flawlessly gliding down the stairs, Kendall comes to a stop on a patch of snow nestled in the parking lot of the photo studio.
The announcement of Kendall’s collaboration with Jacquemus was made on the brand’s official Instagram page last Sunday. The post featured a provocative image of Kendall’s buttocks adorned with a string of Christmas lights, complemented by a fur-trimmed bra.
The captivating caption read, “GUIRLANDE with @kendalljenner, The holiday collection, Out tomorrow!”
This striking holiday advertisement follows Kendall’s birthday celebration, during which she flaunted more than just a few Christmas decorations.

Ice Ice Baby: Kendall ¿ who teased the campaign over the weekend ¿ then rocked a pair of ice skates that matched her skimpy blue tweed miniskirt and sleeveless zip-up top

Ice Ice Baby: Kendall had playfully hinted at the upcoming campaign, and she effortlessly glided on the ice wearing a matching set of ice skates that perfectly complemented her stylish attire consisting of a breezy, blue tweed miniskirt and a sleeveless zip-up top.

Ready for the slopes! Continuing with the snow sports, the reality TV star went without pants and opted for just a cozy sweatshirt while showing off her ski boots and skis on a plush chair

All set to hit the slopes! Keeping up with the winter sports vibe, the famous star of reality television chose a fashionable, pants-free look, rocking a snug sweatshirt. Seated luxuriously on a plush chair, she proudly displayed her ski boots and skis, radiating excitement for her upcoming adventure on the mountains.

Daring: The skis make a second cameo in a photo of Kendall, wearing a furry red coat, as she stood at the top of a staircase with poles in hand

Adventurous: The skis made another appearance in a picture of Kendall, donning a stylish red fur coat, while she confidently stood at the top of a staircase holding ski poles.
Recently, the stunning brunette shared pictures on her personal Instagram account, showcasing her charm in a breathtaking white gown at her exclusive birthday celebration.
To mark the occasion, Kendall was accompanied by her sister Kylie and her friend Hailey Bieber, who documented the night’s festivities by capturing Kendall blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.
In another video, the duo struck a pose for the camera, with Hailey affectionately captioning it, “Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Scorpio baby.”
A captivating photograph displayed Kendall in a serene setting, resting amidst a picturesque backdrop of trees and mountains.
This followed the heartfelt birthday wishes from her family, starting with her mother Kris, who took the lead in sharing a touching tribute on social media.
On Instagram, Kris posted several throwback photos of the Vogue covergirl while expressing her admiration.
The heartfelt message stated, “Happy birthday to my beautiful, kind, generous, giving, smart, talented, creative, amazing, and thoughtful daughter, Kenny!!” Kris concluded her post with emojis of a birthday cake, a gift, and a kissing face.

Cheeky: Jacquemus announced their collaboration with Kendall on the brand's official Instagram page on Sunday, and shared a racy image of the model's buttocks

Playful: The fashion label Jacquemus surprised everyone with their recent announcement of a partnership with Kendall Jenner. Breaking the news on their official Instagram page, the brand decided to tease their followers by sharing a bold and daring image showcasing the model’s posterior.

Fully clothed: The eye-popping holiday advertisement comes after Kendall rang in her birthday wearing much more than just a string of Christmas decor

Dressed to impress: This sensational holiday advertisement follows Kendall’s birthday celebration, where she donned more than just a string of Christmas decorations.

Mama love: It comes after her family were all quick to wish her a Happy Birthday , with her mother Kris being the first to share a sweet social media tribute

Motherly affection: She received an outpouring of love from her family, who wasted no time in extending heartfelt birthday wishes. Leading the pack was her mother Kris, who expressed her adoration through a heartfelt social media tribute.

Sister love: Kendall's older half-sister Kim Kardashian, 42, also marked the occasion with a tribute

Sibling affection: Kendall’s elder half-sibling Kim Kardashian, aged 42, additionally commemorated the special event with an homage.

Kendall’s elder half-sibling, Kim Kardashian, who is 42 years old, celebrated the special day by honoring her with a heartfelt message. She affectionately referred to Kendall as the “Horse Girl KJ,” recognizing her deep passion for everything related to horses. Kim recognized Kendall’s ability to bring a sense of stability to their lives and described her as a beacon of positivity. She expressed her wishes for Kendall to have a year filled with tranquility, an abundance of love, and boundless happiness.

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