Kendall Jenner Rocks Delicate Bejeweled Lingerie on Heavenly Christmas Cloud: A Divine Twist for LOVE Advent Season

LOVE Magazine chose Kendall Jenner as the lead for their highly anticipated Christmas Day advent. In this captivating video, the 21-year-old dons a barely-there nude bra top adorned with dazzling rhinestones, leaving little to the imagination. Completing her jaw-dropping ensemble, she pairs it with high-waisted bottoms that beautifully accentuate her flawless supermodel physique.

Wow thing: Kendall Jenner wore the tiniest nude embellished underwear  for a religious inspired Christmas Day LOVE advent

Title: Kendall Jenner Flaunts Exquisite Bejeweled Lingerie in Faith-centric Christmas LOVE Advent

In a remarkable festive celebration, Kendall Jenner captivated all eyes as she gracefully sported an exquisite, dainty set of nude embellished underwear for the religious-inspired Christmas Day LOVE advent.

She's on cloud nine: She wore it with matching high-waisted bottoms which showed off her supermodel figure in all its glory

She is absolutely thrilled: She paired it with matching high-waisted bottoms that beautifully showcased her supermodel physique.
Kendall looked absolutely stunning in a short video shared on LOVE’s Instagram on Sunday, with her sleek and straight black hair styled flawlessly.
LOVE’s caption for the video read: ‘WISHING YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS. Here’s @kendalljenner by @goldilocksg #ryanhastings for Christmas Day Advent ⛄️ @kegrand #loveadvent @verawanggang.
In the video, Kendall can be seen sitting on a cloud, letting out a powerful roar as the camera zooms in on her mesmerizing mouth, while lightning dramatically flashes in the background.

The clip was captioned with: 'HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Here's @kendalljenner by @goldilocksg #ryanhastings for Christmas Day Advent ⛄️ @kegrand #loveadvent @verawanggang'

Stormy skies: She stood in front of a psychedelic background as she shows off her gym-honed figure

The message accompanying the video read: ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today, we have the pleasure of featuring the beautiful @kendalljenner, stunningly captured by the talented @goldilocksg for our Advent calendar on this joyful Christmas Day! Let’s celebrate together ❄️ @kegrand #loveadvent @verawanggang’

Mystical world: She raised her arms up to the sun in front of a beautiful sunset

Enveloped in a mystical realm, she lifted her arms towards the radiant sun, as it cast its golden hues across a breathtaking sunset.

Dreaming: With her eyes closed, Kendall went into a meditative state as she sat on her cloud

Flying high: She suddenly gained multiple arms as she appeared to be having some sort of religious experience

Daydreaming: Kendall finds herself in a tranquil state, her eyes gently shut as she settles on her celestial perch. Engulfed in a meditative aura, she gracefully sways her numerous arms, evoking a sacred sense of serenity. Vibrant tears cascade down her cheeks, vividly painting her emotions. Against a backdrop of psychedelic splendor, she proudly displays her sculpted physique, a testament to her dedication in the fitness realm. This enchanting scene follows closely after Kendall was spotted treating her speculated romantic partner, A$AP Rocky, to a delightful evening together.

Amen to that: She placed her hands in prayer position as the clip continued 

She raised her hands in a prayer pose while the video kept playing.

Out of this world: Her nude bra top was super tiny as she found herself going through space 

Unbelievable: Kendall’s bralette was incredibly tiny as she embarked on an interstellar journey. Accompanied by her dear friend Gigi Hadid, who also participated in the Christmas eve advent, Kendall was an absolute stunner in her vibrant neon bikini. Despite the unexpected backdrop of a hotel conference room, the 21-year-old model effortlessly showcased her flawless physique. Not to mention, this campaign has also featured renowned personalities such as Kim Kardashian, Karlie Kloss, and Chrissy Teigen.

Cry me a river: Colourful tear roll down her face as she ends the video with a look of sadness

Nice one: Other people to have starred in the campaign include Kim Kardashian, Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigen

Tears cascaded down her cheeks like a dazzling waterfall, painting a vivid display of emotions on her face as she concluded the video with an expression of deep sorrow.

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