Kendall Jenner Shines in Revealing Thong Swimwear While Critics Slam Kim Kardashian’s Lavish Pandemic Getaway

Kendall Jenner and her family find themselves in a bit of a pickle thanks to sister Kim Kardashian’s questionable choice of a birthday celebration at an extravagant location. However, the 24-year-old IMG model appears unfazed by the backlash as she confidently shares three alluring bikini photos on her social media platform on Wednesday. Evidently disregarding the risks associated with COVID-19, Kendall confidently flaunts her flawless figure in a scanty green and blue bikini, gracefully submerged in crystal-clear waters.

Carefree: Kendall Jenner showed off her fabulous physique in photos from her recent island vacation for sister Kim's controversial 40th birthday celebration

Kendall Jenner recently showcased her stunning physique during a carefree getaway to an undisclosed island. The vacation was organized to celebrate her sister Kim’s controversial 40th birthday. Photos of Kendall basking in the sun revealed her perfectly toned body, as she confidently wore a classic triangle bikini top paired with string bottoms. The high-cut bottoms accentuated her slender waist, leaving little to the imagination. Kendall accessorized her beach look with trendy rectangular sunglasses and sported attractive brunette braids that elegantly fell into her cleavage. In one of the pictures, she effortlessly brushed her chocolate-colored locks away from her face, directing attention to her well-defined abs. However, the boldest moment came when Kendall turned around, revealing a skimpy thong that showcased her pert posterior. With a playful caption that read ‘Jelly got me,’ Kendall shared the daring photo, further captivating her followers.

Peachy: She turned around to flaunt her pert posterior, revealing that her already itty-bitty bottoms were a skimpy thong

Peachy: As she gracefully pivoted, she proudly showcased her well-formed derriere, exposing the fact that her already minuscule bottoms were a daringly minimal thong.

Making waves: Jenner's enviable figure was on full display in a classic triangle top and string bottoms which were hiked high on her hips to emphasize her slender waist

Creating a stir: Jenner showcased her incredible physique in a timeless triangle top and string bottoms, accentuating her slender waist by wearing them high on her hips. Shifting the spotlight onto Kendall and her family, sister Kim caused quite a commotion when she proudly shared her extravagant 40th birthday getaway online this Tuesday.
Kim Kardashian faced criticism from numerous online users for being out-of-touch and potentially unsafe, as she boasted about her top-secret island destination trip with a group of 40 people.
Kim’s extensive post describing the lavish celebration took her followers by surprise, leaving them both astounded and perplexed. In her post, she expressed her appreciation for turning 40 and feeling incredibly grateful.
Kim acknowledged that she does not take a single day for granted, especially during these challenging times that remind us of what truly matters.
She also stated that there was no better way to celebrate her birthday than by spending it with the people who have played a significant role in shaping her into the woman she is today.

Earth to Kim: The 40-year-old reality star shared a host of photos of her family from their getaway to a tropical island for a luxurious retreat in honor of her big day

Hey Kim, listen up: The reality star, aged 40, released a bunch of pictures displaying her loved ones during their escape to a sun-soaked island. They were indulging in a lavish vacation, all arranged to celebrate her special day.

Maybe not the time? Some followers felt that bragging about her luxury life when others are going through terrible hardships was inappropriate

Perhaps it wasn’t the appropriate time? Some of her followers believed that boasting about her lavish lifestyle while others are facing severe hardships was not suitable.
‘Prior to the pandemic, I don’t think any of us truly valued the simple luxury of being able to travel and be with loved ones safely.
‘After taking multiple health precautions and having everyone isolate for two weeks, I surprised my closest circle of friends with a getaway to a secluded island where we could briefly pretend things were normal.
‘We danced, went bike riding, swam alongside whales, kayaked, watched a movie on the beach, and more. It dawned on me that for most individuals, this is currently unattainable, so moments like these humbly remind me of how fortunate my life is. #thisis40’
The Kardashian star received a barrage of comments on Twitter, with memes flooding the platform amidst thought-provoking remarks.
‘I think perhaps it would have been better if you hadn’t shared this with us and kept it to yourself,’ suggested a Twitter user named @sullypov.
‘People are losing their lives, and the rest of us are suffering as we witness the increasing death toll while confined to our homes. This comes across as insensitive and out of touch.’

'Kim wrote: I realize that for most people., this is something that is so far out of reach right now' before receiving the wrath of her fans

In one of her heartfelt messages, Kim expressed a profound realization that seemed to resonate with the majority of individuals, as if this particular aspiration were a distant dream for many – a notion that received quite the backlash from her devoted fans.

Tone deaf: Twitter was set alight with commentary for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star as memes flooded the site inbetween thought-provoking anecdotes

Twitter exploded with commentary about the renowned star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, causing a flurry of memes to flood the platform amidst intriguing and thought-provoking anecdotes.

'Wow so fun my family still hasn't met my six month old baby but I'm glad you're rich,' user @clhubes wrote.

User @clhubes expressed excitement about their six-month-old baby and mentioned that their family has not yet met the baby. However, they also sarcastically mentioned their appreciation for the wealth of another person.

Talk about it: Underneath a meme of Blue Ivy, Twitter user @JanuaryMovie wrote: 'I'm a school teacher who had to go to the ER two different times because I got COVID pneumonia. I've been in bed, on oxygen, for 20 straight days. I don't even know if my sick leave will cover it. But go ahead and feel blessed'

Let’s discuss: In a humorous online post featuring a funny picture of Blue Ivy, a Twitter user with the handle @JanuaryMovie shared their personal experience. They revealed themselves as a dedicated school teacher who unfortunately had to visit the emergency room twice due to contracting COVID pneumonia. As a result, they have been confined to their bed, relying on oxygen support for a grueling period of 20 consecutive days. Along with their physical suffering, they expressed concerns regarding their sick leave, unsure if it would be sufficient to cover their absence from work. Nevertheless, they concluded their post by encouraging others to count their blessings, despite the difficulties they are currently enduring.

'For my birthday I was sent a notice of unemployment & I haven't seen my mom since March! Hopefully you're happy on your island of fun vacation,' @mamavegan13 wrote.

On her birthday, @mamavegan13 received an unpleasant notice of unemployment and has not been able to see her mom since March. In a sarcastic reply, she wished the person who sent the notice a happy vacation on their island of fun. Similarly, @clhubes expressed their frustration by mentioning that their family still hasn’t had the chance to meet their six-month-old baby, but they are glad that the other person is rich. Another Twitter user revealed the heartbreaking truth that their father was unable to have a funeral due to COVID-19 guidelines. In response to a meme featuring Blue Ivy, @JanuaryMovie, a school teacher who has been battling COVID pneumonia and spending 20 consecutive days in bed on oxygen, expressed their frustration about their uncertain sick leave coverage. It is important to note that the coronavirus has claimed the lives of over one million individuals and infected nearly 43 million people since its spread in January. Kim Kardashian’s home state of California has recorded over 17,000 deaths, and Los Angeles County is currently under strict lockdown measures due to the rising number of cases. Fans were quick to catch on to Kardashian’s seemingly insensitive posts and responded by creating their own images mocking her captions, including references to the infamous Fyre Festival and Tom Hanks’ character in Cast Away.

Perspective: One user even tweeted to Kardashian that her father 'didn't have a funeral' due to COVID-19 guidelines

Point of View: Kardashian received a tweet from a user stating that their father was unable to have a proper funeral because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Blessed be the Internet: Fans caught on to her tone deaf posts and created their own images with her caption, one of which mocked the Fyre Festival

Praise the Almighty Internet: Dedicated fans quickly caught on to her unfortunate posts and skillfully crafted their own visuals accompanied by her caption, including a clever bit that playfully ridiculed the ill-fated Fyre Festival.

Make em laugh: Tom Hanks' Cast Away character Chuck Noland made an appearance in one of the memes

Bring on the laughter! One of the memes featuring Tom Hanks’ lovable character Chuck Noland from Cast Away has definitely tickled funny bones. Even well-known personalities like Billy Eichner, the hilarious host of Billy on the Street, couldn’t resist sharing the post with their followers on Twitter. Eichner didn’t hold back, expressing his opinion with a simple yet powerful statement: ‘Vote them out.’ It’s a clear reference to Kim’s husband, Kanye West, and his unsuccessful attempt to become the President. Kristen Johnston, the talented actress from 3rd Rock From The Sun, was anything but satisfied with Kim’s attempts to justify throwing a lavish birthday celebration in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. She made her dissatisfaction evident, leaving no room for doubt.

Yikes: Some famous faces, such as Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner, shared the seemingly tone deaf post with their Twitter followings and made their feelings known

Oh, wowza! Quite a few well-known individuals, like the delightful Billy Eichner from Billy on the Street, took it upon themselves to share this rather oblivious post with their Twitter followers. They made sure to express their true feelings about it, loud and clear!

Tone deaf: 3rd Rock From The Sun star Kristen Johnston was clearly unsatisfied with Kim's lengthy justification for throwing a birthday bash amid a global pandemic

Kristen Johnston, renowned for her role in 3rd Rock From The Sun, didn’t hold back her dissatisfaction with Kim’s elaborate explanation for hosting a birthday celebration amidst the ongoing global pandemic.

Over the top: Kardashian also did not have the support of Better Call Saul's Michael McKean, who took a hilarious jab at the over the top extravagance of the star's birthday shindig

Kardashian’s lavish birthday celebration didn’t receive support from Better Call Saul’s Michael McKean, who made a comical remark about the excessive nature of the event. He joked, “Way to read the room, Kim.” This isn’t the first time Johnston, 53, has expressed her honest opinions on Twitter, especially when it comes to the ongoing pandemic and the upcoming election. Another person who didn’t have Kardashian’s back was Michael McKean, who took a hilarious dig at the over-the-top extravagance of her birthday festivities. The 73-year-old actor sarcastically asked, “And how was the swan cooked?” He shared Kim’s Twitter updates about the various activities her close-knit family engaged in during the celebration. The Walking Dead star Tom Payne described Kardashian’s tweets as “unbelievably awful.”

Unbelievably awful: The Walking Dead star Tom Payne deemed Kardashian's tweets as 'unbelievably awful'

Incredibly dreadful: Tom Payne, known for his role in The Walking Dead, referred to Kardashian’s tweets as ‘astonishingly terrible’.

Explanation needed: Author Wajahat Ali wondered 'why' Kim felt the need to share information about her unattainable birthday getaway amid such national unrest

In his contemplation, writer Wajahat Ali questioned the motive behind Kim’s decision to flaunt her unachievable birthday trip during a time of national turmoil. He expressed his belief that instead of publicizing such extravagance, she could have chosen to remain silent or perhaps even donate the money she intended to spend. The idea of being “humbled” by this display did not resonate with Ali. He then went on to highlight the disconnectedness of the wealthy, referring to them as their own distinct group. Ali emphasized the inappropriateness of sharing such indulgence while the nation was grappling with lockdown measures and a surge in coronavirus cases resulting in the loss of American lives. Houston-based reporter Juan Lozano also chimed in, remarking that undertaking a vacation to a private island during a pandemic showcased a severe lack of self-awareness.

All in all: Radio Host Kristie Graybill ruthlessly summed up what she found the overall message of Kardashian's Twitter thread to be

Ultimately, Radio Host Kristie Graybill bluntly encapsulated her interpretation of the overarching theme present in Kardashian’s Twitter thread.

Do better: 'A trip to a private island during a pandemic? Somebody's not keeping up with their lack of self awareness,' wrote Houston-based reported Juan Lozano

‘Honestly, going to a private island during a pandemic? Someone really needs to get a reality check,’ expressed Juan Lozano, a Houston-based reporter, sharing his disdain for the situation.

Taking a more sarcastic tone, radio host Kristie Graybill succinctly summarized Kardashian’s Twitter thread, remarking, “Oh, dear underprivileged people, my apologies for your financial struggles, but fortunately, I am wealthy and don’t have to worry about millions of deaths.” Graybill crafted her tweet in Kardashian’s voice, adding, “But hey, tough luck for you, right? Not for me, though. Here are some modest pictures of my private island for all you poor folks. Xoxo, Kim West,” making a clear reference to the numerous photos Kim posted from her week-long getaway.

Actress Pia Glenn called out the KKW Beauty founder for her obliviousness, highlighting that an exclusive trip to a private island is not the norm for the average person, pandemic or not.

Say what: Actress Pia Glenn criticized the KKW Beauty founder for acting as if an exclusive trip to a private island, whether in a pandemic or not, is something the average person is able to experience

Expressing her opinion, actress Pia Glenn voiced her criticism towards the behavior of the KKW Beauty founder. She pointed out that the aforementioned individual seemed to be oblivious to the fact that taking an exclusive trip to a private island, regardless of the presence of a pandemic, is a privilege that the average person in society cannot afford to have.

Thank goodness: Family Guy star Ralph Garman joked about how thankful he was that Kardashian 'got a well-deserved break' from her already luxurious life

Expressing relief, Ralph Garman, known for his role in Family Guy, humorously commented on how grateful he was that Kardashian could finally take a much-needed break from her already extravagant lifestyle. This prompted a response from Glenn on Twitter, who questioned Kardashian’s relatability and sarcastically referred to her recent revelation about racism. In a similar vein, Garman jokingly acknowledged Kardashian’s luxurious life and expressed his gratitude for her well-deserved respite. In a different comedic approach, Gareth Reynolds, star of Bad Night, playfully joked about Kardashian’s rumored plastic surgeries by quipping about her birthday photos featuring her alleged “team of plastic surgeons.”

Low blow: Bad Night star Gareth Reynolds poked fun at Kardashian's alleged plastic surgeries by asking if the people in her birthday photos were her 'team of plastic surgeons'

Taking a light-hearted jab, popular actor Gareth Reynolds from Bad Night joked about the rumored cosmetic procedures of Kardashian by playfully speculating if the individuals in her birthday snapshots were actually her personal “plastic surgeon squad.”

New version: Referencing to Kim's sister Khloe Kardashian infamous overuse of photo editing apps to change her appearance, Poet Mira Gonzalez zoomed in on a photo of Khloe taken at the party and wrote: 'new Khloe just dropped'

In a satirical twist, poet Mira Gonzalez focused on Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian and her notorious love for editing her photos using various apps. Mira closely examined a picture of Khloe taken at a party and humorously captioned it as “new Khloe just dropped.” The criticism did not stop there, as actress Quinn Cummings expressed her disappointment with Kim for prioritizing her own desires over donating the extravagant party’s budget to organizations supporting distressed Americans. The post left musician AJ Rafael utterly astounded, mistaking it for a parody. Trying to imitate Kim’s perspective, AJ sarcastically wrote, “Greetings, ordinary citizens of the world. While you face numerous challenges, I must humbly remind myself that I do not share those struggles. #blessed.”

How about this: The Goodbye Girl actress Quinn Cummings did not holdback as she lambasted Kim for catering to her own needs, instead of donating the money spent on her out of this world birthday party to 'organizations helping terrified Americans'

What if we put it like this: Quinn Cummings, the renowned actress from “The Goodbye Girl,” expressed her strong opinions about Kim, criticizing her for prioritizing her own desires over contributing the extravagant amount of money spent on her birthday celebration towards charitable organizations aimed at assisting distressed Americans.

Parody? Musician AJ Rafael was so stunned by Kim's post that he, at first, 'thought this was a parody'

Parody? Musician AJ Rafael was completely taken aback by Kim’s post, initially mistaking it for a satirical imitation.

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