Kendall Jenner showcases her stunning physique in a daring nude and black bikini while enjoying an adventurous jet-skiing getaway in Turks and Caicos

Kendall Jenner, a prominent guest at her sister Kylie Jenner’s extravagant 19th birthday festivity, surely packed the perfect attire for an enjoyable time under the radiant Turks and Caicos sun last week. The renowned model, who also unveiled her Vogue September issue cover during the vacation, appeared absolutely stunning in a bikini that combined nude and black hues as she ventured towards the beach to embark on a thrilling jet ski adventure.

Bikini beauty: Kendall Jenner certainly packed an ideal wardrobe for fun and frolics in the Turks and Caicos sunshine last week to celebrate her younger sister Kylie's 19th birthday

Kendall Jenner was all set for a fun-filled vacation in Turks and Caicos last week to commemorate her sister Kylie’s 19th birthday. The 20-year-old model confidently showcased her fit physique in a stylish bikini. The halter-neck design accentuated her chest, and the tie-side detail emphasized her slender waist. Kendall effortlessly pulled back her dark hair into an updo, and with a pair of shades on, she was prepared to soak up the sunshine.

Model looks: The top model, who unveiled her Vogue September issue cover last week, looked sensational in a nude and black bikini as she headed to the beach

Stunning in appearance, the renowned supermodel recently graced the cover of Vogue’s September issue. During a beach outing, she exuded confidence and style in a stunning bikini combination of neutral tones. While soaking up the sun, she took a moment to relax on a lilo before embracing the thrill of a high-speed jet-ski ride.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Kendall revealed that her affinity for sports and cars can be attributed to her father, Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner. The star opened up about the challenges she faced when her father transitioned to being transgender, as her own “tomboy” tendencies had been heavily influenced by the successful Olympic decathlon champion.

Kicking back: With her dark locks scraped back into an effortless up 'do and a pair of shades on, Kendall was ready for some sun

Taking it easy: Kendall had her sleek hair pulled back into a nonchalant updo while wearing stylish sunglasses, indicating her readiness to soak up some sun.

Action girl: As well as topping up her tan, the self-confessed tomboy got an adrenaline kick from a high-speed jetski ride.

Adventure enthusiast: In addition to basking in the sun, the self-proclaimed tomboy found excitement in a thrilling jetski ride. She credits her driving skills to her upbringing, where she regularly rode ATVs and go-carts. Reflecting on her father’s influence, she humorously acknowledges the irony in the situation, emphasizing her fondness for being a tomboy. However, she confesses that initially, her parent’s transition was challenging for her, as they had been her go-to source for all things tomboyish. Despite this, she has gradually come to accept and embrace their change, realizing that it is not peculiar anymore. She describes the process as becoming easier and emphasizes that it now feels completely normal to her.

Need for speed! Kendall told Vogue this month that her love of sports and cars is all down to her father Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner

The need for speed is a passion that Kendall has proudly embraced. In a recent interview with Vogue, she revealed that her deep appreciation for sports and cars can be attributed to her beloved father, Caitlyn, formerly recognized as Bruce Jenner.

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