Kendall Jenner showcases her stunning physique in a stylish bikini during a joyous Easter gathering at the Jenner family’s magnificent Palm Springs residence.

Kendall Jenner generously treated her expansive community of 157 million Instagram devotees to an exclusive peek into her charming Easter Sunday festivities, hosted at her family’s luxurious retreat in the scenic Palm Springs, California. The day commenced with the dazzling reality star exuding elegance in a delightful pink floral dress, joyfully frolicking amidst tall grass that stretched alongside a splendid golf course, harmoniously nestled behind their opulent abode. Later, the sought-after supermodel effortlessly showcased her majestic 5ft10in frame, donning a stylish bikini that perfectly complemented the picturesque surroundings.

Revealing: Kendall Jenner, 25, showed off her 5ft10in figure while lounging in a bikini near her family's vacation home in Palm Springs, California on Easter Sunday

Unveiling her summertime beauty, Kendall Jenner, who is 25 years old, basked in the sun at her family’s holiday abode in Palm Springs, California this Easter Sunday. The stunning model gracefully positioned herself on a towel adjacent to the lush green grass of the nearby golf course. As the scorching heat reached close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Kendall embraced the warmth, maintaining an upright posture adorned solely in a stylish white-patterned bikini. With her sleek, dark brown hair flowing straight and long, perfectly parted in the center, the renowned runway sensation showcased her radiant appearance.

The supermodel stunned in a white-patterned bikini as she laid back on the grass near a golf course just behind the family's plush mansion

The stunning supermodel caught everyone’s attention with her gorgeous white-patterned bikini, while she enjoyed some relaxation on the grass near a golf course, situated just behind her family’s luxurious mansion.

Flower power: Earlier in the day, Jenner wore a pink prairie dress with daisies adorned on it

Blossom magic: Jenner rocked a charming pink prairie dress that featured adorable daisies embellishing it. The radiant rays of the Southern California sun made Jenner narrow her eyes, but luckily she had stylish sunglasses resting on top of her head to shield them. In another snapshot, the statuesque beauty reclined on her towel in her trendy two-piece swimsuit while gracefully sliding her sunglasses down her nose to cover her eyes. Earlier in the day, Jenner confidently flaunted her flawless style by pairing her pink floral dress, adorned with daises, with classic cowboy boots.

Working it: The catwalk queen got playful during her impromptu photoshoot by the golf course

Having a great time: The supermodel couldn’t resist having some fun during her spontaneous photo session near the golf course.

Flirty: The in-demand model showed off a little leg for one of the photos

Playful: The highly sought-after model flaunted a bit of her leg in one of the snapshots. The glamorous holiday gathering of the Kardashians and Jenners saw the attendance of all the sisters – Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kylie – and their little ones. The festivities began with a leisurely stroll through their luxurious desert neighborhood, followed by an exciting Easter egg hunt for the kids. To keep the children entertained, a person donning a bunny outfit made appearances during a private luncheon at the golf course.

Holiday: Jenner called herself 'Easter girl' in a mirror selfie she shared on her Insta-Story

Vacation: Jenner playfully referred to herself as the ‘Easter girl’ in a selfie she playfully showcased on her Insta-Story. Right after treating her numerous followers with a captivating bikini picture, Kendall displayed her sisterly affection by posting a snapshot of her and Kylie together. The photo exhibited the back view of the two Jenner siblings, their arms interlocked, and Kendall captioned it with ‘different but the same @kyloejenner.’ Situated in the vicinity of Los Angeles, Palm Springs can be found approximately 100 miles to the east.

Sisterly love: Jenner also shared a sweet snap showing herself arm-in-arm with sister Kylie

Displaying the bond of sisterhood: Jenner uploaded an adorable picture capturing herself closely intertwined with her sister Kylie.

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