“Kendall Jenner Stuns in Teal Bikini, Flaunting Supermodel Physique on Mexican Beach Getaway”

She possesses one of the most enviable figures in the industry, and Kendall Jenner definitely knows how to show it off on the beach. The young star looked stunning as she enjoyed a day out at Casa Aramara in Punta Mita, Mexico. Kendall, who is only 19 years old, rocked a tiny bikini that would make anyone’s jaw drop.

Showing what she's made of: Kendall Jenner was a total beach babe as she spent another day in the glorious sunshine at Casa Aramara, Punta Mita in Mexico on Thursday

Displaying her confidence and beauty, Kendall Jenner enjoyed a day soaking up the sun at Casa Aramara in Mexico. With her slender figure and toned abs, she effortlessly rocked a dark teal green bikini while walking along the sandy beach. The bikini featured a chic bandeau top and skimpy bottoms, along with trendy cage-style panels across her cleavage and strappy details on the high-cut sides. After a jet-ski ride, Kendall flaunted her flat stomach, exuding natural elegance as one of the world’s top supermodels.

Accessorising: After emerging from the sea after a bout of jet-skiing, the stunner covered up in a straw sunhat

Safety first: She had made sure to stay safe while in the sea, donning a blue life jacket

The 19-year-old looked stunning as she showed off her supermodel physique in a cute bandeau bikini set in a flattering dark teal green color during her day at a beautiful resort. She added a straw beach hat to complete her laid-back vacation style, with her long black hair tied back in a charming braid. Kendall, who is enjoying a luxurious beach getaway in Mexico for her little sister Kylie’s 18th birthday, emerged from the ocean after an exciting jet-ski ride where she effortlessly rode the waves, showcasing her adventurous side. Accompanied by a friend, Kendall confidently maneuvered the jet-ski across the water’s surface, displaying her skill and grace on the small watercraft. Surrounded by her best friend Hailey Baldwin and other friends, Kendall looked effortlessly cool as she zipped across the water with flair on the speedy jet-ski.

Scorching: She certainly proved her model prowess with her lithe frame on show on the sands

Blistering: She definitely demonstrated her modeling skills with her slender figure on display in the sand.

Wearing a trendy cropped top that exposed her midsection and shoulders, Kendall soaked up the sun with her friends at the beach. Despite enjoying some sports activities, she made sure to take a break and relax under the afternoon sun. Kendall, standing tall at 5ft 9in, lounged on a sunbed in a cute yellow peasant-style top, covering up her upper body while still letting her skin soak in the sunlight.

Hop on board: Showing off her sporty side, the Keeping Up WithThe Kardashians star got on a jet-ski to take a spin across the waves

Come along for the ride: Demonstrating her adventurous spirit, the reality TV star from Keeping Up With The Kardashians hopped on a jet-ski to cruise through the ocean waves.

Speedy: She showed off her prowess on the small sea-faring contraption, scooting across the sea with ease

Quickly: She effortlessly displayed her skills on the compact watercraft, gliding smoothly across the ocean.

She's got the moves! Clearly pretty skilled in the art of navigating her way on a jet-ski, Kendall almost looked like a pro

She’s a natural on the water! Kendall’s expertise in maneuvering a jet-ski was impressive, giving her the appearance of a seasoned professional.

Slender: The star displayed her enviably trim, toned thighs as she straddled the yellow and white water craft

Slender: The celebrity flaunted her sleek and well-defined thighs while sitting on the yellow and white boat.

Wheeee! Joined by a pal riding pillion, Kendall almost managed to take off as she steered the jet-ski across the water near to the beach

Yay! Kendall had a blast riding a jet-ski with her friend as they zoomed across the water near the beach. After the exciting adventure, Kendall strolled back to the beach, showing off her slim supermodel figure as she waded through the water. The girls later relaxed in the resort’s pool, joined by a male friend, creating a perfect holiday moment as they chatted and floated in the pool, taking it easy without the need for a strenuous swim. Kendall enjoyed her time at Joe Francis’ private estate without her sister Kylie, suggesting she was celebrating her birthday in another location. Hailey also savored the laid-back vacation with her reality TV pals in the stunning surroundings. Hailey, the 18-year-old daughter of Stephen Baldwin, flaunted her gorgeous figure in a black bikini as she walked into the shallow water on the beach with singer Pia Mia.

Smooth ride: Taking control with her friend holding on, Kendall looked super-excited as she showed off her daredevil streak

Effortlessly cruising along, Kendall displayed her adventurous side as she took the wheel with her friend by her side, exuding pure excitement.

Rear view: Her teeny-tiny bikini bottoms managed to stay put for the duration of her active ride out on the sea, as she later hopped off the jet-ski and flaunted her pert derriere

From behind, her tiny bikini bottoms clung on tightly as she zoomed around on the jet-ski, and when she got off the ride, she proudly showed off her firm and perky backside.

And... chill: After her thrilling half hour, Kendall took some time out while at the picturesque resort, laying down on one of the sunloungers along with her companion

Relaxing vibes: Following an exhilarating half-hour, Kendall decided to unwind at the beautiful resort by lounging on a sun lounger with her friend. Embracing a laid-back style, she accessorized her holiday outfit with a cute yellow peasant-style crop top, flaunting her toned body as she strolled around the resort.

Tanning all over: Kendall - who is out in Mexico for her little sister Kylie Jenner's extended 18th birthday celebrations - made sure her figure was well and truly bronzed

Kendall, who is currently in Mexico to celebrate her younger sister Kylie Jenner’s extended 18th birthday, ensured she had a perfectly bronzed figure after spending time tanning all over.

Stretch: The supermodel and reality TV star also appeared to be pulling out some yoga moves

Flex: The supermodel and reality TV star seemed to be effortlessly showcasing some yoga poses as well.

Girlie chat: Kendall moved over to one of the loungers near to the pool for a while, chatting to her friends taking a dip

Girls were gossiping as Kendall strolled her way to a lounger next to the pool, catching up with her friends who were enjoying a swim.

Stunning scenes: She didn't stay on dry land for too long, as Kendall clearly felt the pull of the swimming pool

Breathtaking views: Kendall didn’t waste any time getting into the pool, clearly drawn to the water’s edge. She kept cool by tying up her long hair in a stylish bun on top of her head. Pia Mia, a stunning peroxide blonde, also looked fantastic in a detailed blue and white lace swimsuit at the beautiful beachside location. Kendall and Hailey joined Kylie in Mexico to celebrate her recent birthday. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister took a private jet on Monday after turning 18 on Sunday. Even though they are a close family, older sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian, as well as their parents Kris and Caitlyn, did not attend the celebration.

Grinning: Kendall looked in great spirits as she sat on a floating lilo while having a laugh with her friends and sipping a drink

With a wide smile on her face, Kendall appeared to be in high spirits as she lounged on a floating lilo, enjoying some quality time with her friends, and savoring her drink.

Slick: Her raven tresses were removed from the plait she had worn earlier on, letting them get wet and hang loose down her back

Smooth: She released her dark hair from the braid it was in earlier, allowing it to become damp and fall freely down her back.

Cooling off: The beautiful star and her friends looked to be having a whale of a time, as they were also joined by a male pal

Chilling out: The gorgeous celebrity and her buddies seemed to be enjoying themselves to the max, as they were accompanied by a guy friend as well.

What's going on: The gaggle of pals seemed distracted by something while in the water

What’s happening: The group of friends appeared to be preoccupied with something while swimming in the lake.

Cheeky: Kendall flashed her enviable pert backside as she went inside her accomodation to get away from the sun

Playful: Kendall showed off her stunning perky rear as she entered her luxurious retreat to escape the sun. The owner of the resort, Joe Francis, was also notably absent during the group’s laid-back afternoon. Renowned for hosting the Kardashian family, the 42-year-old filmmaker and entrepreneur welcomes Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe to his Casa Aramara property. The lavish 5-star Punta Mita accommodations feature 12 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, gourmet chefs, a movie theater, a fitness center, two pools, and a private beach. Recently renovated, Casa Aramara is surrounded by acres of tropical gardens, providing a tranquil and secluded oasis.

Bombshells: Meanwhile, Kendall's pals Pia Mia stepped out into the sea to cool off under the baking Mexican sun

Bombshell update: While Kendall was busy, her friend Pia Mia decided to take a refreshing dip in the sea to escape the scorching Mexican heat.

Bikini beauties: They each looked striking in their swimwear, Pia Mia in a lovely little blue and white number, and Hailey in black

Stunning in swimwear: Pia Mia rocked a cute blue and white bikini while Hailey looked fabulous in black by the pool. The girls are currently celebrating Kylie’s 18th birthday at Joe Francis’ amazing Casa Aramara resort, joining Kendall for the fun. Speaking of Kylie, she has been flaunting her fantastic figure in a high-cut hot pink swimsuit at the luxurious retreat. She proudly shared on Instagram that the outfit was actually a vintage piece once worn by her mom Kris back in the 80s, showing off their close bond and love for sharing fashion treasures. Not only is Kylie enjoying the sun-soaked vacation with her family, but also her boyfriend Tyga, who has been by her side as they explore the beautiful surroundings, from the beach to the yacht.

Sun-worshippers: Hailey spent time helping out her friend, applying sun lotion to every inch of her body

Sun-loving pals: Hailey dedicated some time to assisting her friend by generously applying sunscreen to protect her skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Keeping in touch: Pia Mia rested on a sunlounger as she looked intently at her phone, no doubt making sure to stay in contact with other friends who weren't so lucky to get to go to Mexico.

Staying connected: Pia Mia lounged on a sunlounger while attentively checking her phone, likely ensuring she kept in touch with friends who couldn’t join her in Mexico.

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