Kendall Jenner’s Casual Stroll with Luka Sabbat: A Shift from Red Carpet Glamour

Over the past few days, she has been making appearances at numerous prestigious fashion gatherings, including the renowned Met Gala.
However, Kendall Jenner returned to her laid-back style as she strolled through the streets of New York City with her friend Luka Sabbat on Wednesday.
The 22-year-old supermodel traded in her glamorous attire for a pair of frayed denim shorts that accentuated her long and elegant legs.

She's got good jeans! Kendall Jenner was back to her casual wear as she stepped out in NYC with pal Luka Sabbat on Wednesday, days after the glamorous Met Gala 

Kendall Jenner was spotted in New York City alongside her friend Luka Sabbat, donning a casual yet stylish outfit. After the glitz and glamour of the recent Met Gala, Kendall opted for a more laid-back ensemble, showing off her great sense of style. Comfortable in her worn-out sneakers and a loose white T-shirt, she exuded ease as she took a leisurely stroll. With her trademark jet black hair worn straight and minimal makeup, Kendall showcased her natural beauty and flawless complexion. Luka, on the other hand, showcased his own fashion sense by donning bold orange trousers and a matching sweatshirt draped effortlessly over his shoulders. Enjoying the sunny weather, Kendall seemed at peace and relaxed, taking some time to unwind after a hectic few days of attending red carpet events.

Comfort first! Kendall looked as comfortable as can be as she enjoyed a stroll in her worn sneakers and flowing white T-shirt

Legs get going! Jenner put her fabulous legs on display in her clinging jean shorts

Putting comfort before anything else, Kendall appeared completely at ease as she casually walked in her well-worn sneakers and a loose-fitting white T-shirt.

Orange crush! Jenner's pal Luka looked stylish in his bold orange sweatshirt and trousers

Orange explosion! Luka, Jenner’s delightful companion, rocked a trendy ensemble consisting of a vibrant orange sweatshirt and matching trousers.

Sensible shoes! The catwalk queen ditched the heels for a pair of cosy white sneakers

Shady lady! Kendall protected her vision behind a pair of small sunglasses

Comfortable footwear! The runway diva opted for cozy white sneakers instead of high heels. She attended the event to show her solidarity for her older sister Kim Kardashian, who graced the cover of Business of Fashion magazine. Kendall looked stunning at the Met Gala, wearing an off-the-shoulder white dress paired with flowing trousers. Her hair was elegantly styled into a low ponytail, and she added some allure to her heavenly outfit with smoky eye makeup.

Oh la la! Jenner's bottoms clung to her fantastic physique

Take five! Enjoying a day out in the sunshine, Kendall looked relaxed and content as she recharged following a busy few days of red carpet events

Oh, how mesmerizing! Jenner’s bottoms perfectly hugged her incredible figure.

Busy! She showed her support for big sister Kim Kardashian's Business Of Fashion magazine cover reveal on Tuesday night in a sophisticated white suit

Busy! On Tuesday night, she made sure to express her love and support for her older sister Kim Kardashian, who had just unveiled her stunning Business Of Fashion magazine cover. The fashion-forward lady sported a chic and classy white suit, exuding an air of elegance and sophistication.

The following morning, the stunning model remained a captivating presence, despite feeling the effects of a previous night of indulgence. Delighting her followers, the reigning queen of the runway shared a photograph of herself savoring a breakfast feast on her hotel balcony, all while adorned in a luxurious crimson gown. With a touch of humor, she accompanied the picture with the caption, ‘Feeling delightfully hungover.’

Pick me up: Though 'hungover', the star posted a photo of herself looking incredible in an opulent red gown as she enjoyed breakfast on her hotel balcony

Choose me: Despite feeling the effects of a hangover, the celebrity shared a picture of herself in a stunning red dress, looking absolutely fabulous, while indulging in breakfast on her spacious hotel balcony.

Divine! On the night of Met Gala, Kendall dazzled in an off-the-shoulder white number with flowing trousers

Absolutely amazing! At the Met Gala evening, Kendall astounded everyone with her stunning off-the-shoulder ensemble, featuring flowing trousers, in a mesmerizing shade of white.

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