Kendall Jenner’s Dazzling Calvin Klein Campaign: A Captivating Display in White Underwear

In a scorching Calvin Klein campaign, Kendall Jenner took center stage, flaunting her flawless physique in a variety of provocative lingerie pieces. The 27-year-old supermodel exuded confidence as she went topless, donning a white ensemble from the renowned fashion label’s spring 2023 collection. Skillfully concealing her chest with her hands, Kendall’s luscious brunette locks cascaded effortlessly over her shoulders in loose waves. Embracing her natural beauty, the star opted for a minimal makeup look that accentuated her features, allowing the focus to remain on the dazzling new lingerie collection. Joining Kendall in this captivating campaign, revealed on Wednesday, were esteemed personalities such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson, FKA twigs, Michael B Jordan, and Blackpink’s Jennie.

Topless: Kendall Jenner stripped down as she posed up a storm in an array of skimpy underwear while leading the stars in a sizzling Calvin Klein campaign

Kendall Jenner bared it all in a captivating Calvin Klein campaign, confidently showcasing an assortment of revealing lingerie alongside other prominent celebrities.

Stunning: The supermodel, 27, showed off her enviable figure in white underwear from the fashion label for its spring 2023 campaign

Breathtaking: The 27-year-old supermodel flaunted her awe-inspiring physique while donning exquisite white lingerie by the renowned fashion brand, capturing attention for its spring 2023 promotional campaign.

Eye-popping: She covered up her chest with her hands as she went topless in a pair of straight leg jeans for one picture

Captivating: She discreetly hid her chest by using her hands while confidently posing topless in a pair of straight-legged jeans for a photograph. In a breathtaking monochromatic image captured by the acclaimed photography duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, Kendall revealed a glimpse of underboob as she wore a white crop top. Throughout the shoot, she showcased her alluring side by donning a revealing black bra and matching underwear, complemented by dark jeans and a stylishly layered denim jacket. Additionally, Aaron, aged 32, flaunted his well-defined abs as he confidently posed in white boxer shorts without a shirt. With his chin-length hair styled in a slicked-back manner, he gave the camera an enchanting gaze. In one photo, he nonchalantly draped a denim jacket over his shoulders, revealing his shirtless physique, while another picture portrayed him in a fitted white t-shirt and jeans. Meanwhile, Michael displayed his muscular physique as he portrayed a series of seductive poses in black Calvin Klein boxer shorts. The 36-year-old Black Panther actor bared his torso for multiple shots and even discarded a white vest top in favor of a more provocative look.

Gorgeous: Kendall flaunted her natural beauty with a very minimal make-up palette as she sported an array of lingerie to show off the new collection

Stunning: Kendall confidently showcased her inherent charm, embracing a subtle makeup look, while donning a mesmerizing selection of lingerie to unveil the latest collection.

Glam: She styled her brunette locks loosely across her shoulders in loose waves and sported a pair of heeled boot for one shot

Glamorous: In one snapshot, she effortlessly arranged her brown tresses in gentle waves that cascaded down her shoulders. To complete the look, she confidently rocked a chic pair of high-heeled boots.

Eye-popping: She also sported a plunging black bra and matching underwear as she struck a series of sexy poses for the shoot

Strikingly bold: Additionally, she flaunted a low-cut ebony bra and coordinating undergarments while captivatingly posing for the photoshoot.

Chic: The Kardashians star also layered a denim jacket over the top of her lingerie as she cut a very stylish figure

Chic: To add an extra touch of style, the famous Kardashian celebrity opted for a layered look, draping a trendy denim jacket on top of her gorgeous lingerie ensemble.

Sizzling: Kendall struck a sultry pose in black lace lingerie for one stunning photograph

Kendall mesmerizes with her seductive charm as she confidently showcases her allure in a captivating snapshot donning exquisite black lace lingerie.

Stylish: The Kardashians star also teamed her lingerie with a pair of dark jeans as she showed off the new collection

Fashionable: The Kardashian celebrity also paired her intimate apparel with a set of black denim trousers while displaying the latest assortment.

Good look: Kendall also gave a flash of her washboard abs as she went topless beneath a cropped denim jacket

Kendall proudly flaunted her well-defined abs by going topless under a cropped denim jacket. Singer FKA also joined in the campaign, showcasing her amazing physique in a black bralet paired with jeans for one captivating photo. In another shot, she wore a revealing black bra, and in another, she opted for an oversized shirt to exude allure. FKA enhanced her striking features with a dewy makeup look and completed her style with various earrings. South Korean singer Jennie, aged 27, was the final star to grace the remarkable campaign, stunning in a range of white athletic underwear sets. One photo captured her in a seductive pose, donning a black lace bra with her fringe loosely styled in natural waves. Jennie accentuated her beauty with a sleek eyeliner, confidently posing for the sensational images. Moreover, she effortlessly displayed her fashion sense by pairing a white crop top, straight leg jeans, and a denim jacket to showcase more pieces from the collection. The brand-new collection aims to capture the essence of each star, reflecting their genuine character and unshakeable confidence. FKA epitomizes artistry, while Michael showcases unwavering confidence and the relentless passion that propels him to excel in his craft.

Shirtless: Also starring in the campaign, which was unveiled on Wednesday, were the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson (pictured), FKA twigs, Michael B Jordan and Blackpink's Jennie

Bare-chested: Joining the recently revealed campaign lineup on Wednesday were renowned figures such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson (shown in an image), FKA twigs, Michael B Jordan, and Jennie from Blackpink.

Physique: Elsewhere in the campaign, Aaron, 32, showed off his toned abs as he posed shirtless in a pair of white boxer shorts

Appearance: In another part of the campaign, Aaron, who is 32 years old, proudly displayed his well-defined abdominal muscles while striking a pose without wearing a shirt, sporting nothing but a pair of white boxer shorts.

Style: The Bullet Train star gave the camera a sultry stare while he styled his chin-length tresses in a slicked-back style

With an air of allure, the superstar of The Bullet Train cast directed a seductive gaze towards the camera as he effortlessly arranged his medium-length locks in a sleek, pulled-back manner.

Sultry stare: In one shot, he slung a denim jacket across his shoulders and went shirtless underneath

With one captivating gaze, he effortlessly draped a denim jacket over his shoulders, embracing his bare-chested appeal.

Abs: Elsewhere, Michael showed off his very muscular frame as he struck a series of sexy posed in black Calvin Klein boxer shorts

In another location, Michael confidently displayed his impressively built physique as he confidently posed in sleek black boxer shorts from Calvin Klein, exuding undeniable sex appeal.

Frame: The Black Panther star, 36, went shirtless for an array of shots, including one where he lounged on the floor

The renowned actor from Black Panther, aged 36, proudly displayed his well-toned physique as he posed shirtless in a series of photographs. In one particular image, he can be seen comfortably lounging on the floor, exuding sheer confidence.

Stare: He gave the camera a fierce stare as he posed in a pair of boxer shorts for another shot

Gaze: With an intense look, he locked eyes with the camera while confidently posing in his boxer shorts for one more photograph.

Muscles: Michael showed off his ripped physique as he tore a white vest top off

Muscular Body: Michael flaunted his well-defined physique, ripping apart a white tank top to reveal his sculpted muscles.

Stunning: Singer FKA also featured in the campaign, showing off her incredible figure in a black bralet and a pair of jeans for one shot

Incredible: The campaign also included a breathtaking appearance by FKA, the renowned singer, as she flaunted her mesmerizing physique in a chic black bralet and stylish denim jeans for one captivating photograph.

Gorgeous: She also sported an oversized shirt in one sultry snap

Stunning: In one alluring photo, she effortlessly rocked an oversized shirt.

Playful poses: FKA also sported a black bra with double straps for one black-and-white photograph

Fun poses: FKA also rocked a black bra featuring dual straps in one captivating black-and-white snapshot.

Glowing: FKA accentuated her striking features with a dewy make-up palette and accessorised with an array of earrings

Shining: FKA highlighted her remarkable characteristics with a fresh and luminous selection of makeup and enhanced her look with a variety of beautiful earrings.

Fashionista: The singer wore a white denim jacket as she lounged with her arm resting on a table

Fashion enthusiast: The vocalist opted for a white denim jacket while relaxing with her arm casually propped on a table. This comes in the wake of Kendall’s presence at the star-studded Vanity Fair post-Oscars celebration last Sunday. She exuded effortless glamour wearing a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier gown in gold and black that revealed a plunging neckline. Accompanied by her sister Kylie Jenner, as well as friends Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Anastasia Karanikolaou, Kendall enjoyed the A-list event. Inside the venue, Kendall and Gigi appeared to be having a great time, playfully posing for the cameras and even sharing a teasing kiss. Adding fuel to the romance rumors, Kendall and Bad Bunny were recently seen engaging in some serious PDA after a group dinner with Kylie Jenner and other friends in West Hollywood. Seen leaving Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscars afterparty together at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, the 818 Tequila entrepreneur and the Grammy-winning rapper raised eyebrows. Speculations about their relationship had been swirling ever since an item on the DeuxMoi gossip blog claimed they were spotted making out at a club in Los Angeles in mid-February. According to a source, Kendall and the popular musician were introduced by mutual friends a few weeks before their public display of affection.

Pout: The last star to feature in the striking campaign was South Korean singer Jennie, 27, who looked incredible as she posed in an array of sporty white underwear sets

Pucker: The final celebrity to take part in the impressive advertisement was Jennie, a talented 27-year-old South Korean artist. She absolutely stunned in a variety of fashionable white athletic lingerie ensembles while striking various poses.

Chic: She also gave a flash of her inccredible figure in a Calvin Klein ribbed skirt and a white crop top

Fashionable: In addition, she flaunted her amazing physique in a ribbed skirt by Calvin Klein, paired with a stylish white crop top.

Beauty: She also struck a sultry pose as she sported a black lace bra in one shot, while she styled her fringed locks loosely in natural waves

Beauty: In addition, she struck a seductive stance while wearing a black lace bra in a photograph. Her fringed hair was casually styled into soft, natural waves.

Incredible: Jennie accentuated her stunning features with a slick of eyeliner as she posed up a storm for the sensational shots

Amazing: Jennie highlighted her gorgeous features by applying a touch of eyeliner while confidently striking poses for the breathtaking photographs.

Posing: She also looked effortlessly stylish in a white crop top, straight leg jeans and a denim jacket as she showed off more items from the collection

Outfit: She effortlessly exuded a stylish aura, donning a chic white crop top, paired with straight leg jeans and topped off with a denim jacket, while proudly showcasing additional pieces from the collection.

Cute: Jennie also posed with an adorable kitten in one photograph for the campaign

Adorable: Jennie also charmingly featured alongside a cute cuddly kitten in a delightful snapshot as part of the campaign.

Collection: The brand new collection is rooted in 'unadulterated confidence' and aims to channel the true character of each of the stars, according to a description

New Arrival: The latest collection is firmly grounded in ‘unfiltered self-assurance’ and strives to encapsulate the authentic essence of every celebrity, as elucidated in an accompanying description.

Wow! The campaign comes after Kendall made a very glamorous appearance at the star-studded Vanity Fair post-Oscars bash on Sunday

Amazing! This initiative follows Kendall’s stunning presence at the extravagant Vanity Fair party held after the Oscars on Sunday.

Smooch: Inside the venue, Kendall and Gigi Hadid palled around and appeared to be having a blast working their angles for the cameras, while they also shared a cheeky kiss

Smooch: Within the premises, Kendall and Gigi Hadid enjoyed each other’s company and seemed to be having a great time posing for the photographers, even sneakily exchanging a playful peck.

New beau? It comes after Kendall continued to fuel romance rumors with Bad Bunny (pictured in 2022), 29, after they were spotted leaving an Oscars afterparty in the same car on Sunday

Is there a new love interest for Kendall? Speculation about her romantic connection with Bad Bunny has grown after they were seen leaving an Oscars afterparty together. According to a second source, Kendall has recently started spending time with the musician, who was introduced to her by mutual friends. He recently moved to Los Angeles and purchased a new house. This relationship seems different from Kendall’s previous ones, as he is quite charming and she is enjoying herself. Despite the growing interest in their relationship, both Kendall and Bad Bunny have chosen not to address it publicly. Kendall’s last known relationship was with NBA star Devin Booker, with whom she had an on-and-off relationship for about two years.

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