Kendall Jenner’s Stunning Appearance in Scarlet Lingerie and Exquisite Accessories at the Paris Runway

Just a year ago, she made quite a splash with her first appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City. And now, 21-year-old Kendall Jenner is proving once again that she knows how to grab attention, as she strutted her stuff at the Grand Palais in Paris for her second show. The stunning brunette wowed the audience as she showed off her enviable figure in a daring red lingerie ensemble. Paired with thigh-high suede boots and vibrant feathered wings, it was a show-stopping look.

Lady in red: Kendall Jenner graced the runway for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Paris' Grand Palais on Wednesday

Kendall Jenner made a stunning appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held at Paris’ Grand Palais. The California girl stole the spotlight as she showcased her slender figure, accompanied by a group of fellow models. Kendall accessorized her look with striking jade chandelier earrings and a bold red statement necklace, adding to her allure. As the show progressed, Kendall wowed the audience with her second outfit, a captivating black-and-white ensemble. The outfit included a corset-style bustier, complete with chiffon arms and a high button-up neckline that accentuated her exposed cleavage. To complete the look, Kendall flaunted strappy black heels that were adorned with single feathers on each side.

Wings: Despite it being just her second year in the show, Kendall wore an elaborate set of wings, usually set aside for veterans

Thrilled: She beamed at the audience as she made her way down the runway

Wings: Even though Kendall was only in her second year of the show, she confidently donned a stunning pair of wings typically reserved for seasoned veterans.

Burst of colour: The svelte beauty proved to be a colourful addition to the show as she stepped out in her stunning lingerie

Vibrant explosion: The graceful stunner added a pop of color to the event when she walked out in her breath-taking lingerie. These boots were just irresistible for onlookers, Kendall’s eye-catching thigh-high red suede boots with unique patterns.

Jovial: She appeared to be in decidedly jovial spirits as she soaked up the celebratory atmosphere at the high profile event

Happy: It seemed like she was in a genuinely happy mood as she enjoyed the festive ambiance at the prestigious gathering.
Playful: Kendall’s entire lacy bra showcased a little peek-a-boo section beneath her chest, adding an extra daring touch to her attire.

Practise makes perfect: The star revealed ahead of the show that she and her fellow models had been exchanging tips

Practice is key to perfection, and this philosophy was shared by a star before the show. She revealed that she and her fellow models had been exchanging tips to prepare for the upcoming event. Taking on the role of a mentor, Kendall offered a word of advice to any models walking for the first time in the show – she suggested they smile, as it adds a cute touch to their performance.

Adding her personal touch to the outfit, Kendall donned a barely-there ensemble that was accessorized with a pair of modest black wings. Emphasizing her stunning features, she wore her sleek black hair straight, parted in the center, giving her a sophisticated appearance as she gracefully took to the runway.

Marking its 21st year, the Victoria’s Secret catwalk took place in Paris, expanding its reach after initially launching in New York in 1995. Each year, the show gains more prominence and attracts high-profile names in the industry. One of the highlights of the event is the modeling of the “Fantasy Bra,” a specially crafted brassiere created by a renowned jeweler. This exquisite item is often considered the “ultimate holiday gift.”

Head-turner: The 21-year-old California native later stepped out in an equally head-turning black-and-white number

Eye-catching: The young woman, hailing from California and age 21, subsequently emerged in an equally attention-grabbing outfit consisting of black and white.
Striking a pose: Kendall confidently strutted down the catwalk wearing towering black sandals adorned with matching feathers.

Bold accessories: Brunette beauty Kendall accessorized with a set of silver knuckle dusters on each of her hands

Stylish Accessories: The gorgeous Kendall added a touch of flair to her outfit by sporting a pair of shiny silver knuckle dusters on both hands.
Share Exciting Moments: Since arriving in the enchanting City of Light, Kendall has been keeping her followers in the loop by sharing all the glamorous moments of her journey.

Going gaga for Gaga: As Kendall made her way down the runway, Lady Gaga performed in a dazzling black catsuit

Getting excited over Gaga: While Kendall strutted her stuff on the catwalk, the ever-talented Lady Gaga mesmerized the audience with a stunning black catsuit.

Lip service: She showed off the stylish train on her corset as she turned to blow a kiss to lucky members of the audience

Oops! The star flashed a peep of her derrière as she waved the audience farewell

Playing the diva, she proudly flaunted the fashionable train adorning her corset while gracefully blowing a kiss to the fortunate spectators in the crowd.

Professional to the end: She remained in model mode as she did her final walk with all of her fellow Victoria's Secret models

Maintaining her professional demeanor until the very end, she gracefully strutted the runway alongside her comrades, delivering her final walk as a Victoria’s Secret model.

Friendship never ends: At the end of the show, Kendall was joined by her close pal Gigi Hadid, who wowed in her own outfit

Sticking together: The model pals both became Victoria's Secret models last year

Friendship knows no bounds: As the show came to a close, Kendall was accompanied by her dear friend Gigi Hadid, who looked stunning in her unique ensemble.

Bevy of beauties: Kendall and all of her fellow models celebrated as the highly anticipated show came to a grand end

Gathering of gorgeous gals: Kendall and her fellow models reveled in pure joy as the much-awaited show concluded with grandeur.

Just another day at the office! After walking the runway, an elated Kendall posed for a series of playful shots backstage

Balancing act: She showed off her agility as she posed while standing on one leg

Just another typical day in the office! Kendall, filled with joy and excitement, struck a pose backstage, capturing a series of lighthearted shots after her amazing runway walk.

What a jewel! She gave backstage photographers a closer look at her elaborate chandelier earrings and statement necklace

What an absolute gem! With grace, she allowed the photographers behind the scenes to capture a more intimate view of her exquisitely crafted dangling earrings resembling a chandelier, and a bold and stunning necklace that undoubtedly made a statement.

Loving the look: The model and reality TV star struck a few more poses before changing out of her eye-catching ensembles

Increase the peace: She also flashed a double peace sign as she puckered up for the cameras

Admiring the appearance: With her charm and fame from reality TV, the model took the opportunity to strike a few additional poses before switching her attention-grabbing outfits.

We're so fancy! Kendall was snapped catching up with Joan Smalls, who looked stunning in her patterned ensemble

We’re feeling pretty posh! Kendall was spotted catching up with the incredible Joan Smalls, who looked absolutely stunning in her beautifully patterned outfit.
This year, the fabulous Californian model Jasmine Tookes is set to wow everyone with a jaw-dropping emerald and diamond bra worth a staggering $2.4 million. This dazzling piece of lingerie weighs an impressive 450 carats.
Kendall, a member of the esteemed ‘Instagram’ clique of supermodels, was recently seen sporting a fresh-faced look as she went au naturel during backstage preparations for the show. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was getting ready for her second year on the runway and appeared to be having a blast, giggling and laughing throughout her pampering session.
As her sleek black hair was being styled with a wand, it was evident that she would be getting her makeup done later, but for now, she chose to embrace her natural beauty.

Demure: Following the show, Kendall slipped into an understated ivory dress, which she teamed with bejewelled heels

Modest: After the fashion event, Kendall changed into a subtle ivory gown, pairing it with embellished high heels.

Pre-show: Moments before the show, she displayed her incredible figure as she practised her moves on the empty stage

Before the performance began, she effortlessly flaunted her enviable physique while rehearsing her elegant dance routine on the deserted stage.

Raven haired beauty: Earlier in the day, Kendall was photographed getting ready for the big show backstage

Stunning with her dark tresses: Kendall was captured on camera as she prepared behind the scenes for the grand event earlier in the day.

Weighing in: Kendall was having animated chats with the admiring staff surrounding her 

Joining the conversation: Kendall was engaged in lively discussions with the admiring team members surrounding her.

Having a giggle: Joining the backstage beauties was fellow member of the 'Instagram' supermodels, Kendall Jenner, who looked fresh-faced as she went make-up free

Enjoying a good laugh: Kendall Jenner, a member of the renowned clique of ‘Instagram’ supermodels, joined the group of behind-the-scenes beauties with a radiant, au natural look, opting for a makeup-free appearance.

With a youthful glow, the stunning star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was all set for her second year on the catwalk. Enjoying every moment, she couldn’t help but laugh and giggle during her delightful pampering session.

Mirror image: Bella and Kendall were facing one another during their preening session 

Reflection: Bella and Kendall were positioned in front of each other, engaged in a leisurely session of grooming.

At the peak of the world: Kendall appeared ecstatic as she prepared for the show for the second consecutive year.

That's how you do it! It seems the kiss blow was the key to the looks of the evening 

That’s the trick! It appears that blowing a kiss was the secret to the fabulous appearance of the night.

Effortlessly stunning: Whether adorned in cosmetics or embracing her natural look, Kendall effortlessly showcased her inherent beauty.

During a backstage interview before her second appearance on the Victoria’s Secret runway, Kendall Jenner openly discussed the camaraderie among the models. She mentioned that they have been exchanging tips and advice, which she found helpful. Observing the girls during rehearsals allowed them to suggest improvements and modifications to each other’s walks and facial expressions.

In addition, Kendall shared a simple but effective tip for newcomers to the Victoria’s Secret show. She advised them to smile, as it adds to their charm on the runway. Kendall believes that smiling can alleviate nervousness, especially during a model’s first appearance. Ultimately, she encouraged all models to have fun while showcasing the brand’s collection.

For viewers in the UK, the Victoria’s Secret show will be broadcasted exclusively on 4Music on Monday 12th December at 8pm.

Some guidance? It seems Kendall had a say in her beauty look as she expressively showed her stylish what she was interested in doing

Looking for some advice? It appears that Kendall had a say in her beauty look, as she vividly conveyed her interests to her stylist.

Fluffing it up: Kendall seemed focused on her hair rather than her make-up


Adding some extra volume: Kendall appeared to be more interested in styling her hair than applying her make-up.

Bored? A glance at the work going into the models' beauty looks made it understandable that Kendall may become a little bored 

Need some entertainment? Observing the effort being put into perfecting the models’ beauty looks, it became clear why Kendall could easily grow weary.

Give me a moment! Kendall seemed to enjoy a diva moment as she raised a finger to photographers 

Just hold on! Kendall appeared to be reveling in a glamorous moment as she playfully extended a finger towards the photographers.
Sending love! Kendall was striking various poses, determined to secure the photographers’ attention for that impeccable shot.

The whole squad! The girls all sported matching ensembles comprising of white jeans, slogan vests and high heeled boots

The entire team! All the ladies rocked coordinating outfits featuring white denim trousers, tank tops with catchy phrases, and stylish high-heeled boots.

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