Kendall Jenner’s Stunning Beach Date: Supermodel Dazzles in a Chic Bikini alongside Her New Flame, Basketball Pro Devin Booker

During Devin Booker’s recent trip to Los Angeles, there seems to be a budding romance between him and Kendall Jenner. The alleged couple gave strong hints about their relationship when they indulged in some public displays of affection during a beach outing in Malibu. In order to have some personal space, the 24-year-old supermodel and the 23-year-old Phoenix Suns player discreetly retreated behind a set of stairs, where they shared some intimate moments together.

It's on! Kendall Jenner all but confirmed her relationship with Devin Booker when the pair were seen enjoying some PDA during a Malibu beach trip on Tuesday

Visit: Devin was first seen in LA on Saturday, enjoying dinner at Nobu with the model

The romance rumors surrounding Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker seem to have been given some solid evidence as the couple was spotted engaging in some affectionate public display of affection during a delightful getaway to Malibu beach on a lovely Tuesday.

Privacy please! The couple snuck away for some privacy, seen getting a bit frisky behind some stairs

The couple sought some privacy and managed to find a secluded spot behind a set of stairs, where they engaged in some intimate moments. It was evident why Devin was captivated by the stunning model, who walked along the beach effortlessly, dressed in a small pink bikini and trendy illesteva sunglasses. Her fit abdomen and long legs were beautifully exposed by the revealing swimsuit, which sat high on her hips, displaying a significant amount of skin. Kendall maintained a sense of mystery with a baseball hat, complementing her ensemble with a timeless chain necklace and an anklet. Seeking a more personal connection, Kendall and Devin decided to separate from their group and find solace in the shade. As Kendall relaxed on the sand, her handsome companion displayed no hesitation in getting closer to her. They seemed completely at ease with each other, as Devin positioned himself above Kendall, appearing to kiss the gentle curve of her chest. Radiant in her pink attire, it was evident why Devin was infatuated with the effortlessly beautiful model from IMG.

Serving body: Her toned stomach and long legs were on full display in the skimpy bathing suit, which was tied high on her hips to show off maximum amounts of skin

Serving some serious body goals, she confidently flaunted her well-defined abs and gracefully elongated legs in a revealing swimsuit that hugged her figure. The high-waisted bottoms accentuated her curves, allowing her to showcase a generous amount of sun-kissed skin.

Meow: They simply couldn't keep their hands off of each other once they had a moment to themselves

Meow: It was impossible for them to resist each other’s touch whenever they found a moment alone.

Meow: They looked very comfortable with one another as Devin got on top of the oldest Jenner sister and appeared to kiss her cleavage

Up close and personal: As Kendall stretched out on the sand, her hunky male friend wasn't afraid to get close

Getting cozy: As Kendall sprawled on the beach, her attractive male companion had no qualms about getting intimate.

Hello there: Devin was the image of athletic health, showing his six-pack abs and muscular chest at the beach

Hey there! Meet Devin, the epitome of a fit and healthy individual, flaunting his toned abs and well-built chest on the beach. After enjoying some alone time, Devin joined his friends on the shore for a fun hangout session.

Now, let’s talk about Booker, another person who embodies athleticism and good health. Booker showcased his chiseled six-pack and muscular upper body while sporting stylish black shorts. He decided to make the most of his time by engaging in a friendly game of catch with a fellow basketball professional. As they tossed an orange tennis ball back and forth, Devin’s remarkable skills were on full display as he effortlessly leaped from the sand to catch the ball.

While Booker immersed himself in this playful activity, a stunning individual sat by, enjoying the beauty of the ocean alongside his adorable and handsome dog named Haven. Afterward, this person gracefully climbed up the staircase and made their way to the beachfront house that the Kardashian/Jenner family has rented for the summer.

Game on! The basketball pro and a pal decided to pass the time with a game of catch, seen passing an orange tennis ball back and forth

Jump for joy! He showed off his skills while leaping off the sand

Let the fun begin! The professional basketball player and his friend decided to entertain themselves by playing a game of toss. They could be spotted cheerfully throwing an orange tennis ball to each other.

Gimme all you got! Devin and Kendall's friend put his all into his throw

Hand over everything you’ve got! Devin and Kendall’s buddy exerted all of his effort in his powerful throw.

Dog days: The beauty sat and watched the ocean while with Devin's handsome dog Haven

Lazy summer days: With Devin’s dog Haven by her side, Kendall lazily lounged on the beach, gazing out at the endless expanse of the ocean.
On her way: While Devin went off to engage in a game of ball, Kendall made up her mind to make her way back to the comfort of the house.

Happy to have him: Devin arrived in California this weekend after being locked down at the NBA bubble at Disney World

Fun in the sun: The couple have been using the time to catch up

Delighted to have him: Devin has finally arrived in California after spending time in lockdown at the NBA bubble in Disney World. Kendall, his new love interest, was clearly thrilled to have him by her side. They wasted no time in exploring the city, beginning with a visit to the exclusive Nobu Malibu on Saturday. On Monday, the couple ran errands together, including a trip to a pet store in their idyllic coastal enclave.

Kendall and Devin first caught public attention in April, and their relationship has been a subject of speculation ever since. To add fuel to the fire, they were recently seen on a joint getaway to Sedona, Arizona, which only intensified the rumor mill.

While Kendall has had a fondness for basketball players in the past, having previously dated Ben Simmons of the 76ers and Blake Griffin of the Pistons, Devin’s dating history adds an interesting twist. Prior to Kendall, he was involved with Kylie Jenner’s former best friend, Jordyn Woods. Unfortunately, their relationship ended when Jordyn was expelled from the Kardashian/Jenner inner circle after a scandal involving a kiss with Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Tristan Thompson, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What a catch! Kendall and Devin were first spotted together in April and have been fueling gossip ever since

What an amazing discovery! Kendall and Devin were initially seen in each other’s company back in April, and ever since then, their presence has been the subject of much speculation and rumors.

Hoop dreams: Jenner's always shown a liking for basketball players - previously dating the 76ers' Ben Simmons and Pistons pro Blake Griffin

Private: Though she's been linked to people through the years, Kendall keeps very private about her relationships

Fascination with basketball: Jenner has consistently displayed an affinity for athletes involved in the sport, as evidenced by her past relationships with Ben Simmons of the 76ers and Blake Griffin of the Pistons.

Complicated: Devin previously dated her sister Kylie's ex bestie Jordyn Woods, who was booted from the Kardashian/Jenner inner circle after smooching Khloe Kardashian's babydaddy Tristan Thompson, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Complex: In the past, there was a romantic connection between Devin and Jordyn Woods, who used to be a close friend of Kylie, Devin’s sister. Unfortunately, Jordyn’s actions led to her being removed from the tight-knit group of the Kardashian/Jenner family. This happened when rumors circulated about her sharing a kiss with Tristan Thompson, who is both Khloe Kardashian’s former partner and a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

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