Looking Fabulous! Kendall Jenner Flaunts Stunning Figure in White Thong Bodysuit While Modeling the Latest Kendall + Kylie Collection

Kendall Jenner ensured that her backside stole the spotlight in her recent campaign, just like her sisters are famous for their renowned derrieres. The 21-year-old reality television personality captivated attention with her jawdropping appearance in images promoting her forthcoming Kendall + Kylie clothing line, which were unveiled on Wednesday. Video footage can be found below.

Wow factor: Kendall also put on quite the eye-popping display in other images modeling the range

Impressive Impact: Kendall Jenner truly made a stunning impression with her captivating appearance in the photos showcasing her upcoming Kendall + Kylie fashion collection, which were revealed on Wednesday.

Showing off: The model's pert posterior was on full display in a clinging white thong bodysuit as she posed in a field of daffodils

Being proud: The young model, who is just 21 years old, confidently showcased her well-shaped derriere in a tight-fitting white bodysuit, while striking a pose amidst a picturesque field of daffodils.

Scenic: The flowers set quite the scene as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star showed off her new product which retails for $65

Nature provided a beautiful backdrop as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians celebrity unveiled her latest creation, priced at $65. She confidently showcased her shapely behind in a form-fitting white thong bodysuit amidst a picturesque field of daffodils. In addition to this, she flaunted the provocative attire in a few other photos, unbuttoning a pair of jeans for added allure. Following suit, her sister Kylie Jenner drew attention with ample cleavage in a stylish little black dress.

Stunner: Not to be outdone her sister Kylie Jenner showed off plenty of cleavage in a low-cut LBD

Impressive: Kylie Jenner made sure she didn’t fall behind as she flaunted her ample cleavage in a stunning low-cut little black dress.

Cool girl: The 19-year-old switched into a much more casual look as she wore a long-sleeve and denim skirt 

Chill girl: In a shift from her previous style, the 19-year-old opted for a more laid-back outfit consisting of a long-sleeve top and denim skirt. Emphasizing her womanly curves, she confidently wore a body-hugging knit rib corset dress, complete with latex detailing around the waist. This fashion-forward piece, priced at $250, showcased her figure beautifully. These fresh photographs emerged just a day after we saw Kendall rocking a daring latex bustier dress, perfect for the bold and adventurous fashionistas out there. Retailing at $395, this sleek and eye-catching ensemble turned heads with its unique design. Posing on a classic vintage convertible, Jenner exuded a relaxed vibe as she effortlessly captivated the camera.

Hot mesh: Kendall continued to flaunt her model figure in a completely see-through top

Kendall confidently showcased her slender physique once again by confidently sporting a highly-transparent top.

Stunning: Last week they launched the second collection of their fashion range with accompanying promotional snaps including one of Kendall wearing the very same bodysuit

Absolutely breathtaking: Additionally, she absolutely slayed in her mesmerizing bodysuit adorned with a vibrant rainbow trim, paired flawlessly with a chic and trendy denim mini skirt.

Stunning: The KUWTK wore a oversized grommet tee featuring holes reinforced by metal

Incredible: The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star donned a spacious grommet top adorned with metal-reinforced holes.

In the swing of things: She posed while tying her hair back and sitting on a swinging chair

Getting into the groove: With a carefree spirit, she playfully gathered her locks and settled down on a delightful rocking seat.

Comfy: She switched into  denim hoodie and white leather slide sandals which cost $125

Cozy: She changed into a denim hooded jacket and slipped on a pair of white leather slide sandals, priced at $125.

Top of the crops: Kendall showed off her trim frame in this orange cropped top

Looking absolutely stunning, Kendall proudly flaunted her slender physique in a vibrant orange crop top. The necklace, a delicate gold piece, gracefully accentuated her chest as she lightly touched it. To maintain a youthful and trendy look, the Calabasas native effortlessly pulled off a stylish cap. Posing next to a classic vintage sedan, the reality show sensation exuded elegance with the flattering shade of orange that perfectly complemented her dress.

Haute look: Earlier in the week photos were released of Kendall modeling a Latex dress from Kendall + Kylie

Fashion alert: Recently, captivating snapshots emerged featuring Kendall showcasing a sensational Latex gown from the renowned fashion brand Kendall + Kylie.

A new look: A tank top and jeans were worn by Kylie

Kylie sported a fresh appearance with her choice of attire – a chic tank top paired with a comfortable pair of jeans.

Vogue: Kylie certainly looked hip

Vogue: Kylie definitely appeared stylish And the photoshoot did not take place in Los Angeles; instead, it seemed to be captured in a tropical destination with vibrant greenery. Considering their recent trip to Costa Rica, it’s possible that they chose that picturesque backdrop. Additionally, Kylie’s sister shared a video showcasing her in a form-fitting black dress that beautifully accentuated her desirable figure.

Sister: Sister Kylie also shared a video that showed herself in a black dress

Sibling: Sister Kylie kindly posted a delightful video displaying her fashionable self wearing a sleek black dress.

Cool customer: The number was skintight as it hugged her enviable curves

Chill customer: Her fabulous figure was accentuated by the form-fitting number.

More: The 19-year-old was on the same vintage orange car Kendall leaned on

Additionally, the young adult, who was 19 years of age, happened to be standing beside the retro orange vehicle that Kendall was casually leaning against.

The teenager was standing near the classic orange vehicle that Kendall casually rested against. The webpage provides details about the company established by the famous trendsetters and fashion experts, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, known as KENDALL + KYLIE, a renowned global lifestyle brand.

Bright: A shirt and the Latex dress are seen here from the collection

Bright: A shirt and the Latex dress are seen here from the collection

Check out these stylish pieces from the collection: a vibrant shirt and a stunning Latex dress.

The K girls love denim: Here is a pre-washed micro mini skirt from the line

The K ladies have a strong affection for denim: Introducing a pre-washed micro mini skirt from their collection.

NSFW: Also in the line is this shiny black bra that's supposed to be worn as a top

Caution: Along with the collection, there is also an alluring black bra designed to be worn as a fashionable top.

Accessories: These cell phone cases have phone numbers on them

Accessories: These cell phone cases have phone numbers on them

Phone Add-ons: These mobile phone covers are imprinted with contact numbers. ‘With an exclusive and incomparable image throughout the online world, Kendall and Kylie have established themselves as prominent figures and personalities of this era. ‘Their fashion line captures the spontaneous spirit of today’s youth fashion enthusiast: self-assured, stylish, up-to-date, and commanding. ‘In 2012, the Jenner sisters introduced a remarkably prosperous line of clothing for young individuals through Pacsun, resulting in multiple subsequent seasons and a dedicated and passionate fanbase.

Taking France by storm! Kendall with Bella Hadid at Cannes; they attended the Fashion for Relief gala dinner during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Aeroport Cannes Mandelieu

Causing a frenzy in France! Kendall and Bella Hadid make waves at Cannes; the dynamic duo graced the Fashion for Relief gala dinner, a highlight of the 70th edition of the renowned Cannes Film Festival, held at Aeroport Cannes Mandelieu.

Model claps: With Natalia Vodianova, Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Natasha Poly

Top models like Natalia Vodianova, Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, and Natasha Poly are applauded and revered in the modeling industry.

After a span of three years, the talented duo, Kendall and Kylie, joined forces with the renowned fashion brand Topshop to bring forth a remarkable assortment of collections infused with the vibrant essence of California. These captivating creations were exclusively made available at the well-established British retailer. Additionally, in the year 2016, they unveiled yet another sensational line. Meanwhile, Kendall has been enjoying her time in France alongside her sister Kourtney, indulging in refreshing activities. It was just yesterday that she was spotted warmly embracing the accomplished model, Naomi Campbell.

No one can say this look is boring: With a gown, pumps and short shorts

There’s no denying the excitement of this ensemble: Mixing together a glamorous gown, stylish pumps, and a pair of trendy short shorts.

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