Sizzling Video: Shakira’s Playful lip sync to Gerard Pique’s ‘Diss Track’ Sparks Dating Buzz with Lewis Hamilton

On Wednesday, Shakira delighted her fans by sharing a captivating video where she lip-synced to her intriguing ‘diss track’ directed at her former partner, Gerard Pique. The talented Colombian singer, who is 46 years old, certainly turned up the heat as she mouthed the lyrics to her song Copa Vacia. Many believe this catchy tune to be a subtle dig at the 36-year-old Spanish footballer, with whom Shakira ended her relationship last year.

Looking absolutely stunning, Shakira showcased her enviable physique in a black crop top paired with figure-hugging leggings, flaunting her perfectly toned abs. In the video, she exuded confidence as she seductively danced, enticingly moving for the camera while effortlessly syncing to the lyrics. Her mesmerizing performance garnered much attention, especially from her followers on Instagram, who were clearly appreciative of her sexy moves.

The song, a collaboration with Manuel Turizo, is titled ‘Empty Cup’ when translated from Spanish. The lyrics express the desire for more in a relationship that feels devoid of fulfillment, akin to drinking from an empty cup.

Hot stuff: Shakira was sure to set pulses racing on Wednesday as she posted a sizzling video of her mouthing the words to her 'diss track' about former partner Gerard Pique

Spicy content: Causing quite a stir, Shakira heated up the internet by sharing a steamy video in which she lip-syncs her fiery “diss track” directed at her ex-partner, Gerard Pique.

Wow: The Columbian singer, 46, turned up the heat as she lip-synced along to her song Copa Vacia, which is widely believed to be a swipe at the Spanish footballer, 36, of whom she split from last year

Impressive: The talented Colombian singer, aged 46, delivered a sizzling performance while lip-syncing to her song Copa Vacia. Many speculate that this particular track takes a jab at her ex-partner, a 36-year-old Spanish football player, with whom she ended her relationship last year.

The lyrics of the song capture the essence of their breakup: “Can you see it? The way it is. I can’t keep going like this. I don’t know what else to do. To get more from you.” It goes on to say, “You are always busy with so much business. It would be nice, my love, a little leisure. Relax here on the sofa and give me your attention. The phone rings, use your hand with me I know you’re hot, but I’m much hotter.”

Since their split in June 2022, Shakira has not shied away from referencing Gerard’s infidelity in her music. She discovered his betrayal through an empty jar of jam in her fridge. Previously, she released the scathing track Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53, which was filled with references to Gerard’s split and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

Shakira and Gerard, who have two sons together, ended their 11-year relationship last year, and since then, Gerard has faced accusations of cheating. As for Shakira, she recently sparked rumors of a romance with Lewis Hamilton, as she playfully lip-synced to a rap track about fast cars. The pair has been seen at various events together, causing speculation about their relationship status.

Flawless: Shakira looked incredible as she flashed her toned abs in a black crop top worn with matching skintight leggings as she seductively danced and moved for the camera

Impeccable: Shakira appeared mesmerizing with her stunning physique, revealing her sculpted abs in a sleek black crop top paired elegantly with form-fitting leggings. She tantalizingly swayed and grooved for the camera, exuding alluring charm.

Oh hello: The star, who's been heavily rumoured to be dating Lewis Hamilton, was sure to attract the attention of the racing driver as she pulled off several sexy moves

Yes girl: The star was in her element as she mouthed along to the lyrics of the song

Hey there! The celebrity, who has been surrounded by rumors of a romantic involvement with Lewis Hamilton, definitely caught the eye of the racing driver with her irresistible and alluring dance moves.

Meaning: The song, featuring Manuel Turizo, translates from Spanish to 'Empty Cup', with the song referring to wanting more from a relationship that feels like drinking out of an empty cup

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In an Instagram clip, the singer appeared stunning in a daring pink bra paired with a refreshing mint green shirt. Shakira was spotted grooving to the music, playfully sticking out her tongue as she mimed the lyrics to Dave & Central Cee’s track “Sprinter”. One of the lines she mouthed goes: ‘They won’t fit in one SUV (nah), S-O-S somebody rescue me’.

Romance: It comes after Shakira appeared to hint at Lewis Hamilton dating rumours as she lip-synced to a rap track about fast cars

Love: The possibility of a romantic connection between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton seemed to gain traction when Shakira playfully lip-synced to a rap song that highlighted the allure of speedy automobiles.

Love life: They've sparked continuous dating rumours after being spotted at a number of events together so far this year

Romantic speculation has been swirling around Shakira and Lewis, as they have been seen together at multiple events this year. However, an unnamed source has now shed light on their relationship status, revealing that they are more than just friends. Apparently, the duo recently took a secret trip to Ibiza, which has prompted rumors about the progression of their romance. A Catalan newspaper even went as far as claiming that they were official. While Shakira and Lewis have been spotted enjoying each other’s company on a yacht and at the British Grand Prix and a nightclub, journalist Jodi Martin has attempted to clarify their dynamic, describing it as a “beautiful friendship.” In response to claims that Lewis is tired of Shakira’s attitude, Martin firmly denies these allegations, stating that she has spoken to Shakira’s entourage who confirm that their bond is more than just friendship. Furthermore, it seems that both Shakira and Lewis understood from the beginning that their connection was not serious, allowing them the freedom to do as they please.

Wow! The Colombian singer looked incredible in a racy pink bra and a mint green shirt in the Instagram clip

Oh my goodness! The Colombian vocalist appeared absolutely stunning wearing a daringly vibrant pink brassiere paired with a refreshing mint green shirt in the short video shared on Instagram.

Dating: An insider has revealed the pair are 'more than friends' following a 'secret' trip to Ibiza

Dating: According to an anonymous insider, it seems that there is more than just friendship between the Colombian singer and British F1 champion. The two allegedly had a secret getaway to Ibiza where they met up multiple times in a private villa. The source revealed that after the workers had left, the singer and her private escort were alone when Hamilton paid a visit. In fact, the driver for Hamilton apparently overheard their constant conversations during this time. While Hamilton enjoyed some time on a yacht with friends, Shakira was mainly seen at her villa, only leaving twice – once to see Bizarrap and the other time for a dinner with Hamilton. Both Lewis and Shakira’s representatives have been contacted for comment by MailOnline. After the British Grand Prix, rumors of a romance between the two started to intensify, especially as Shakira and Lewis were seen partying together into the early hours.

Insight: A source has also revealed to Spanish TV channel Telecinco that the pair met 'three times in the Ibiza villa' after 'the workers left' for the day

Information obtained by a trustworthy source disclosed to the Spanish television channel Telecinco that the duo rendezvoused on three separate occasions within the confines of their luxurious villa in Ibiza. These clandestine meetings took place once the dedicated workers of the villa had retreated for the day, securing their privacy.

Allegedly, Shakira made her way to Tape nightclub in London to rendezvous with the racing driver after showing her support by attending Silverstone. An eyewitness mentioned that they appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves at a VIP table within the club. Shakira partied until 3:30 am before retiring for the night, while Lewis remained out until 6 am. The onlooker informed The Sun that Shakira engaged in conversation not only with Lewis but also with other members of his group. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself, dancing nearby the table where she had been seated with Lewis. The witness added that the two seemed to have a “very friendly” demeanor towards each other.

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