Striking in Soft Hues: Kendall Jenner rocks an aqua bikini, flaunting her modeling physique by the pool, while luring in lemonade lovers

Aqua marine dream: Kendall Jenner showed off her slim figure in a new bikini shoot over the weekend to promote Hubert's Lemonade

Kendall Jenner effortlessly flaunted her slender physique in a recent photoshoot where she rocked a stunning aqua marine bikini. Her captivating images were part of a promotional campaign for the renowned beverage brand, Hubert’s Lemonade.

Fun in the sun: The 17-year-old model sipped on a lemonade as she sat astride a Vespa scooter

Having a blast under the warm rays of the sun, the 17-year-old model savored every sip of her refreshing lemonade while perched casually on a stylish Vespa scooter.

The best advertisement: The teenage model displayed her naturally stunning looks as she kicked back by the side of the pool

The ultimate promotion: The young model effortlessly showcased her breathtaking beauty while relaxing by the poolside.

Model behaviour: The teenage starlet showed off her incredible figure in the fun photoshoot

Model behaviour: The teenage starlet showed off her incredible figure in the fun and flirty photoshoot

Exemplary conduct: The adolescent prodigy flaunted her remarkable physique in the lively photoshoot.

Pretty in pastels: With her enviable model physique on show in her skimpy aqua swimsuit, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star ensured all eyes were on her - rather than the lemonade she was promoting

Effortlessly captivating in soft pastel tones: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians sensation confidently showcased her flawless model figure in a captivating aqua swimsuit, perfectly diverting attention away from the refreshing lemonade she was endorsing.

Model look: In addition to her feminine frill-detail bikini, the teenage reality star kept the rest of her look simple for the shoot, accessorising with just a simple 'Kendall' necklace as she worked her magic for the camera

In order to maintain her stylish appearance, the teenage sensation opted for a feminine frill-detail bikini, complementing it with minimal accessories. A delicate ‘Kendall’ necklace was the only embellishment she chose, as she effortlessly showcased her charm before the photographer’s lens.

Cooling off: Kendall posted a fun snap of the shoot on her Twitter and Instagram pages

Taking a break: Kendall shared a lighthearted photo from the photo shoot on both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Working her magic: Wearing her long brunette locks wet and unstyled around her shoulders, Kendall opted for minimal make-up as she showed off her stunning natural features

Putting her skills to the test: Kendall effortlessly pulled off a relaxed look, showcasing her beautiful, unstyled wet brown hair cascading down her shoulders. Embracing her natural beauty, she chose to go light on the makeup, highlighting her stunning features.

Refreshing: Sipping on a raspberry lemonade, the young starlet seemed to be in great spirits as she cooled off in the pool

Feeling rejuvenated: With a chilled raspberry lemonade in hand, the youthful Hollywood sweetheart appeared to be in high spirits while taking a refreshing dip in the pool.

Big dreams: Kendall has previously stated that she wants to be a Victoria's Secret model in the future

Ambitious aspirations: Kendall has expressed her desire to pursue a career as a Victoria’s Secret model in the coming years.

Vroom vroom! Kendall later slipped into a pair of high-waisted Daisy Dukes as she hopped on board a bright red Vespa scooter to continue the shoot on dry land

Zoom zoom! Afterwards, Kendall effortlessly climbed into a stylish set of high-waisted Daisy Dukes before effortlessly gliding onto a vibrant red Vespa scooter. With the shoot transitioning to solid ground, she embarked on her adventure with confidence and style.

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