Unleashing Her Style: Kendall Jenner’s Daring Fashion Choice in DropOne Promo Shoot

In the past, she has expressed her belief that her nipple piercing is appealing. Kendall Jenner confidently flaunted her piercing in a daring photoshoot for the DropOne line that she and her sister Kylie collaborated on. The model courageously went without a bra in a sheer top, proudly displaying the piercing with a metal bar through it. Watch the video below for more.

Peek-a-boob: Kendall Jenner was bold and braless in the promo images released for her Kendall + Kylie DropOne line, on Saturday

Kendall Jenner made a daring statement in the promotional images for her Kendall + Kylie DropOne collection, going braless with a peek-a-boob moment on Saturday. She has previously mentioned how people are surprised by her bold fashion choices, especially when it comes to her piercing. In her own words, she enjoys the subtle sexiness of showing off her nipples with certain outfits. Kendall rocked the see-through top paired with oversized grey sweatpants, giving the look a masculine twist.

Clearly beautiful: She also sported a completely see-through top

Absolutely stunning: She was also seen wearing a sheer top that revealed it all

Wow factor: There are also a pair of flared grey sweatpants 

Impressive Feature: Additionally, there are some stylish flared grey sweatpants in the collection. In a different photo, Kendall flaunted her slim physique in a tight white corset top, opting to not wear any lingerie once again. The sisters, Kendall and 19-year-old Kylie, are actively promoting their much-anticipated line on their shared Instagram account, which showcases some stunning modeling photos of the duo. A sequence of six posts on their page featured mirror images of Kylie gazing at each other, creating an interesting visual effect.

Wonder in white: Kendall wore a white corset in one of the shots

Kendall looked stunning in a white corset in a photograph, exuding an air of elegance and beauty.

Revealing: The 21-year-old model showed off her model figure in a clinging white corset top for the photoshoot

The 21-year-old model flaunted her stunning physique in a form-fitting white corset top during the photo session.

Not so mellow yellow: This look was definitely spring inspired 

Feeling bright and bold: This outfit was totally influenced by the freshness of spring.

Wow factor: Kendall looked stunning as always while promoting her new range

Amazing: Kendall was absolutely gorgeous as she showcased her latest collection.

Nineties style: She also sported a red furry jacket 

90s fashion: She was also rocking a red faux fur coat.

Casual cool: She sported the bright jacket over a plain white top and baggy jeans 

Keeping it casual and cool, she rocked a vibrant jacket over a simple white top and loose-fitting jeans. Being the older sibling, Kendall’s photo shoot spanned across nine Instagram posts, capturing her effortlessly leaning against a wall. In the 21-year-old’s picture, her hair was slicked back and she sported heavy makeup with a captivating gaze into the camera. Foliage peeked out in the background as she styled a black sweater tucked into chic, light grey pants with a frilled waistline. Completing the look was a matching jacket with white wool lining on the collar, cuffs, and epaulets, adding a touch of sophistication to her ensemble.

Flashing that cleavage: The Jenner sisters' Kendall + Kylie DropOne line has arrived, and their joint Instagram account's played host to sizzling modeling shots of the pair, including six depicting Kylie

Showing off their curves: The new Kendall + Kylie DropOne collection is here, and the Jenner sisters have been sharing some steamy modeling photos on their shared Instagram account. This includes six stunning photos of Kylie flaunting her figure.

Flanked by foliage: As the elder sibling, Kendall got her photo spread across nine Instagram posts, the sum of which showed her leaning against a crook in a wall

Surrounded by lush greenery: Being the older sister, Kendall had her pictures featured in a series of nine Instagram posts, where she could be seen casually leaning against a wall. On the other hand, the 19-year-old, who owns multiple homes, was photographed in a black strapless top that revealed a significant amount of cleavage and had her hair covering most of her face. She sported similar pants to her sister’s and had strikingly long yellow nails, but unlike Kendall, she was inside a dimly lit room. Accompanying the 16-piece collection was a sultry new promotional video highlighting the sisters’ best features. In the video, the siblings showcase their exclusive clothing line in a mysterious, shadowy setting, set to quirky instrumental music.

What clothing? Kylie Jenner, appearing topless, wears a black Corset Bodysuit ($175) from the Kendall + Kylie line

What outfit is Kylie Jenner rocking? In a daring look, Kylie Jenner was spotted donning a sleek black Corset Bodysuit from the Kendall + Kylie collection, showing off her confidence with a hint of edge.

Girl bosses: Kendall, 21, in the dark, eerie video to a background of eccentric instrumentals

In a moody and mysterious video featuring the youngest members of the famous Kar-Jenner family, 21-year-old Kendall is seen wearing a pricey Cropped Fleece Jacket with a yellow zip-up and metallic silver hood, paired with oversized diamond hoop earrings. Her sister Kylie makes a bold statement by appearing topless, rocking a black Corset Bodysuit from the collection as she strikes a seductive pose. Kendall later switches things up by donning a red Shrunken Bomber Jacket with fur sleeves, styled over a sheer white top, bravely going braless under the striking red lighting.

Statement pieces: Kendall poses with huge square earrings and meme-inspired sunglasses 

Kendall flaunts oversized square earrings and trendy sunglasses inspired by internet memes as her statement accessories.

Modelesque: Kendall then goes braless in a white top and covers up with the red Shrunken Bomber Jacket with fur sleeves ($595)

Giving off some serious model vibes, Kendall decides to ditch the bra and rock a white top, pairing it with a stylish red Shrunken Bomber Jacket featuring fur sleeves, worth $595.

Material girl: The video sees Kendall wearing the Cropped Fleece Jacket ($595), a yellow zip-up with a metallic silver hood, with giant diamond hoop earrings

In the video, Kendall is rocking the Cropped Fleece Jacket worth $595, a vibrant yellow zip-up with a shiny silver hood, complemented by oversized diamond hoop earrings. The Jenner sisters flaunt their style with a white distressed long-sleeve corset t-shirt priced at $195, which fits snugly on Kylie’s chest compared to Kendall’s. Kylie effortlessly showcases the Paperbag Sweatpants worth $295 in both striking yellow and a more subdued gray. She effortlessly pairs the gray sweatpants with a black corset top and the trendy Lucite Bootie priced at $185, possibly inspired by their brother-in-law’s Yeezy lucite shoe line.

Their signature: The Jenners pout and pose throughout the video

Their trademark move: The Jenners simply can’t resist puckering their lips and striking glamorous poses in the video.

Lazy fashion: Kylie models the Paperbag Sweatpants ($295) in the two colors it comes in - striking yellow and a more muted gray

Kylie is sporting the trendy Paperbag Sweatpants in both vibrant yellow and a softer gray hue for Lazy fashion. The limited edition Kendall + Kylie collection, known as DropOne, will be released each season. The premiere edition was launched last Friday with only 100 pieces of each style available exclusively on their website kendall-kylie.com. This time around, the sisters had more creative control over the collection, a stark contrast to their previous collaborations with department stores that did not fully reflect their personal fashion preferences.

Eye-popping! The younger Jenner sister took to the their Kendall + Kylie Instagram on Saturday and posted a collage of photos which showcased her ample bosom in a black plunging top

Eye-popping! The younger Jenner sister took to the their Kendall + Kylie Instagram on Saturday and posted a collage of photos which showcased her ample bosom in a black plunging top

In a jaw-dropping move, the younger member of the Jenner sisters shared a series of photos on their official Kendall + Kylie Instagram account over the weekend. The pictures featured her showcasing her generous cleavage in a stylish black top.

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