Ciara Declares Russell Wilson as Her ‘Ultimate Love’ During Vibrant Carnivale in Rio, Shares Playful Bikini Photos

Ciara posted a fresh video on Instagram, where she called her husband, Russell Wilson, the love of her life. The video showed them having lunch with professional basketball player Anderson Varejao in Brazil. Along with the video, the 33-year-old singer shared some snapshots of herself enjoying Carnival, where she was seen wearing a revealing bikini and an extravagant tropical headdress. Ciara described the moment as a classic one and used the hashtags #GreatestLove and #Brazil.

Greatest love: Ciara called her husband Russell Wilson her 'greatest love' in a new Instagram video from their Brazilian vacation

Ultimate adoration: Ciara affectionately referred to her spouse Russell Wilson as her ‘foremost love’ in a fresh Instagram video during their delightful getaway in Brazil.

Carnival vibes: She also took to Instagram later on Sunday to share some revealing snaps of her wearing a revealing bikini and an elaborate and tropical headdress.

Carnival feels: Later on Sunday, she decided to share a few Instagram photos of herself rocking a daring bikini and a stunning, intricate tropical headdress. In the accompanying video, Ciara, Wilson, Varejao, and his girlfriend Stacy were seen enjoying a lovely lunch together in Brazil. Ciara kicked off the conversation by saying, “Here we are in Brazil, just had an amazing lunch with Anderson Varejao and Stacy.” She then playfully mentioned that Anderson had a funny nickname for Stacy, turning to him for confirmation.

Lunch group: The video featured Ciara, Wilson, Varejao and his girlfriend Stacy, after having lunch together

Lunch crew: In the video, we see Ciara, Wilson, Varejao, and his girlfriend Stacy enjoying a meal together. With laughter filling the air, Anderson introduces himself as Anderson, accompanied by his greatest love, Stacy. Ciara adds to the jovial atmosphere by exclaiming, “So good. A table full of greatest loves!” She then leans back into Wilson’s embrace, receiving a sweet kiss on the cheek. Ciara, now capturing moments of just herself and Wilson, expresses her excitement for the upcoming carnival, declaring, “Gonna have a blast tonight too!”

Greatest loves: Ciara continued, 'So good. A table of greatest loves,' before leaning back to Wilson, who gave her a kiss on the cheek

Greatest loves: Ciara continued, 'So good. A table of greatest loves,' before leaning back to Wilson, who gave her a kiss on the cheek

Ciara expressed her delight, exclaiming, “Absolutely magnificent! A symphony of cherished loves,” as she leaned back towards Wilson, who affectionately kissed her on the cheek. A few hours later, Ciara treated her Instagram followers to three brand new photos. In the snapshots, the singer showcased her flamboyant style, donning a unique headdress adorned with straw strands, elegantly hiding her own hair. Accompanying the vibrant accessory was a stunning multi-colored bikini, adding an extra touch of allure to her look. Though Carnival festivities take place in various locations worldwide, serving as a grand finale before the start of Lent, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival stands as the pinnacle of the celebrations. Renowned as the largest Carnival event worldwide, this year’s festivities are set to captivate revelers from February 28 to March 5.

Carnival bikini: The singer was wearing an exotic headdress with straw strands that covered her own hair, along with a multi-colored bikini

In the festive spirit of Carnival, the singer sported a unique headdress adorned with straw strands that beautifully covered her own hair. Accompanying this vibrant accessory was a bikini in a multitude of colors. Ciara has been diligently preparing for the release of her seventh studio album. This highly anticipated album will mark her first collaboration with Warner Bros. Records, a deal she signed in January 2017. In July, she unveiled the album’s first single, titled “Level Up,” along with an enchanting music video. Fans were thrilled to get a taste of what is to come. After her 2015 album, “Jackie,” Ciara has been eagerly working on her upcoming project. Keeping the excitement alive, she released another captivating song called “Dose” in September. Meanwhile, Ciara’s husband, Wilson, is gearing up for his eighth season with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. Since their marriage in 2016, the couple has been juggling their successful careers with their personal lives.

New album: Ciara has been prepping her seventh studio album, her first under a new deal with Warner Bros. Records she signed in January 2017

Fresh Release: Ciara is gearing up for the release of her latest musical masterpiece – her seventh studio album. This highly anticipated album marks her debut under the newly inked agreement with Warner Bros. Records, which she enthusiastically signed in January of last year.

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