Kendall Jenner makes waves in a sizzling scarlet swimsuit for the freshest Calvin Klein advertising spectacle

Kendall Jenner, a renowned figure in the fashion industry, has been associated with Calvin Klein for quite some time. In fact, she has previously collaborated with her entire family for a captivating campaign. Exciting news for all her fans, as Kendall returns for Calvin Klein’s newest summer campaign. In a recent Instagram video shared on Friday, the 23-year-old mesmerizes viewers as she rocks a stunning red bikini, effortlessly showcasing her beauty from various angles.

Hot girl summer: Kendall Jenner sizzled, in a video posted to Instagram on Friday, while wearing a red bikini and flashes different angles to the camera

Kendall Jenner set temperatures soaring in her latest Instagram video, showcasing her sizzling hot girl summer style. Wearing a stunning red bikini, she effortlessly flaunted different angles to the camera, exuding confidence and allure. The bikini set adorned by the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was a perfect blend of red and white. The bandeau-style top boasted thick, white logo-covered straps, while the high-cut bottoms featured matching white details on the sides. In the at-home video, Kendall lounged on a couch, radiating a laid-back vibe while proudly displaying the swimsuit from the brand’s swim line. With her phone in hand, she checked it briefly before treating viewers to a mesmerizing display of the bikini from both the front and back angles. Kendall kept her caption simple yet catchy, using the hashtags ‘#CALVINKLEINSWIM’ and ‘#MYCALVINS’ to accompany the captivating video.

Red and white, where's the blue?: She rocked a red and white bikini set, the bandeau style top featured thick, white logo covered straps, while the sides of the high-cut bottoms have the same

color scheme. But something was missing. In the midst of all the vibrant colors, the absence of blue left an intriguing question hanging in the air. Where was the blue? As she confidently flaunted her red and white bikini set, the attention of onlookers was captured by the unique details. A bandeau style top, adorned with striking thick white logo-covered straps, perfectly accentuated her figure. The high-cut bottoms continued the eye-catching color scheme, with the sides mirroring the bold red and pristine white. Yet, the absence of blue created an enigmatic allure, inviting speculation and curiosity.

But first let me check: She is seen checking her phone before flashing different front-side and backside angles to the camera

But before we go any further, let me just confirm: She can be observed glancing at her phone before confidently posing from various angles, both front and back, for the camera. To complement the vibrant bikini, she opted for oversized black sunglasses and adorned herself with beautiful gold pendant necklaces. Throughout the shoot, she skillfully transformed her hairstyle, starting with a sleek and tight bun, then letting her locks flow freely. While showcasing the stunning set, she proudly displayed her slender waist in the video. Having started her journey with the fashion brand back in 2015, this runway model made her debut in their inaugural #MYCALVINS campaign, which turned out to be one of the brand’s biggest successes.

Film at home: The at-home video shows the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star laying on a couch in a bathing suit for the brand's swim line

Home video: The video captures the popular TV personality from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, comfortably lounging on a sofa while sporting a stylish swimsuit from the brand’s swim collection.

Backside baby: The 5'10 beauty simply captioned the video '#CALVINKLEINSWIM #MYCALVINS.

Behind baby: The stunning individual, standing at a height of 5’10, merely added the hashtag ‘#CALVINKLEINSWIM #MYCALVINS’ to the video.

Money maker: Kendall is still the highest paid model in the world, earning $22.5 million in 2018 from modeling alone and her 113 million Instagram followers

Kendall continues to dominate the modeling industry as she remains the highest paid model in the world. In 2018, she earned a staggering $22.5 million solely from her modeling career and the massive following of 113 million on Instagram. Not only is she making a fortune from her work, but she is also making a significant impact on the brands she collaborates with. One notable collaboration was with Calvin Klein, which saw remarkable growth for the brand’s social media platforms. According to Racked, the campaign led to a substantial increase in followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. From its launch in 2014 to 2015, the campaign boosted the brand’s Facebook following by 2.2 million, their Instagram following by 1.8 million, and their Twitter following by one million. This year, Kendall has once again proven her value by appearing in the latest version of the campaign alongside other popular figures like Billie Eilish, Noah Centineo, and Shawn Mendes. With her influential presence and massive following, Kendall remains a true money maker in the industry.

Leading lady: This year alone the reality TV maven has already appeared the newest iteration of the campaign that features Billie Eilish, Noah Centineo, and Shawn Mendes

Female lead: Just this year, the popular star of reality TV has already made appearances in the latest campaign alongside Billie Eilish, Noah Centineo, and Shawn Mendes. When asked about collaborating with the brand, she shared with i-D: “Whenever I wear Calvin Klein, I feel confident, sexy, and comfortable. All their pieces have this distinct American and iconic feel to them. When I was younger, I always saw Calvin Klein as the coolest brand, so it’s really special for me to keep returning to shoot with them.” On the brand’s website, a similar style bikini in a different color is priced at a total of $53. There are multiple color options available, although it seems that the red one is currently unavailable. The bandeau top is priced at $29, while the Brazilian bikini bottoms can be purchased for $24.

Confident in Calvin: On working with the brand she told i-D : 'Wearing CK usually makes me feel sexy, confident and at ease, all the pieces are so American and iconic. I always looked at Calvin Klein as the coolest brand when I was young so it feels really special to keep coming back to shoot with them'

Feeling assured in Calvin: In her conversation with i-D, she expressed her satisfaction with working alongside the brand. “Donning CK garments always ignites a feeling of sensuality, self-assurance, and comfort within me. Every piece exudes an American and timeless essence. During my younger days, I admired Calvin Klein as the epitome of cool, so it holds great significance for me to continuously collaborate with them for photoshoots.”

Buy online: A different color, but similar style bikini goes for a total of $53 on the brand's website. The set comes in a variety of colors, though red seems to be unavailable

Purchase online: The brand’s website offers a bikini with a similar style but in a different color, priced at a total of $53. The available choices for this set are abundant, minus the option of red being temporarily out of stock.

Hanging out: Kendall and fellow supermodel Gigi Hadid hang out by the ocean

Casual gathering: Kendall and her supermodel friend Gigi Hadid spend leisure time near the seaside

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