Ciara Stuns in Low-Cut Blouse, Flirty Mini Skirt, and Elegant Lace Heels, Just Days After Sharing Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Success

A mere 48 hours ago, Ciara made a delightful appearance on Instagram where she openly disclosed that she had triumphantly shed a remarkable 39 pounds, successfully returning to her pre-baby weight. Astonishingly, this incredible achievement was accomplished within the span of approximately ten and a half months, during which time the devoted mother of three dedicated herself to nurturing her precious baby Win and diligently pursuing her flourishing career as a singer, actress, and entrepreneur. What truly impressed her devoted fans and followers was Ciara’s unwavering commitment to her exercise routines and disciplined diet. This unwavering dedication propelled her to proudly showcase the fruits of her labor on Thursday, clad in a tantalizing, all-black ensemble that elegantly accentuated her perfectly sculpted curves.

Flaunt it! Ciara, 35, showed off the results of all her hard work getting back to her pre-baby weight, 10-and-a-half-months after giving birth to her son Win

Showing off her hard-earned post-baby body, Ciara, 35, proudly revealed the results of her efforts after ten and a half months of giving birth to her son Win. The singer, known as Ciara Princess Harris, decided to have an impromptu photoshoot at her home, where she resides with her husband, NFL star Russell Wilson. With her youthful appearance, Ciara effortlessly flaunted her figure in a form-fitting top, featuring a plunging neckline that tastefully showcased her cleavage. Complementing the top, she wore a skimpy miniskirt with three buttons left undone, emphasizing her long and toned legs. To increase the allure, Ciara completed her look with lace-up stiletto heels and styled her dark hair into two attractive pigtails.

Proud mama: The mother of three stunned in a black plunging top and matching miniskirt

Proud mom alert: The mother of three looked absolutely stunning as she rocked a chic black plunging top paired with a matching miniskirt. In one captivating photo, she confidently kneeled down to her left and locked eyes with the camera, exuding a seductive allure. Another snap showcased her kneeling down facing forward, offering her 28.2 million Instagram fans and followers a closer and enticing view of her cleavage, toned legs, and a glimpse of her right hip. To add to the excitement, the talented Body Party singer treated her audience with a slow, sexy dance in a video she shared within the post, gracefully twirling to her left while showcasing her impressive moves.

Working it: The singer-actress also broke out into a slow sexy dance in the all-black ensemble in a video she posted on Instagram on Thursday

Getting into it: The multi-talented artist also treated her fans to a sultry and sensuous performance in a captivating black outfit, showcasing her moves in a video that she shared on her official Instagram account last Thursday.

Seductress: The Texas native puckered up her lips as she teased her 28.2 million Instagram fans and followers in the short clip seemingly shot inside her home

Enchantress: The Texan native playfully pursed her lips, captivating her 28.2 million Instagram fans and followers with a tantalizing snippet seemingly filmed in the comfort of her own home. Throughout the clip, Ciara never wavered in maintaining eye contact with the camera, adding to the allure. In one moment, she puckered her lips, then gracefully turned and flashed two peace signs. Aside from their adorable son Win, the couple also takes pride in being parents to their four-year-old daughter Sienna Wilson. Additionally, Ciara is a dedicated mom to her seven-year-old son Future Wilburn, whom she shares with her previous fiancé and rapper Future (birth name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn), aged 37. Since their marriage in 2016, the Wilsons have been making remarkable progress in establishing themselves as influential figures in entertainment and philanthropy. In 2019, they co-founded Why Not Me Productions, driven by their desire to share captivating and informative narratives. Furthermore, they actively contribute to the Why Not You Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to motivating and empowering young children, among other impactful initiatives.

Upping the sex appeal level: Ciara also wore a pair of black lace-up stiletto heels and had her long raven tresses styled into two large pigtails

Enhancing her allure factor: Ciara complemented her look with a chic choice of black lace-up stiletto heels, while her flowing dark tresses were expertly fashioned into twin voluminous pigtails.

Peace and love: The songstress flashed a couple of peace signs at the end of the clip

Peace and love were expressed by the melodious artist as she playfully gestured with two peace signs towards the conclusion of the video.

Proud parents: Just two days ago, Ciara revealed she had lost 39 pounds, and was back to the weight she was before giving birth to son Win on in late July 2020

Thrilled parents: Merely 48 hours ago, Ciara joyfully shared the news that she successfully shed 39 pounds, reclaiming her pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth to her adored son, Win, in the latter part of July 2020.

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