Trying to Catch Up with Kim? Kendall Jenner Shows off her Flawless Rear in a Bright Yellow Thong Bikini, Then Switches to a Hot Pink Two-Piece as she Enjoys herself on a Luxury Yacht in Cannes.

In the world of internet fame, Kim Kardashian’s famous behind has caused quite a stir multiple times. However, it appears that Kendall Jenner, her younger half-sister, doesn’t quite share the same level of cheekiness. Nevertheless, Kendall made her mark at the Cannes Film Festival by embracing the luxurious lifestyle and spending the day on a luxury yacht. The 21-year-old supermodel flaunted her well-known figure in a revealing yellow bikini and stylish cropped crotchet poncho, managing to give a glimpse of her perfectly shaped derriere. Later on, she switched to a skimpy pink bikini, continuing to enjoy herself while frolicking on the deck of the boat.

On top of the world: Kendall Jenner, 21, slipped her famous figure into a skimpy yellow bikini and cropped crotchet poncho which still managed to flash her peachy derriere as she continued her stint at the Cannes Film Festival by hopping on board a luxury yacht

On top of the world: Kendall Jenner, 21, slipped her famous figure into a skimpy yellow bikini and cropped crotchet poncho which still managed to flash her peachy derriere as she continued her stint at the Cannes Film Festival by hopping on board a luxury yacht

At the summit: Kendall Jenner, a 21-year-old celebrity, effortlessly donned a revealing yellow bikini alongside a stylishly short crochet poncho. Despite this ensemble, her shapely behind remained tantalizingly on display, highlighting her continued presence at the esteemed Cannes Film Festival. This time, she embarked on a lavish yacht, participating in the epitome of luxury.

Outfit change: The supermodel later switched to a skimpy pink bikini as she carried on with her sunny day endeavours

Attire alteration: The supermodel later opted for a revealing pink bikini as she continued with her sunny day activities. Kendall began her day on a more reserved note, sporting an off-the-shoulder cover-up with a nautical theme that still showcased her enviable physique. The barely-there bandeau top perfectly complemented her sun-kissed glow, while the tiny matching bottoms showcased her shapely rear end. Kendall, accompanied by her older sibling Kourtney, who looked stunning in a black bikini, maintained her straight brunette locks while casually wearing a large straw hat that occasionally slipped off her head and was secured with its tie detailing. Although she exuded the quintessential beach babe aesthetic, Kendall proved her versatility by switching to a daring pink bikini and bidding farewell to her cover-up.

Kendall later ditched her cover-up in the pink two-piece which consisted of the plunging frilly bikini top which tamed her assets in place

She added a dainty gold chain to her flawless decolletage

Delighted and beaming with joy, Kendall decided to ditch her cover-up and flaunt her fabulous figure in a stunning pink two-piece. The outfit showcased a plunging frilly bikini top, ensuring her assets were comfortably held in place.

Enviable figure: A pair of matching high-waisted bikini bottoms, which boasted large buttons down each side, exhibited her toned stomach as she reclined on a wooden ledge

Desirable physique: She showcased her well-defined abs while relaxing on a wooden ledge, wearing a set of high-waisted bikini bottoms that featured stylish large buttons on the sides.

Chilling: The reality star looked on fine form as she placed one glistening leg over the other one as she soaked in her sun-drenched environment

Slender: Her figure proved to be faultless in the sizzling bikini

Relaxing: The star of the reality show appeared to be in good spirits as she luxuriated in the sunny surroundings. Her shimmery leg crossed over the other, basking in the warm rays. To keep her assets in check, she wore a low-cut, frilly bikini top, complemented with a delicate gold chain accentuating her flawless neckline. Her high-waisted bikini bottoms, adorned with prominent buttons on each side, showcased her toned abdomen while she lounged on a wooden ledge. With minimal makeup, she tied her hair into a ponytail for her second ensemble and made sure her oversized hat sat comfortably atop her head.

Mane attraction: The beauty, who opted for a simple coat of make-up, tied her locks into a ponytail for her second look

Hair appeal: The stunning woman, who chose a minimal application of cosmetics, gathered her hair into a ponytail for her subsequent appearance.

Ready to hit the water! Despite putting on a wet suit, Kendall's sensational figure still managed to take prominence

Ready to hit the water! Despite putting on a wet suit, Kendall's sensational figure still managed to take prominence

All set for some water fun! Even with a wet suit on, Kendall’s stunning physique still stole the spotlight.

Adrenaline rush: It wasn't long before Kendall wanted a piece of the action and made her way down the stairs to enjoy a spot of tubing with her pals

Thrill of excitement: It didn’t take Kendall much time to crave some excitement, and she excitedly descended the stairs to join her friends for a thrilling tubing adventure.

Having a blast: The star, who is dating rapper A$AP Rocky, looked like she was having a blast as she swished across the ocean while laying on her stomach on the inflatable

Having a fantastic time: The celebrity, who is romantically involved with rapper A$AP Rocky, appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she effortlessly glided over the water while lounging on her stomach on the inflatable float.

Super fun: Kendall and her pals clearly felt a surge off adrenaline during the fact paced water activity 

Extremely enjoyable: Kendall and her friends were undeniably filled with excitement as they experienced the exhilarating water activity with fast-paced moments.

Wet and wild: Hoping back on board, Kendall once again showed off her fine form as she made her way to an outdoor shower to freshen up

Enjoying a fun-filled day by the water, Kendall showcased her stunning figure as she headed towards an open-air shower for a quick refresh. But it didn’t take long before Kendall desired some adventure and joined her friends for a tubing session. The famous star, currently in a relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky, appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she glided effortlessly across the ocean, lying on her stomach on the inflatable tube. Returning to the boat, Kendall once again displayed her impeccable physique as she made her way to the outdoor shower to freshen up. Meanwhile, Kourtney, a mother of three, who has been gallivanting around town with her new love interest, Younes Bendjima, 23, also had a night out on the town with her sister on Monday, heading to the vibrant Gotha nightclub.

Sister, sister: Kendall enjoyed a lively chatter with her oldest sibling Kourtney, 38, who looked sensational in a black bikini

Sister, sister: Given their hectic schedules, the girls used the moment to catch up

Sibling Love: Kendall engaged in a vibrant conversation with her eldest sister, Kourtney, aged 38, who appeared absolutely stunning in her stylish black bikini.

Want to go back in? Kendall seemed exhilarated after emerging from the spot of water sports 

“Ready for another round?” Kendall’s face beamed with excitement as she came out from the water sports area.

Hanging with the finest: Kendall's other model pals consisted of Hailey Baldwin, who went for a navy one-piece 

Spending time with the cream of the crop: Kendall’s companions in the modeling world included Hailey Baldwin, who opted for a stylish navy swimsuit.

Taking a break: The pals used the low-key day to chill out and catch up on life updates 

Having some downtime: The buddies took advantage of a laid-back day to relax and share the latest happenings in their lives.

Hunk: PR and family friend Simon Huck showed off his muscular torso in a pair of funky orange panda print swim-shorts 

Studly: Simon Huck, known for his PR expertise and being a close family friend, proudly displayed his well-toned abs while donning a vibrant pair of swim-shorts adorned with playful orange pandas.

Models on board! Everybody proved to be have incredibly fine-tuned physiques 

The runway was ablaze with stunning models showcasing their impeccably sculpted bodies. Each individual demonstrated incredibly precise physical fitness.

Don't want to join? Kendall watched on as her pals jumped into the waters 

Not interested in joining? Kendall observed from the sidelines as her buddies enthusiastically leaped into the refreshing waters.

Squad goals: Kendall wasn't the only star attraction as Kourtney showed off her incredible figure in a super skimpy black bikini as she lounged on deck

Goals for the crew: Kendall wasn’t the sole center of attention as Kourtney flaunted her stunning physique in a daring black bikini while relaxing on the deck. Kendall, known for taking fashion risks, amazed in not just one, but two crop tops. Revealing her well-defined abs, she perfectly paired them with shiny PVC cropped pants and sky-high heels. To complete her look, she styled her sleek, dark hair in a neat center-parted updo and adorned herself with oversized hoop earrings.

New man, new outlook: The KUWTK couldn't look happier as she enjoyed the casual day with her hunky new man Younes Bendjima, 23

New man, new outlook: Kourtney's new toyboy proved to have an amazing body

Fresh start, fresh perspective: The star of KUWTK appeared to be in high spirits while spending a carefree day with her charming new beau, Younes Bendjima, aged 23.

Bra-vo! The sisters enjoyed a night on the tiles on Monday as they headed to the Gotha nightclub 

Great job! The siblings had a fun evening out on Monday when they went to the Gotha nightclub.

From day to night: Not one to play it safe in the style stakes, Kendall looked incredible in not one but two crop tops

Transitioning from daytime to evening, Kendall effortlessly showcased her fearless sense of fashion by rocking two stunning crop tops.

Bravo: Kendall added a pair of bizarre cropped PVC pants to her ensemble

Bravo: Kendall added a pair of bizarre cropped PVC pants to her ensemble

Well done, Kendall definitely made a bold fashion statement by incorporating a peculiar pair of cropped PVC pants into her outfit.

Details: With her raven locks tied up in a slick down style complete with centre parting, she accessorized with a pair of oversized hoop earrings

Sporting a chic look, she had her dark tresses neatly gathered in a sleek downward fashion. Complementing her hairstyle, she adorned herself with a stylish pair of large hoop earrings.

Trendy: She wore a selection of necklaces as she tottered around in her heels

Pensive: She appeared deep in thought after tweeting her sympathy to the Manchester Arena victims

Fashionable: With her heels clicking against the pavement, she confidently showcased an array of necklaces around her neck.

Tragic: On Monday night, 19 people were confirmed death following a suspected terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester 

Heartbreaking: Monday night brought devastating news as a suspected act of terror unfolded at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, resulting in the tragic loss of 19 lives.

Meanwhile, Kourtney made a fashion statement at a different event, donning a unique grey jersey mini dress featuring a captivating print inspired by Michelangelo’s artwork. The print created an intriguing optical illusion on the front, adding an artistic touch to her ensemble.

Her dress showcased a chic keyhole detail on the grey top section, seamlessly transitioning into a vibrant yellow skirted section.

Adding to the evening’s positive vibes, Kourtney was accompanied by her new boyfriend, model Younes Bendjima. He sported a vibrant orange jacket and exuded a cheerful demeanor as he engaged in conversation with a group of men.

A new look: Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian wore a grey jersey mini which had a Michelangelo-inspired naked body printed on the front which acted as an optical illusion

A fresh appearance: In the meantime, Kourtney Kardashian donned a sleek, gray jersey mini dress featuring a print inspired by Michelangelo’s masterpiece with a depiction of a nude figure on the front. This clever design created an enticing optical illusion.

Standing out: She had good company on the night, in the form of her new boyfriend, model Younes Bendjima, who wore a bright orange jacket

Making a statement: Accompanied by her latest love interest, Younes Bendjima, a striking model sporting an eye-catching orange jacket, she certainly stood out during the evening.

Something to say: He appeared in rather high spirits as he conversed with a group of men

He seemed quite cheerful as he chatted with a bunch of gentlemen.

New man: He led the way after arriving in a black lamborghini with Kourtney earlier that evening

Fresh guy: He took charge after arriving in a sleek black lamborghini alongside Kourtney earlier in the evening. According to reports, they hopped into a black lamborghini together and joined a caravan of seven cars heading towards the upscale location. Kourtney and Younes were initially linked romantically in October after the model broke up with his former partner, Jourdan Dunn. Since their arrival in Cannes, Kourtney has been seen openly displaying affection towards Younes, focusing her attention on their budding relationship.

According to recent reports, the well-known reality star has firmly decided against rekindling any romantic relationship with her ex-partner and father of her three kids, Scott Disick. Insider information obtained by TMZ states that, while Kourtney still holds respect and concern for him as the father of her children, their romantic connection has completely dissipated. It appears that Kourtney has chosen not to flaunt her new love interest on social media, as Scott tends to get jealous easily. Together, they share the joys of parenthood with their three adorable children: four-year-old daughter Penelope and two sons, aged seven (Mason) and two (Reign).

Gorgeous: Mum-of-three Kourtney, 38, stole the show on Monday earlier as she slipped into a skimpy swimsuit to soak up the sun in Cannes with younger sibling Kendall, 21

Stunning: Kourtney, a mother of three, effortlessly captivated the audience on Monday when she flaunted her enviable figure in a revealing swimsuit while enjoying the sunny weather in Cannes alongside her younger sister Kendall.

Cheeky! The girls put on an eye-popping display as they frolicked together while cleaning off, with Kourtney flashing plenty of side-boob in her daringly cut swimsuit and Kendall stealing yet another glance at her derriere

Cheeky! The girls put on an eye-popping display as they frolicked together while cleaning off, with Kourtney flashing plenty of side-boob in her daringly cut swimsuit and Kendall stealing yet another glance at her derriere

Playful! The young ladies had a cheeky moment as they enjoyed each other’s company while cleansing themselves, with Kourtney boldly showing off a generous amount of side-boob in her daring swimsuit, while Kendall couldn’t help but sneak another peek at her curvaceous backside.

Beach babes: The reality star confidently flaunted her sensational body in a plunging red swimsuit, which flashed a hint of sideboob as well as her derriere, as they spent a day tanning

Sun-kissed beauties: In a display of self-assuredness, the celebrity effortlessly showcased her stunning physique in a gorgeous crimson bathing suit, revealing a glimpse of side cleavage and highlighting her curvaceous derriere as they enjoyed a leisurely day sunbathing.

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