Ciara Unveils Her Daring Curves in a Petite Pink Sequined Bikini

Go girl: Ciara showed off the body that helped make her a star at Miami Beach in Florida today

Ciara proudly flaunted her stunning physique, which played a pivotal role in her rise to stardom, while enjoying the sunny shores of Miami Beach in Florida.

Making a splash: Ciara keeps her shades glued to her face as she frolics in the waves

Having a great time at the beach, Ciara happily enjoys her day in the sun while keeping her sunglasses on the entire time.

Water baby: Singer nearly has a bikini mishap as her top adjusts across her chest in the sea

Water baby: Singer nearly has a bikini mishap as her top adjusts across her chest in the sea

Aquatic Enthusiast: Vocalist narrowly avoids a swimwear malfunction as her delicate top shifts over her bosom amidst a dip in the ocean.


Shades of pink: Ciara looked every inch a star as she waddled around the beach with her designer sunglasses

Different shades of pink: Ciara appeared to be a true celebrity as she strolled along the beach, sporting her stylish sunglasses.

Toned: As Ciara stretches her arms, she shows off her muscles and taut stomach

In a casual display of her physical prowess, Ciara extends her arms, proudly flaunting the definition in her muscles and her well-toned midsection.

1, 2, Step: Ciara gets wet as she enjoys a paddle in the surf and is careful to avoid any jellyfish

Splish, Splash: Ciara takes a refreshing dip in the ocean waves, making sure to steer clear of any jellyfish swimming nearby.

Behind schedule: Busy star Ciara enjoyed taking some time off and having a  lazy day exploring the beach

Running behind on her usual hectic schedule, popular celebrity Ciara decided to take a well-deserved break and indulge in a leisurely day at the beach.


Fantasy ride: The lucky singer got to jump in a buggy and get taken to her transportation after enjoying the ocean

Magical Adventure: The fortunate vocalist had the incredible opportunity to hop on a charming buggy ride, whisking her away to her mode of transport following a delightful experience by the seaside.

In the pink: All eyes were on Ciara as she walked along the beach in an attention-grabbing bikini

Stealing the spotlight: Ciara effortlessly turned heads as she strolled down the sandy shores, oozing confidence in her captivating pink bikini.

Goodies: The singer got a workout as she wandered around the busy beach

Delights: The songstress engaged in some exercise while strolling along the bustling shoreline.

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