Kendall Jenner indulges in a literary getaway, immersing herself in essays on youthful romance while unwinding on David Grutman’s luxurious yacht.

Kendall Jenner is not letting the winter cold bother her one bit. The stunning 24-year-old model flaunted her fabulous figure in a bikini as she soaked up the sun on a luxurious yacht off the beautiful Miami coast this Friday. Kendall was spotted enjoying her time, leisurely flipping through the pages of “Tonight I’m With Someone Else: Essays” written by Chelsea Handon and published just last year.

Simple pleasures: Kendall Jenner showed off her knockout bikini body as she sunned herself aboard a yacht of the Miami coastline this Friday

Enjoying the little things: Kendall Jenner flaunted her stunning physique in a bikini while basking in the sun on a luxurious yacht along the shores of Miami last Friday.

In a carefree fashion, Kendall Jenner, the sister of beauty magnate Kylie Jenner, effortlessly showcased her well-toned physique while wearing a revealing orange two-piece from the Summer Swim collection. To complement her attire, Kendall stylishly pulled her dark mane into low pigtails and added a touch of flair with a vibrant green jacket adorned with an intricate pattern. At times, she opted for a pair of high-waisted white trousers, which effortlessly suited her outing on a luxurious yacht. Completing her ensemble, Kendall adorned herself with sunglasses and embraced her screen-worthy allure by donning natural-looking makeup.

Reading material: Kendall was leafing through a copy of Tonight I'm With Someone Else: Essays by Chelsea Handon, published last year

Kendall casually flipped through the pages of Tonight I’m With Someone Else: Essays by Chelsea Handon, a book that hit the shelves just the previous year.

Sizzling sensation: The sister of cosmetics tycoon Kylie Jenner put her sculpted figure on display in a skimpy orange Sommer Swim two-piece for her day out

Sensational Heat: The sibling of beauty magnate Kylie Jenner showcased her well-toned physique in a revealing orange Sommer Swim bikini during her outdoor excursion.

Chic to the hilt: Sweeping her dark hair back into low pigtails, she accented the look with a green jacket that featured an intricate print

Super stylish: Gathering her luscious dark locks and tying them into elegant low pigtails, she added a touch of glamour with a stunning green jacket adorned with a captivating and detailed pattern.

Radiant: Occasionally, she pulled on a high-waisted pair of white trousers that were perfectly suited to a day out yachting

Radiant: From time to time, she would slip into a pair of stylish white trousers with a high waist, ideal for a day of sailing. To add a touch of sparkle, the celebrity from reality TV adorned herself with dazzling earrings and a delicate necklace. Kendall could be seen strolling around the deck of the Groot with a quirky cylindrical orange bag, giving off an eccentric vibe. Among the treasures kept inside the bag was a reissued edition of Black Swans, a captivating book filled with fictional short stories written by Eve Babitz. Eve, who was born in Hollywood during the 1940s, comes from a musical background as the daughter of a violinist from 20th Century Fox. Her writings playfully reveal the allure and shadows of the luxurious Los Angeles lifestyle.

Apt: Her book of choice, which was filled with sticky notes, is a collection of personal essays including one involving a two-piece

Outfit: The book she decided to delve into was adorned with an array of adhesive notes, containing a treasure trove of personal essays that captivated her attention, including one narrative delving into the tale of a two-piece ensemble.

Off she goes: This Friday Kendall was taking her second trip this week on the SS Groot, a vessel owned by the MIami nightlife impresario David Grutman

Heading out: This Friday, Kendall embarked on her second adventure of the week aboard the SS Groot, a luxurious ship belonging to the renowned Miami nightlife icon, David Grutman.

Changing it up: When Kendall was spotted on the yacht this Friday she was without  Fai Khadra, Kourtney Kardashian or Bella Hadid, who were with her on the same vessel Wednesday

Mixing it up: When Kendall was spotted aboard the luxurious yacht last Friday, she was not accompanied by Fai Khadra, Kourtney Kardashian, or Bella Hadid, who had all been there with her on the same boat earlier in the week. In one of her more recent works titled “Black Swan,” Kendall explores the challenges of navigating sobriety and growing older in a town obsessed with youth. Kendall’s personal copy of the book “Tonight I’m With Someone Else” was adorned with colorful sticky notes. The book is a compilation of personal essays, with one of them delving into the experience of wearing a revealing two-piece swimsuit. “In an essay titled ‘Pity The Animal,’ Chelsea recounts her time at American Apparel, where employees were offered a free swimsuit in exchange for wearing it to work,” she writes. “While no one was obligated to take the swimsuits, everyone did. Initially, I felt self-conscious about the black bikini, but as time went on, I realized I was contributing to the profit-driven system of capitalism. I could feel an anonymous man benefitting from my appearance, and in reality, he wasn’t faceless at all—I knew exactly who I was “selling” myself for. I willingly embraced that reality.”

Details: Last year TMZ reported that David was selling off his 55' Van Dutch Groot for $857,000 - he has since replaced it with a revamped version he has had for about a year

According to a previous article by TMZ, it was revealed that David put his 55′ Van Dutch Groot up for sale at a price of $857,000. However, it seems that he has decided to part ways with it and has acquired a new and improved version instead, which he has been enjoying for approximately one year now.

The last detail: Kendall accessorized her ensemble with a pair of sunglasses and played up her screen siren features with naturalistic makeup

In the final touch, Kendall added a touch of uniqueness to her outfit by donning a stylish pair of sunglasses. To enhance her beautiful features, she opted for a more understated approach to makeup, embracing a natural look that exuded a captivating aura reminiscent of classic Hollywood screen sirens.

Luxe: For an extra dash of dazzle, the reality TV personality modeled a glittering pair of earrings and a subtle necklace

Luxe: To add even more sparkle, the well-known personality from reality television showcased a stunning set of shimmering earrings and a delicate necklace.

What a look: Kendall could be seen wandering about the deck of the Groot holding a kooky fuzzy orange bag shaped like a cylinder

Kendall strolled along the Groot’s deck, catching everyone’s attention with her bold fashion choice – a whimsical fuzzy orange bag that resembled a quirky cylinder.

Chelsea’s essays also delve into her personal experiences with romantic relationships. She candidly shares, “There was a time when I was deeply infatuated with someone who didn’t feel the same way about me, yet strangely, it was a beautifully chaotic experience.” This Friday, Kendall embarked on her second voyage of the week aboard the SS Groot, a magnificent vessel owned by the renowned Miami nightlife entrepreneur, David Grutman. In her previous sailing adventure on the yacht, Kendall was accompanied by her half-sister, Kourtney Kardashian, her supermodel friend Bella Hadid, and her platonic wedding companion, Fai Khadra. Shortly after Kendall was spotted engaging in a playful display with Bella on the beach, this group of friends decided to join forces once again and board the luxurious Groot.

Plenty to read: One of the items she kept in the bag was a reissue copy of Black Swans, a collection of fictional short stories by Eve Babitz

Lots of reading material: Among the belongings she carried in her bag, one item stood out – a freshly printed edition of “Black Swans.” This captivating compilation of Eve Babitz’s fictional short stories promised hours of literary exploration and entertainment.

Snappy: Kendall wore a stylish shade of white nail polish

Original: Kendall opted for a chic white nail polish, adding an elegant touch to her overall look.

Having a ball: Kendall beamed as she soaked up the sun on the yacht

Having a fantastic time: Kendall radiated joy as she basked in the sunlight aboard the luxurious yacht. However, it was noticeable that Kendall was accompanied by a different group of friends this Friday, as Fai, Kourtney, and Bella were absent. According to previous reports from TMZ, David had put his 55′ Van Dutch Groot up for sale at a price of $857,000. However, he has recently acquired a revamped version of the yacht, which he has owned for approximately a year. Over time, David has hosted numerous renowned individuals on the Groot. Just last week, Scott Disick, who dated Kourtney, and his girlfriend Sofia Richie, aged 21, were spotted enjoying a ride on the vessel.

Refreshments: Kendall cooled off with a delicious-looking iced orange beverage

Beverage Break: Kendall quenched her thirst with a tantalizingly chilled, visually captivating iced orange drink.

Disney vibes?: Kendall's pigtails were held in place by hair ties that appeared to have Mickey Mouse ears

Feeling the Disney magic? Kendall’s adorable pigtails were effortlessly secured with hair bands sporting the unmistakable Mickey Mouse ear design.

Out at sea: Kendall swept off the jacket to take a ride through the waters on a dinghy

Enjoying the open waters, Kendall shed her jacket before embarking on a thrilling dinghy excursion.

Company: She was joined by David and by one Michael Chetrit

Business: Accompanied by David and another individual named Michael Chetrit, she embarked on her venture.

Casual:  Kendall made her bikini top work into her stylish attire after her yacht trip

Informal: After her fun time on the yacht, Kendall incorporated her bikini top seamlessly into her fashionable outfit.

On the go: She worked the streets as she strutted in a pair of white pants and an opened blouse

On the move: She confidently walked down the streets, rocking a stylish combination of white trousers and a partially unbuttoned blouse.

Cover up: She later slipped on a bright pink long sleeve when it got chilly

Concealment: Afterwards, she wore a vibrant pink long-sleeved shirt to keep warm as the temperature dropped.

Cozy: She made the bright pink top look stylish as she watched the sunset

Comfortable: With effortless charm, she brought a touch of style to the vibrant pink top as she gazed at the mesmerizing sunset.

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