Covered in Lace: Ciara Shows off Stylish Swimwear with her Son Win Harrison on a Dreamy Hawaiian Vacation

Ciara displayed the affectionate nature of a devoted mother during her getaway in beautiful Hawaii. With her son, Win Harrison, in her arms, the 35-year-old songstress leisurely walked along the breathtaking shoreline on a serene Tuesday. In order to prioritize the upbringing of her youngest child and enhance her bond with her husband, Russell Wilson, the talented artist has decided to take an extended hiatus from her thriving music career.

Mom time: Ciara was spotted taking her baby son Win Harrison for a walk on a picturesque beach in Hawaii on Tuesday

Quality time with mom: Singer Ciara was seen enjoying a leisurely stroll with her adorable baby boy, Win Harrison, on a stunning Hawaiian beach this Tuesday. Rocking a trendy look, the “Goodies” hitmaker donned a chic black lace cover-up that elegantly fell just above her thighs. Underneath, she sported a stylish light blue swimsuit, perfectly complemented by a single silver necklace as her accessory of choice. Ciara’s gorgeous brunette locks graciously danced with the tropical breeze, adding to the overall picturesque scene. Meanwhile, little Win Harrison, who is now six months old, looked adorable in a cute red-and-blue t-shirt.

Siblings: The singer was later seen taking a quick snap of her daughter Sienna as she ran in the sand

Brothers and Sisters: Afterwards, the vocalist was spotted capturing a spontaneous moment of her little girl Sienna, joyfully sprinting across the sandy beach.

Vacationing: The Dance Like We're Making Love singer has been spending time in the getaway location with her husband Russell Wilson

Taking a break: Ciara, the talented artist behind the hit Dance Like We’re Making Love, has been enjoying some quality time in a breathtaking destination alongside her partner, Russell Wilson.

During their beach outing, Ciara captured a quick photo of her three-year-old daughter, Sienna, happily running on the sandy shore. In addition to Sienna, the singer is also the mother of a six-year-old son, who shares his father’s stage name. Ciara and her ex-fiancee Future were engaged for almost a year, starting in October 2013, but unfortunately, their relationship came to an end due to allegations of infidelity by the rapper, who is also known for his popular song “Jumpman.” Following their split, Ciara decided to take legal action against Future, claiming slander and requesting damages totaling $15 million. However, the case was eventually dropped less than a year after it was initiated. Moving on from her past relationship, the “Dance Like We’re Making Love” singer found love with her current husband, Wilson, and they exchanged vows in 2016.

Better together: The couple began dating shortly after the singer broke off her engagement to rapper Future and tied the knot in 2016

Stronger as a couple: The singer started a relationship with her now-husband soon after ending her engagement with rapper Future. They exchanged vows and became married in the year 2016.

Blended family: In addition to the two children she shares with Wilson, the hitmaker also has a six-year-old son named Future with her ex-fiancee

Stepfamily: Alongside Wilson, the songstress has two children together, but she also has a young son named Future who is six years old from a previous relationship.

During an interview with Self magazine, Ciara discussed how the monotony of the pandemic has not affected her marriage to Wilson. According to the singer, their love for each other remains strong and if anything, the repetitive nature of their days has only brought them closer. Ciara explained, “It’s like going in circles, doing the same thing over and over, but we figure it out together.” Furthermore, Ciara highlighted the importance of open communication and problem-solving in their relationship. She expressed that whenever they face challenges, they rely on their shared approach to tackle them and easily find a resolution. “We have similar ways of thinking and approaching things, so we can always come back to a common understanding,” added the renowned artist.

Staying open: Ciara sat down for an interview with Self and remarked that if she and her husband encountered 'any challenges with anything...we go to communication'

Remaining receptive: During an interview with Self magazine, Ciara shared that whenever she and her spouse confront “any obstacles in various aspects of life…the solution lies in effective communication.”

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