Exclusive Photos: Kendall Jenner flaunts her sculpted physique in a vibrant emerald bikini as beau Devin Booker playfully caresses her backside in a mischievous snapshot during their luxurious yacht excursion in Italy.

Freshly arrived in Sardinia, Kendall Jenner and her NBA player beau Devin Booker are ready for a season filled with love. However, their destination on Saturday was the picturesque island of Ponza, where they indulged in a romantic escapade aboard a lavish yacht. The 25-year-old Kendall stole the show in her mesmerizing green Sommer Swim bikini, relishing the moment while sipping on a glass of wine. With Devin, 24, by her side, the couple posed for some delightful snapshots before hopping onto a small boat and venturing to the shore for a delightful beach adventure.

Next stop: Kendall Jenner, 25, and her NBA player boyfriend Devin Booker, 24, moved on from Sardinia to the sun-drenched island of Ponza on Saturday where the star wowed in a bikini

Stunning: Kendall displayed her supermodel frame in the tiny bikini

In the latest leg of their vacation, Kendall Jenner, 25, and her boyfriend Devin Booker, 24, hopped over from Sardinia to soak up the sun on the picturesque island of Ponza. Their group of friends, including Kendall’s best buddy Fai Khadra, 29, tagged along for the fun. Kendall flaunted her enviable physique in a fashionable Sommer Swim bikini, radiating joy and relaxation under the sunny skies of their luxurious getaway. During a photo session, Devin mischievously placed his hand on Kendall’s pert posterior, adding a playful touch to their snapshots.

Once they arrived on the sandy shore, the close-knit group embarked on an exploration of their surroundings. However, Kendall seemed to have a brief stumble on the pebbled beach, which didn’t dampen her spirits. To fully capitalize on the warm rays, Kendall and Fai found solace near the water’s edge. The stunning brunette stretched out on her back, savoring the caress of the sun’s warmth on her skin.

Sweet: Devin placed his hand on Kendall's peachy posterior as they posed for a photo

Delightful: While capturing a picture together, Devin gently rested his hand on Kendall’s soft and smooth backside.

Friends: The loved-up pair were joined by a group of male friends, including Kendall’s best pal Fai Khadra, 29

Buddies: The smitten couple were accompanied by a bunch of male companions, with Kendall’s closest friend, Fai Khadra, 29, also in the mix.

Dinghy: The group pair hopped onto a small dinghy and were whisked to shore for a jaunt on the beach

Dinghy: The duo excitedly boarded a compact dinghy and swiftly sailed towards the shore to enjoy a leisurely adventure on the sandy beach.

Drinks: The group appeared in high spirits and sipped on a variety of drinks as they rode to shore

Beverages: The team exuded excitement while indulging in a range of refreshing drinks during their journey towards the shore.

Snaps: Keen to capture their trip, members of the group took photos on their phones

Photography enthusiasts within the team were eager to document their memorable journey, utilizing the convenience of their personal smartphones to snap captivating shots.

High spirits: Showcasing her supermodel physique, Kendall appeared in high spirits while lapping up the sunshine on her luxury getaway

Slicked back: Kendall wore her hair slicked back

Energetic and cheerful: Kendall exuded a vibrant aura as she basked in the sun during her extravagant vacation, proudly flaunting her supermodel figure.

Relaxing: Close friends Kendall and Fai relaxed next to the water’s edge

Taking it Easy: Kendall and Fai, who were good buddies, kicked back by the edge of the water.

Tumble: Once on the shore, the group explored their surroundings, with Kendall appearing to take a tumble on the pebbled beach

Whoops: Kendall tripped on the pebbles

Tumble: Upon reaching the shore, the team set out to explore their environment, and it seemed like Kendall had a little mishap, losing her balance and falling on the pebbly beach.

Excited: Kendall and her friends appeared excited as they made their way to shore

Excitement filled the air as Kendall and her group of friends eagerly approached the shoreline.

Fun: Kendall and Devin hopped onto a small dinghy and were whisked to shore for a jaunt on the beach

Kendall and Devin excitedly boarded a tiny dinghy, which swiftly transported them to the shore where they embarked on a delightful beach adventure.

Sunbathing: The raven-haired beauty lay on her back to better lap up the warm sunshine

Basking in the Sun: With her dark hair flowing, the stunning lady reclined on her back to fully embrace the comforting warmth of the sun’s rays. Ensuring protection from the intense beams, Kendall shielded her face with a fashionable baseball cap and chic sunglasses.

While Kendall typically keeps her romantic life under wraps, it is rumored that she is head over heels for her partner whom she has been dating for a year. According to an insider who spoke to PEOPLE recently, “She appears to be in absolute bliss. Her entire family adores Devin as well. Devin is an incredibly down-to-earth individual who shies away from the spotlight. He treats Kendall with utmost kindness.”

Stones: Kendall and Fai appeared to examine stones next to the water's edge

Stones: Kendall and Fai seemed to be examining the rocks by the shoreline.

In her element: Kendall, who is the older sister of Kylie Jenner, appeared to be in her element

Makeup-free: Makeup-free Kendall looked radiant

At ease: Kendall, the elder sister of Kylie Jenner, seemed completely comfortable and perfectly at ease.

Anklet: The younger sister of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian also wore a delicate anklet

Anklet: Additionally, the Kardashian siblings’ youngest sister adorned her ankle with a dainty anklet.

Hair up: Kendall pulled her wet hair up off her shoulders

Abs: Kendall showcased her abs

Hairstyle change: Kendall swept her damp hair away from her shoulders, putting it up.

Chatting away: Kendall and Fai chatted away next to the water's edge

Casual conversation: Kendall and Fai engaged in lively chat while positioned near the bank of the water.

Having a laugh: The laughing group appeared to share jokes

Enjoying a good chuckle: It seemed like the group was exchanging humorous anecdotes and jokes.

Sunglasses: Keeping the rays at bay while on board, Kendall covered her head with a trendy baseball cap and stylish sunglasses

More photos: Fai took more photos of Kendall

Sun protection was a top priority for Kendall as she cruised along, shielding herself from harmful rays with an effortlessly cool combo of a fashionable baseball cap and chic sunglasses.

Beaming: Kendall beamed as she relaxed on the beach

Kendall’s face lit up with joy as she enjoyed her leisure time on the sandy shores.

Deep in conversation: Kendall and Fai had plenty to talk about

Engrossed in a lively discussion, Kendall and Fai found themselves immersed in a plethora of topics to explore.

Exploring: Kendall and her best friend made their way towards a small cave

Venturing: Kendall and her closest companion ventured towards a petite cavern. The dynamic duo became inseparable in April of 2020 and confidently showcased their bond on social media on Valentine’s Day.

Farnaz Farjam, the producer of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” divulged that Kendall has a strict rule when it comes to featuring her romantic partners on the show. According to Farjam, Kendall insists on being in a relationship with someone for a minimum of one year before allowing them to make an appearance. This cautious approach stems from Kendall’s desire to discern the true intentions of her partners, as she believes not everyone may have genuine motives.

Bottoms up! Kendall sipped on a glass of wine

Cheers! Kendall enjoyed a sip of her wine.

Taking in the views: Looking out to sea, Kendall took in the beautiful views

Admiring the scenery: Kendall gazed at the stunning vistas before her, overlooking the vast ocean.

Windy: It appeared to be a windy day at sea with Kendall's glossy tresses blowing across her face

At ease: Devin appeared at ease next to his girlfriend

Breezy: The sea seemed to be quite windy today, as Kendall’s shiny locks swayed in the air, occasionally brushing against her face.

Trendy: Fai looked typically trendy and teamed his red swimming trunks with a white T-shirt

Fashionable: Fai exuded a stylish vibe as he effortlessly paired his vibrant red swim trunks with a crisp white tee.

Wrapping up: Kendall dried off beneath a plush robe

Concluding: Kendall lounged comfortably in a cozy gown after drying himself.

Tour guide: The group was accompanied by a tour guide

Tour guide: The tour group was joined by a knowledgeable guide to lead the way.

Stroll: Before hopping onto the small dinghy, Kendall strolled across the luxury yacht's deck

Hair up: Kendall tied her hair up

Leisurely Walk: Prior to embarking on the petite dinghy, Kendall leisurely strolled along the deck of the opulent yacht.

Animated: Kendall put on an animated display while having fun aboard the impressive vessel

Playful: Kendall enthusiastically entertained herself on the magnificent boat, showcasing a lively performance.

Ready to explore: The group loaded into a smaller boat

All set for an adventure: The team hopped on board a compact boat

Discussion: Kendall lifted her arm into the air while speaking to one of her male friends

Bag: Kendall packed her belongings into a bag

Conversation: Kendall casually raised her arm above her head as she chatted with one of her male acquaintances.

Enormous: Kendall, her boyfriend and their friends are enjoying a vacation on a luxury yacht

Huge: Kendall and her beau, along with their close pals, are savoring a delightful getaway aboard a lavish yacht.

Activities: Kendall and her friends geared up for a day of activities

Happy to be there: Fai smiled as he spoke to his supermodel pal

Kendall and her pals eagerly prepared for a joyful day packed with a variety of exciting endeavors.

Towel: Kendall wrapped a white towel around her waist

Kendall skillfully enveloped a pristine white towel around her slender waist.

Sun protection: In her right hand Kendall clutched a bottle of sun cream

Trunks: Devin donned black trunks

Sunscreen: Kendall tightly held a container of sun lotion in her right hand.

In 2018, Booker inked a lucrative contract worth $158 million over the span of five years to join the Suns. His immense talent and contribution played a crucial role in guiding Phoenix to the coveted Western Conference Finals during the NBA Playoffs in June 2021.

At the recent Olympics, the USA Men’s Basketball team emerged triumphant, seizing the top spot by triumphing over France at the Saitama Super Arena. Booker played a key role in the game, showcasing his skills by scoring two free throws and being on the court for an impressive 22 minutes. Moreover, team captain Kevin Durant displayed his exceptional scoring abilities, leading the team with an impressive 29 points.

Rock-hard: The athlete showed off his rock-hard abs

Chiseled: The sportsman flaunted his chiseled abdominal muscles.

Tipple: Devin enjoyed a glass of white wine

Devin savored a refreshing glass of white wine.

Tan time: Strolling across the yacht's deck, Fai worked on his tan

Enjoying the warm sunrays, Fai leisurely wandered on the deck of the yacht, basking in the gentle summer glow.

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