Stylish and Fresh: Kendall Jenner Rocks Green Athleisure After Playfully Challenging Critics with Cucumber Cutting Skills

Kendall Jenner confidently flaunted an all-green ensemble on Thursday, undeterred by the recent teasing she faced for her unconventional cucumber-cutting skills. Fans couldn’t help but notice the supermodel’s unique technique during a recent episode of her family’s show, “The Kardashians,” where she was spotted preparing a light snack at her mother Kris’ house. Embracing her newfound meme fame, Kendall opted for a vibrant green sports bra and coordinating leggings to make a bold fashion statement.

Model off-duty: Kendall Jenner showed off her runway-worthy physique while out running errands in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon

Kendall Jenner, effortlessly flaunting her model physique, was spotted in Los Angeles on a relaxed Thursday afternoon, busily tending to errands.

Kendall leisurely walked around, sporting a fashionable combination of white crew socks paired with trendy mint green slide sandals. To complete her sporty look, she added a touch of elegance with a glistening herringbone chain necklace and delicate gold hoops. With her long, brunette locks flowing freely, Kendall opted for a natural look, seemingly wearing minimal makeup as she efficiently tackled her checklist. To shield her alluring gaze, the Kardashian star chose a stylish pair of black sunglasses and effortlessly carried her essentials in a sleek black leather handbag.

Sporty: The supermodel, 26, rocked a bright green sports bra and a pair of matching skintight leggings that highlighted her toned abs and lean legs. She strolled from place-to-place in a pair of bright white crew socks styled with mint green slide sandals

Casual: The 26-year-old supermodel looked sporty as she wore a vibrant green sports bra and matching tight leggings that emphasized her firm abs and slender legs. She casually walked around with a pair of white crew socks and mint green slide sandals.

Later in the day, the runway queen was spotted wearing a white long-sleeve tee over her sports bra while accompanied by a muscular security guard.

Kendall’s trip outside coincided with her becoming the target of relentless ridicule on social media for her unusual cooking technique. Viewers couldn’t help but comment on her less-than-impressive culinary skills as they were fully exposed for the cameras.

Ironically, Kendall has only made a few appearances on the show’s first season, and given the hilarious backlash to her recent on-camera performance, she may have wished she hadn’t participated at all.

Natural beauty: She left her long, brunette hair down and appeared to be wearing little to no makeup as she checked items off her to-do list

Effortlessly stunning, she chose to leave her luscious, chocolate brown hair cascading down her back. With a refreshingly minimalistic approach, it seemed like she had opted for a barely-there makeup look as she efficiently ticked off tasks from her checklist.

Layering up: Later in the day, the catwalk queen was captured layering a white long-sleeve tee over her sports bra while out with a buff security guard

Layering it on: Later in the day, the catwalk star was photographed adding a white long-sleeve t-shirt on top of her sports bra while accompanied by a muscular security guard.
In the episode, the model and owner of a tequila brand pays a visit to her mother and manager Kris’ luxurious residence in Calabasas, Los Angeles. While there, Kendall decides that she wants to prepare a snack for herself.
Declining Kris’ offer to have their family’s professional chef whip up something for her, Kendall insists on “making it herself” and claims that chopping a cucumber would be a piece of cake. However, as she attempts to slice the fruit, she contorts her arms in an awkward manner, leaving her mom bewildered and amused.
Before long, Kendall admits that she’s not skilled in cutting and feels a bit apprehensive about wielding the knife. Consequently, Kris immediately calls for the chef to come and “handle this for her” by cutting up the cucumber.

Interesting technique: Kendall's errand run comes amid the star being mercilessly mocked on social media for her bizarre cucumber cutting technique, which she displayed in the most recent episode of her family's Hulu show The Kardashians. Her less-than-stellar culinary skills were put on full display for the cameras, which soon inspired fans to take to Twitter and Instagram to comment on it

In an interesting turn of events, Kendall’s recent errand run has garnered attention, coinciding with her recent viral cucumber cutting blunder on her family’s reality show. This amusing moment has not gone unnoticed by social media users, who wasted no time in poking fun at the celebrity for her lackluster culinary skills. Followers flocked to platforms like Twitter and Instagram to express their amusement at Kendall’s cucumber-cutting mishap.

One Twitter user quipped, “It’s hilarious to see Kendall Jenner struggle with cutting a cucumber and then Kris calling the chef for help.” Another joined in, jokingly commenting, “I bet she’s only had to cut her own cucumber three times in her life.” Some even referenced Hilaria Baldwin’s infamous incident, saying, “Ask Hilaria” in a nod to her fake Spanish accent and alleged inability to pronounce the word cucumber during a television appearance.

Others joined the conversation, questioning the purpose of the scene. “Why did this happen? Kendall said she would handle the cucumber, but Kris ended up calling the chef for her. She’s a grown woman; it’s like watching a toddler take their first steps,” one fan humorously remarked.

'They have no life skills!' Kendall Jenner is savagely mocked online or being unable to cut a cucumber... after momager Kris has to call out for a chef

Kendall Jenner is facing some online mockery for her lack of life skills, particularly her inability to cut a cucumber. The incident occurred after her momager Kris had to call for a chef to assist her. Amused fans took to Twitter to express their amusement, with one jokingly suggesting that anyone feeling inadequate at a task should watch Kendall attempt to chop a cucumber. Another Twitter user humorously recounted their experience of watching Kendall’s cucumber-cutting mishap, confessing that it made them feel both superior and slightly sympathetic. Another fan commented on how shocking yet unsurprising it was to witness Kendall’s struggle, emphasizing the perception that the Kardashian-Jenner clan lacks essential life skills. Last month, the Kardashian-Jenner family made their return to television with their new show on Hulu, airing episodes every Thursday at midnight. This marked their comeback after their previous long-running reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, ended in June 2021.

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