Where in the World Did You Find Those Shoes? Make-Up Free Shakira Explores Rome with Sons Milan and Sasha After Parting Ways with Gerard Piqué

Shakira seemed to be in high spirits as she strolled through Rome on Tuesday. However, her choice of shoes caught the attention of many onlookers. Currently on a winter getaway in the beautiful Italian city with her two sons, Milan and Sasha, Shakira turned heads with her unique footwear as they made a stop at the renowned Alfredo Alla Scrofa restaurant. This eatery is famous for being the birthplace of the classic Italian dish, Fettuccine.

Day out: Shakira appeared to have a spring in her step on Tuesday, but the shoes responsible for it raised more than a few eyebrows as she ventured out in Rome

Shakira seemed to be in high spirits on Tuesday as she took a stroll in Rome, but it was her choice of footwear that garnered attention. The platform sandals from Bottega Veneta, priced at £715, were a topic of conversation as they may not have appealed to everyone’s fashion tastes. To complete her ensemble, the singer paired the chunky shoes with vibrant green socks, white joggers, a matching top, and a colorful orange jacket. With only a baseball cap and a white Balenciaga handbag as accessories, Shakira made sure to make a statement during her brief visit to the city.

Pricey: The singer wore £715 a pair Bottega Veneta platform sandals during her latest public appearance in the Italian capital city

Expensive: The vocalist donned a £715 pair of Bottega Veneta platform sandals during her most recent outing in the beautiful city of Rome.

Quality time: She was enjoying a welcome break with her sons after finalising a custody agreement with estranged husband Gerard Pique

Say cheese: The singer was seen posing for photos with her children as they visited Rome's Imperial Forums and the Piazza del Campidoglio

Cheese-worthy moment: The songstress was caught on camera striking poses alongside her kids while exploring the Imperial Forums of Rome and the Piazza del Campidoglio.

Striking: White joggers, matching top and a colourful orange jacket rounded off her ensemble

Unique and Original Version:

Stunning: Dressed in white joggers, a matching top, and a vibrant orange jacket, the singer effortlessly completed her stylish ensemble. Shakira was spotted striking poses with her children while exploring the renowned Imperial Forums and the Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. This historic square, designed by the famous Michelangelo Buonarroti, provided the perfect backdrop for their family photoshoot.

Adding excitement to their itinerary, they also made a stop at a local Gladiator school. Shakira and her two boys had the opportunity to delve into the ancient art of combat from a tutor who was fully dressed in gladiatorial attire. This immersive experience gave them a glimpse into a centuries-old form of warfare.

This much-needed family vacation comes shortly after Shakira and her ex-partner, Gerard, appeared in court to formalize their separation and determine child custody. Despite announcing their split back in June after a long 11-year relationship, the former couple managed to find common ground and reach an amicable agreement for their two children, Sasha (seven years old) and Milan (nine years old), after an extensive 12-hour discussion.

Finishing touches: With a baseball cap and white Balenciaga handbag serving as her only notable accessories, Shakira ensured she stood out during a whistle-stop tour of the city

Adding the final touches to her look, Shakira stood out effortlessly as she explored the city with a baseball cap adorning her head and a stylish white Balenciaga handbag gracing her arm. By keeping her accessories minimal yet eye-catching, she exuded a unique and distinct style during her short but memorable visit.

Fun: The family also visited a local Gladiator school...

... where they were seen chatting to a tutor dressed in full gladiatorial regalia

Enjoyment: In addition to that, the family paid a visit to a nearby Gladiator academy, engaging in friendly conversations with an instructor outfitted in complete gladiatorial attire.

Low-key: Shakira appeared to go make-up free during the outing with her two boys in Rome

In a casual manner, Shakira was spotted enjoying some quality time with her two sons in the beautiful city of Rome, seemingly opting for a makeup-free look. The couple formally finalized their agreement in Barcelona, arriving and departing the court separately under the guidance of their respective legal teams. Making a fashion statement, the singer was seen donning Burberry’s iconic £1,790 trench coat, having recently starred in their winter campaign. Demonstrating their commitment to co-parenting, Shakira and Gerard had previously announced that they had reached a child custody agreement, effectively preventing any legal battles between the two.

Over here: The family made the most of their historic surroundings on Tuesday afternoon

Here: The family fully embraced and enjoyed the rich historical environment on Tuesday afternoon.

Good times: Shakira was in high spirits after finally agreeing terms with estranged husband Gerard regarding the custody of their two boys

Upbeat: The singer beamed as she continued her tour of the Italian city

Cheerful Moments: Shakira’s mood soared with joy as she reached a positive resolution with her estranged spouse, Gerard, in regards to their two sons’ custody arrangements.

Family: The children are expected to move to Miami with Shakira in the new year

The upcoming year brings news of Shakira’s planned relocation to Miami along with her children. Sources reveal that Gerard, who recently retired from his football career, has expressed his approval for his former partner’s decision. Shakira’s desire to reside in the city where she has familial ties and previously resided seemed to be a significant obstacle in their previous attempts to reach an agreement outside of court. In their joint statement, the couple assures that they have reached an agreement prioritizing their children’s well-being, which will soon be finalized through a legal process.

Three's company: Shakira was flanked by her sons as they posed for pictures on Tuesday

The trio: Shakira was accompanied by her two sons as they confidently posed for photographs on a sunny Tuesday.

Let's go: The family were putting a difficult year behind them during their latest holiday

Let's go: The family were putting a difficult year behind them during their latest holiday

Here we go: The family was leaving behind a challenging year as they embarked on their most recent vacation.

Say cheese: Sasha and Milan didn't look too enthused while posing on either side of their mum

Cheese, please: Sasha and Milan seemed less than thrilled as they stood next to their mom for a photo. “Our main goal is to ensure their safety and well-being, and we have faith that their privacy will be honored,” expressed the famous couple. In their message, Shakira and Gerard also expressed gratitude for the interest shown and emphasized the importance of allowing their children to lead peaceful lives in a secure and private environment.

Previously: Shakira with former FC Barcelona football player Gerard and their two sons, Sasha and Milan, in happier times

Earlier: Shakira, along with Gerard, a former football player from FC Barcelona, and their two sons, Sasha and Milan, during a period of joy and contentment.

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